Low-code solutions for the construction and energy sector.

With Intrexx, quickly and easily develop powerful business applications for the construction and energy sectors. Our low-code platform enables your employees in all departments to optimize and digitize workflows.

Successfully used by leading companies

Develop complete software solutions with Intrexx or digitize selected business processes.


Design your own construction management software, exactly to your requirements.

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Construction diary


Seamlessly and systematically capture construction progress, working hours, and materials used.


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Reporting of damages


Document damages or defects from anywhere and initiate subsequent measures automatically.


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Document management


Store all project-related documents centrally and easily accessible for all responsible parties.


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Communication and coordination


Optimize the communication of all project participants through a central location for messages, meetings, and appointments.


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Cross-industry solutions with Intrexx. Digitalize all aspects of your business.

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Kraftwerke Oberhasli
With Intrexx, we create our own applications in record time. The possibilities range from intranets to Industry 4.0. We can utilize data from almost all sources – whether from web applications or sensors. Thus, Intrexx creates real added value for our employees and customers.
Wolfgang Sutter, Head of IT and Management Systems

Consolidate data, digitize processes & develop applications with just a few clicks: With Intrexx, you lay the foundation for your digitization.

Digitize entire departments in no time with custom applications.

The diverse and challenging fields of the construction and energy industry demand individual solutions. Thanks to Intrexx's low-code platform, your departments can develop custom applications to tackle the real challenges of their daily work.

  • Develop location-independent applications

  • Monitor productions in dashboards

  • Analysieren Sie Ihre Daten visuell

Analyze your data visually

Easily develop applications

Transform old procedures into efficient digital workflows.

Time is money, but safety comes first. With Intrexx, you can not only speed up processes but also make them safer. This is achieved through precisely defined and digitally mapped processes that help you avoid human errors.

  • Initiate automatic actions

  • Let your applications respond to events

  • Send automatic push notifications

Intrexx Process Designer

Digitize processes in no time

Say goodbye to silos and make data accessible to your employees.

Especially in the construction and energy industry, it is crucial to be able to quickly access the latest datasets. With Intrexx, you automatically retrieve your data from various databases, software solutions, or files.

  • Draw data from diverse sources

  • Synchronize datasets with your core systems

  • Search your data with complex search functions

Intrexx Data Designer

Use your data efficiently

Especially clients from my area not only use Intrexx internally but also share data and applications with partners and external service providers.
Oskar SchittelkopBusiness Development Manager Intrexx

Even more companies that have successfully digitized with Intrexx.

Koster AG

Digitizing accounting and invoicing processes with Intrexx

Koster AG digitizes its accounting department with Intrexx. The tailor-made accounting software seamlessly integrates with the existing ERP system.


Central customer management for more than 100 locations

SPIE establishes an individual CRM system with Intrexx, automating the entire quotation process and seamlessly integrating with third-party systems.


Profitable integration of Intrexx and M-Files

AbConsultants relies on Intrexx for document management and data integration. The result: A paperless office and information available at all times.