General low-code solutions for various industries

With Intrexx, you can quickly and easily develop powerful business applications. Our low-code platform empowers your employees across all departments to digitize and optimize workflows.

Leading companies and institutions digitize with Intrexx

Build comprehensive software solutions with Intrexx or digitize selected areas.


Design your own software for customer management, exactly to your requirements.

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Interaction tracking


Collect relevant data from the first interaction and trace interactions holistically.


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Customer and contact management


Take control of your contacts with searchable lists, contact histories, and more.


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Customer service and support


Redirect all your support to one platform and thus maintain a complete overview at all times.


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Sales processes and pipeline


Quickly develop robust pipelines for your leads and secure more deals.


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Six years ago, I barely knew what an intranet could do. Today, I program most applications myself. With Intrexx, I can implement ideas immediately, which ensures high acceptance. Doing it myself right away, instead of waiting a long time for service providers – I like that!
Ulrike Berger, Head

Merge data, digitize processes & develop applications with just a few clicks: With Intrexx, you lay the foundation for your digitization.

Digitize entire departments in no time with custom applications.

Develop applications for a wide range of internal processes in no time, or set up an extranet for efficient communication with customers, partners, or suppliers.

  • Visualize information in dashboards

  • Create forms to collect data

  • Open your company to the outside world

Intrexx Application Designer

Easily develop applications

Transform old procedures into efficient digital workflows.

With Intrexx's low-code platform, you can optimize and digitize outdated processes. Routine tasks can be automated, giving your teams more time for tasks that advance your company.

  • Define criteria for specific events

  • Link processes with applications and datasets

  • Optimize, digitize, and automate workflows

Intrexx Process Designer

Digitize processes in no time

Say goodbye to silos and make data accessible to your employees.

With the Intrexx Data Designer, you can comfortably manage datasets. You can guide your entire company through Intrexx and even bundle data from various sources on one platform.

  • Integrate data from different sources

  • Add a search function to your datasets

  • Manage data centrally

Intrexx Data Designer

Efficiently utilize your data

In the over 25 years that our customers have been digitizing their companies with Intrexx, we have seen and developed solutions for just about every challenge.
Theodoros KazianisBusiness Development Manager Intrexx

Even more companies that have successfully digitized with Intrexx

WEKO Corporate Group

An innovative digital workspace for 1,300 employees

WEKO created an intranet with Intrexx, mapping processes from sales to executive management and making knowledge centrally available.

Euregio Klinik

Efficient management of data and knowledge – with a central intranet.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Intrexx platform, the intranet could be precisely tailored to the needs of Euregio Klinik.


An extranet for 600 locations of Best-Reisen

With an extranet from Intrexx, the communication and master data management of the tour operator were centralized in one place.