Effortlessly digitize your business – with low-code.

Create applications with Intrexx that allow you to efficiently automate your business processes and integrate existing data sources.

Many of our clients start with a handful of applications. Once they recognize the potential of Intrexx, applications are produced, like on an assembly line. This is efficient and profitable digitalization.
Markus GrauvoglCEO of Intrexx

Design. Test. Develop. Create applications tailored to your requirements without needing to program yourself.

Catapult your business into the digital age. With Intrexx, you can start small and digitize process by process, department by department.

Safe. Fast. Beginner-friendly.


faster development time with low-code


of business applications are built by non-developers

15 Apps

are built on average in the first year by our Intrexx customers

Take control of your digitalization. Merge various datasets, automate your processes, and develop applications with just a few clicks.

Develop custom applications for all departments.

The diverse and challenging fields of your industry demand individual solutions. Thanks to our low-code platform, your departments can develop exactly the applications that are relevant to them with Intrexx.

  • Quickly develop custom apps

  • From simple forms to complex dashboards

  • Fully customizable to your company's CI

Intrexx Application Designer

Easily develop applications

Respond to processes and automate entire workflows

Save time and avoid extra effort. Intrexx enables your employees to design precise digital workflow plans, thus preventing human errors and security vulnerabilities.

  • Digitize workflows with drag & drop

  • Use pre-built components or develop your own

  • Control processes with events, handlers, conditions, and actions

Intrexx Process Designer

Digitize processes in no time

Make data accessible to your entire organization.

In the digital age, speed determines your economic success. To keep your data up to date, Intrexx can unify datastreams from different databases, software solutions, or files.

  • Integrate data from various sources

  • Make your data searchable with to automatic indexing

  • Visualize your data on a central platform

Intrexx Data Designer

Efficiently utilize your data

Take your business to the next level with Intrexx: Develop custom applications and automate your business processes in record time.

Low-code development

With our low-code approach, you can independently create applications with minimal programming effort, shortening development times and focusing on what's essential.

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Hosting and Cloud

Choose flexible hosting that meets your operational needs, whether in the Intrexx Cloud, an external cloud provider, or locally on your servers.

Learn more Hosting and Cloud

User management

Our intuitive tools ensure the security of your data. Define detailed user roles and access rights, even for complex corporate structures.

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Data Integration

Our platform enables you to seamlessly integrate data from various sources. This unifies data on a central platform and ensures transparency across your company.

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Process Automation

With Intrexx, you can simplify complex business processes and make them more efficient. This saves you time and reduces sources of error.

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Analytics and Dashboards

With our advanced analysis tools, you visualize your data on clear dashboards and identify important trends and patterns. Make informed decisions based on reliable data.

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Discover more companies that have successfully digitized with Intrexx.


Central customer management for more than 100 locations

SPIE establishes an individual CRM system with Intrexx, automating the entire quotation process and seamlessly integrating with third-party systems.

Euregio Klinik

Efficient management of data and knowledge – with a central intranet.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Intrexx platform, the intranet could be precisely tailored to the needs of Euregio Klinik.


Digital complaint management: 30% faster with Intrexx

Bettenrid now relies on digital complaint management. With Intrexx, a cross-departmental portal was created that maps the entire process chain.