Member portal for 600 locationsA vibrant extranet for the members of BEST-REISEN

Project highlights: Extranet & marketing, Master data management, Event management

Project highlights
  • Extranet & marketing

  • Master data management

  • Event management

The challenge

The nationwide umbrella organization BEST-REISEN wanted to efficiently network its members. The 20-year-old network, through which the 600 member travel agencies had previously communicated, was to be replaced by a new dynamic system.

BEST-REISEN sought a platform on which the company itself could develop its applications for efficient data exchange, marketing coordination, and improved exchange between member offices without significant programming effort. This would take communication between members to a new level – preferably without extensive employee training.

The Intrexx solution

The low-code platform from Intrexx made it possible for a single employee to develop a modern, flexible extranet on her own. Using prefabricated modules, she created applications that optimized a variety of business processes – all without IT expertise. From the first day, BEST-REISEN members could intuitively use the new system thanks to user-friendly interfaces.

I particularly like about Intrexx is that you can get hands-on without being dependent on expensive IT service providers. With our new and individually tailored extranet, we save a lot of time in daily work.
Frauke SiechHead of Revenue Controlling, Member Service & IT

Developing an extranet in record time – with Intrexx

The members of BEST-REISEN share information and data in real-time with Intrexx

The new extranet of BEST-REISEN serves as an indispensable interface between the headquarters, the travel agencies, and the tour operators and service providers. With its individually set up master data management, it significantly relieves the workload organization-wide.

A dynamic extranet with added value

The 2,500 members of the cooperative transform the new portal into an active hub every day, from which everyone benefits. Users share current information, order marketing materials directly in the portal through an external service provider, and view their current sales statistics with just one click.

Does a travel agency have vacancies for a group trip? With a few clicks, employees advertise organization-wide for additional customers. Events and training offers from the umbrella organization bring the members together in real life. Registration is now just a few clicks away on the shared Intrexx portal.

Developing an extranet without IT expertise

Develop an entire extranet on your own? Thanks to Intrexx, programming a digital network is no longer a mammoth task. A single employee, the studied tourism business economist Frauke Siech, managed to conceive, create, and successfully roll out the new extranet for 2,500 users in just six months. Low-code development enabled her to implement her ideas herself without much programming effort in individually created applications.


The umbrella organization represents the interests of more than 600 travel agencies throughout Germany. The merger allows members to have a unified representation of interests and active exchange in the areas of marketing, technology, and training.

Continuously adding new features with Intrexx

The members continuously benefit from new features. Thanks to low code.

Thanks to low code, the umbrella organization can continuously develop its extranet, gradually bringing more efficiency into the daily work life of its members. The advantage: In case of process changes, expensive external service providers can be dispensed with because the employees have full control over their digitalization.