Complaint ManagementTransparent complaints in no time at BETTENRID

Project highlights: Complaint management, Citizen development without IT, Connection to merchandise management system

Project highlights
  • Complaint management

  • Citizen development without IT

  • Connection to merchandise management system

The challenge

The traditional company BETTENRID wanted a system that could leave behind the paperwork of its complaint management. All process steps were to be optimized and automated, and responsibilities (sales, customer service, accounting, logistics, controlling, etc.) were to be transparently mapped throughout. Customer data and invoices from the merchandise management system were to be available for complaint processing without manual data transfers.

The Intrexx solution

With Intrexx, BETTENRID developed a portal that clearly maps all complaint processes in a simple, continuous manner for all relevant company areas. Thus, the company managed to reduce the processing effort in complaint management by one third. The required data are now provided centrally in one place and synchronized in all existing systems.

Our existing complaint tool had been used for many years and could no longer represent our now complex workflows. With PortalConsult, we found a competent IT specialist who converted these processes into a workflow and packaged it into new complaint software. All the needs of our departments have flowed into this tool, so that everyone can work through the processes with simple application masks. Our complaint processing time was significantly reduced as a result.
Thomas SenglHead of accounting department

This is what the intrexx solution looks like at BETTENRID

BETTENRID Nnow processes complaints in no time.

On their new low-code platform, BETTENRID employees now need only half as much time to process complaints.

Linking departments for efficient complaint processing

BETTENRID GmbH linked its complaint portal with its merchandise management system. This provides sales and customer service with all the data on the customer, their invoices, and purchased items in one central location at the time of recording a complaint. The cumbersome gathering of necessary data from notes, emails, and Excel tables is now over.

Mobile application and clear dashboards

Thanks to responsive design, employees can now access their Intrexx applications from anywhere via tablet and smartphone, whether in the store or with the customer. Complaints can thus be recorded directly on-site with the customer and supplemented with photos from the phone camera.

The homepage of the new portal displays all information on the progress of current and open complaints. Thanks to graphical representations, employees can see at a glance which complaints need to be processed.

Employees participate in development

To ensure that the management does not digitize away from the reality of daily business, BETTENRID employees were involved from the beginning. The employees broke down the complaint process into individual steps, described them in detail, and identified all the involved company areas. The result: efficient workflows that save real working time.


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Flexibly adjust processes with Intrexx

The BETTENRID GmbH can continuously extend its low-code platform

Since digitizing their company with Intrexx, BETTENRID has seen a one-third reduction in the processing effort for complaints. To tackle further challenges on the path to the Digital Workplace, BETTENRID can develop new applications at any time and adjust existing processes with just a few clicks.