An Innovative Digital WorkspaceWith Intrexx, an intranet was created where processes from sales to executive management are mapped, and knowledge is made centrally available.

Project highlights: Digital Workspace, Intuitive Intranet, Software Integration

Project highlights
  • Digital Workspace

  • Intuitive Intranet

  • Software Integration

The Challenge

The employees of WEKO had to invest too much time and effort into individual work processes before implementing their Intrexx platform. A new portal was needed to better connect employees and streamline administrative tasks. Thus, the furniture company desired an innovative ticket system for IT support and more efficient internal processes.

The Intrexx Solution:

WEKO developed their own digital workspace with Intrexx, mapping processes from sales to executive management. Departments quickly developed a multitude of applications to optimize and automate administrative processes, access rights, evaluation procedures, and more. Knowledge is now efficiently available to everyone in the company.

The Intrexx Process Designer has proven itself many times over for us. Processes can be mapped incredibly quickly and easily, saving our team a lot of manual work.
Thomas HofbauerHead of IT Management

Making knowledge and processes efficiently available with Intrexx

Internal communication flourishes at WEKO, thanks for Intrexx.

To optimize their workflows and improve company communication, WEKO sought a digital home for its employees, with applications that save a lot of time and effort.

A digital haven for employees.

With their customized intranet and a digital workspace, efficient process documentation and an interactive wiki were established. The wiki manages and distributes the flowcharts – including automated review and approval processes as well as MS Visio integration.

The new knowledge database allows for standardizing processes and specifically increasing employee knowledge. Gaps in inventory management, time management, project management, and information management were closed thanks to Intrexx. Access rights, standard symbols, and work instructions are also documented here. The inventory management benefits from the connection of the portal and the data warehouse through a variety of evaluation options.

All systems bundled in one place.

With the launch of their Intrexx platform, WEKO Wohnen GmbH took a significant step towards data integration. All previously used programs are now bundled in one place. On the Intrexx platform, all data, appointments, and emails from MS Exchange and OData are centrally compiled and automatically synchronized in the respective programs.

Customers also benefit from the new Intrexx portal.

Intrexx also simplified customer care: Salespeople capture all specifications for custom orders with just a few clicks directly in the portal. The calculated sales price is immediately displayed. A special feature is the service that allows WEKO’s customers to leave their children in childcare while shopping. This is accessible through a simple and user-friendly interface, significantly enhancing the shopping experience. The WEKOCARD captures all relevant data to ensure children are picked up by the right people.

About WEKO Corporate Group

Whether it's furniture, kitchens, or household goods, WEKO is an expert in high-quality living and the best service in Bavaria. Since 1948, the family business from Kohlstorf has been supplying its customers with everything they need for high-quality living.

Develop new applications at any time with low-code

WEKO quickly adapts their Intrexx portal to new challenges

The new digital tools of WEKO have led to considerable time and cost savings and have promoted internal expertise. Automation made processes clear and effective, supporting not just internal management but also offering diverse evaluation options for continuous improvements. Thanks to low-code, departments can adjust their processes with little effort and quickly develop further applications when needed.