Contract management and data integrationAOK Sachsen-Anhalt now manages contracts dynamically

Project highlights: Contract management, Data integration

Project highlights
  • Contract management

  • Data integration

The challenge

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt wanted to optimize its contract management and leave behind its previously inflexible system. The workflows were to be simplified, and the existing SAP solution enriched with a series of new functions that SAP alone could not offer. A key desire: The input masks were to be designed so that employees could work with the new Intrexx tools without any training.

The Intrexx solution

With its new low-code platform, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt developed its applications that significantly enrich their SAP system. Contract management has thus been standardized, and the user interfaces can be intuitively operated by employees without the need for extensive training.

With Intrexx, we were able to make many workflows more user-friendly. The integration of systems also allows us to incorporate the process of legally compliant document archiving into the normal workflow without additional effort for the users.
Dr. Martin KunzHead of software development and business intelligence

Managing contracts more efficiently with Intrexx

Contract Management in SAP, But More Dynamic. With Intrexx.

In digitizing its contract management, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt left nothing to chance. With the help of the Intrexx low-code portal, the insurance company created a flexible system where its employees can effortlessly manage the data of thousands of insured individuals.

Finally, Process All Contracts in One System

With Intrexx, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt built a contract management system in a few months, where today all contracts, alongside the regular health insurance contracts, are efficiently managed.

Seamless Integration into the SAP Environment Thanks to Low Code

Through its new Intrexx portal, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt utilizes the core system of the existing SAP, which now requires minimal maintenance effort. At the same time, it effortlessly developed flexible, web-based applications with Intrexx, enriching the previous system with additional functions.

The "look and feel" of SAP retained in Intrexx

With Intrexx, the integration of multiple systems has been so successful that AOK Sachsen-Anhalt employees do not even realize they are not working directly with SAP. Thus, they benefit from innovative functions without having to learn a new software.

About AOK Sachsen-Anhalt

The health insurance company based in Magdeburg advises and personally supports around 725,000 insured individuals with nearly 1,900 employees, making it the largest health insurance company in Saxony-Anhalt.

Flexibly extend SAP with Intrexx

Thanks to Intrexx, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt can add new functionality as needed.

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt uses the flexibility of its Intrexx portal to continuously improve its services and adapt them to the needs of its insured. With Intrexx, the insurance company can integrate new functions at any time and without much effort. This allows it to quickly respond to changes in health policy and play an active role in shaping the healthcare system in Saxony-Anhalt.