Document management & software integrationA digital invoice processing for Koster AG.

Project highlights: Digitization of accounting, Document management, ERP integration

Project highlights
  • Digitization of accounting

  • Document management

  • ERP integration

The Challenge

Each month, Koster AG processes around 3,000 incoming invoices, predominantly in paper form. Even digitally received invoices in PDF format required manual processing. Koster AG decided to replace these mountains of paper with a digital solution to automate existing processes quickly and integrate the existing ERP system DOMUS for easy access to existing data.

The Intrexx solution

Koster AG utilized the Intrexx low-code platform to develop efficient digital solutions for managing their accounts and invoices. With the process designer, all workflows were automated and can be easily adjusted at any time. Employees now access the existing ERP directly through their Intrexx portal.

Intrexx provided us with end-to-end transparency for our incoming invoices. Invoices are instantly visible, and the process is clearly structured; we can access the system from anywhere, saving us a lot of time. Thanks to low code, we are very flexible with Intrexx: The system can be easily adapted to our needs.
Franc LechthalerHead of Finance, HR, and Administration

Low-code document management

Koster AG digitizes their invoice and document processing with a central Intrexx portal.

Koster AG declared war on the paperwork of the past and digitized its accounting with the help of Intrexx. This created transparency in invoice processing and optimized workflows in the company, saving both costs and resources.

Integration of the ERP system DOMUS.

With the Intrexx data designer, Koster AG managed to link existing systems with their new Intrexx portal with minimal effort. By integrating the ERP system DOMUS, data from multiple systems are bundled at one location and automatically synchronized.

Cooperation with WASSoft for quick implementation.

Instead of spending a lot of time and money on system setup and employee training, Koster AG achieved quick wins: The Swiss Intrexx partner WASSoft realized the system setup within just three days. Just three months after the project started, the new system was successfully launched.

Automated accounting processes.

Intrexx revolutionized the invoice management of Koster AG: Instead of sifting through stacks of paper and floods of emails, all paper-based invoices are now automatically scanned, processed, and stored centrally with an OCR scanner. Documents received by email are automatically uploaded to the portal. The system assigns invoices to the respective responsible persons, automatically detects duplicate invoices, and calculates payment deadlines. With live dashboards, employees always have an overview of the processing time and status of each invoice.

About Koster AG

The company is an expert in building technology solutions. From site inspections and consultations to planning and the installing of building technology.

Continuously develop new solutions with Intrexx

Koster AG continuously expands its digital platform with low code.

With the low-code approach of Intrexx, Koster AG has achieved a significant increase in efficiency and transparency in its accounting department in a short time. As a constantly growing company, Koster AG regularly faces new challenges. With Intrexx, departments can flexibly expand their portal at any time and quickly develop new solutions for emerging problems.