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Project highlights: Intuitive Intrexx intranet, Efficient document management, Quality management

Project highlights
  • Intuitive Intrexx intranet

  • Efficient document management

  • Quality management

The challenge

Euregio Klinik faced the task of reviewing, approving, and distributing 500 documents according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management. This task was previously managed by two employees who manually processed documents using Excel and email.
Not only was this process time-consuming, but it was also prone to errors. A solution was urgently needed that not only prevented duplicate files and the sending of incorrect documents but also efficiently and accurately assigned access rights.

The Intrexx solution

With Intrexx, Euregio Klinik managed to set up an intuitive intranet within a few months that enables efficient management of documents and files. The digitization of quality management significantly relieved the responsible employees and minimized human errors through process automation.

With the introduction of the Intrexx portal, the manual and unorganized filing of documents has come to an end. This leads to sustainable time and cost savings.
Christine Wolf-GeibiesQuality management officer

How Euregio Klinik benefits from Intrexx

Efficient data and knowledge management – with a central intranet.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Intrexx platform, the intranet could be precisely tailored to the needs of Euregio Klinik.
The goal was to enable every employee to have quick and uncomplicated access to required documents. The new intranet thus creates seamless integration into the clinic's data world, where employees can independently manage, update, and expand content. The merging of internal and external data sources becomes effortless.

Fast document management.

A user-friendly interface and the visual presentation of content make document management a breeze. Precise search and helpful filter functions enable employees to quickly find relevant documents and efficiently organize files. Additionally, seamless version control ensures that changes are transparent to all involved.

Access rights at the push of a button.

Intrexx's user management allows for precise and targeted assignment of access rights, so departments or individuals can easily access certain files. These rights can be flexibly adjusted and also granted to external persons.

A corporate wiki for everyone.

The newly created intranet is more than just a tool for data management: it's a platform where employees and managers can exchange current information and provide professional knowledge.

To maintain the intranet's quality consistently high, a moderator from each department reviews the content before publication.

About Euregio Klinik

As a central health partner, Euregio Klinik provides basic and specialized medical care to around 70,000 patients in the Grafschaft Bentheim region.

Individually extend with Intrexx

The hospital operation continuously develops its portal.

Thanks to the low-code platform Intrexx, employees continuously and needs-based develop the portal. So far, this has resulted in 24 applications that connect the entire company.

This development does not burden the IT department. On the contrary, Intrexx's low-code approach automates routine tasks and creates space for developers to focus on complex projects that require custom code.