Machine & Maintenance ManagementHago GmbH automates their machine logbooks with Intrexx.

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Project highlights: Automated machine logbooks, Intrexx interface to PLC control

Project highlights
  • Automated machine logbooks

  • Intrexx interface to PLC control

The challenge

Before adopting Intrexx for digitizing their work processes, Hago GmbH's employees manually kept machine logbooks – a cumbersome process that required 45 minutes of work per machine daily. Hago GmbH aimed to make their production more efficient and transparent: they needed a cutting-edge system to automate analog processes effortlessly.

The Intrexx solution

Using Low Code, Hago GmbH transformed their manufacturing halls into smart interconnected workshops. The machine logbooks are now fully automated, with the PLC control connected to the new Intrexx portal in just a few clicks. The result: optimized processes and employees freed from repetitive tasks.

Intrexx makes our work in production easier. It's simply enjoyable to get such a clear overview of machine data directly on the tablet!
Patrick KunerHead of Laser Technology Department

The benefits of the Hago's solution

Thanks to Intrexx, machine logbooks are now fully digital.

With Intrexx's Low-Code solution, Hago has established digitalization within the company, significantly improving quality and productivity. Employees now enjoy more efficient and transparent workflows.

Fully Automated Machine Logbooks

Thanks to Intrexx's integration, Hago has successfully automated the maintenance of machine logbooks, simplifying work processes and freeing up valuable resources. Machines can now operate continuously in three shifts, increasing production by 2.3%.

Now, employees at Hago can calculate speed factors, conduct quality calculations, and evaluate OEE with just a few clicks, improving quality by 13%. The investment in their Intrexx platform paid off within just six months.

About Hago GmbH

Forming, punching, and trimming metal: Since 1970, Hago from Küssaberg has been the specialist for high-quality and efficient metal solutions. The company manufactures metal parts of any size and shape for the international market.

React quickly to new requirements with Intrexx

Hago GmbH adapts its portal to new challenges in no time, thanks to Low Code.

Thanks to the Intrexx platform, Hago GmbH can flexibly respond to the increasing demands of its international business environment. New functions and applications can be integrated quickly to enhance competitiveness. The company has thus found a tailored solution to advance digitalization and improve operational efficiency.