Digital workplace & knowledge managementThe Berlin Senate Department for Finance steps into the digital future with low-code.

Project highlights: Digital file management, Social collaboration, Intranet

Project highlights
  • Digital file management

  • Social collaboration

  • Intranet

The challenge

With about 25,000 administrative employees in Berlin retiring in the coming years, the loss of valuable expertise is imminent. To attract young professionals to administrative roles, the Senate Department for Finance (SenFin) aimed to modernize its IT landscape with Intrexx, creating a Digital Workplace that simplifies and digitizes workflows, positioning the authority as a more attractive employer and preserving the knowledge of older employees.

The Intrexx solution

By adopting a new Low-Code platform, SenFin has taken a significant step towards digitalization, transforming countless files into a digital workspace where processes are optimized and streamlined. The system, particularly appealing to younger employees due to its collaboration features, allows departments to work as teams regardless of location, meeting all digital workplace requirements mandated by the E-Government Act.

When trainees and students join us, they are surprised by the modern working conditions at SenFin. With Intrexx, we have created a digital workplace that significantly improves communication and collaboration.
Ralf MeyerE-Government and knowledge management officer

A digital workplace for all employees

Efficient operations with digitalized processes.

SenFin now provides its employees with a centralized location for all processes and data, from digital files to calendars and leave requests. The digital E-File offers comprehensive insights, is mobile-accessible, and can be used by multiple users simultaneously. With Low-Code, SenFin has optimized and digitized its workflows, introducing an electronic leave application system through the UrlaubsApp, saving the SenFin 1,066 work hours and approximately €40,000 annually.

Sharing knowledge and working digitally as a team.

Designed as a knowledge database, the Intrexx platform allows every employee to act as a potential editor, sharing expertise across departments through virtual workgroups, group discussions, or pinboard posts. This system facilitates smoother knowledge transfer to new employees and organizes, utilizes, and archives the knowledge input into the portal for later access.

Digital workflows enable remote work.

SenFin's new Intrexx Portal advances digital workflows, significantly facilitating remote work – a major advantage for young employees. Home office workers authenticate via the eID function of their ID cards, requiring only a card reader to access the Intrexx Portal.

About Berlin Senate Department for Finance

SenFin, one of the ten specialist departments of the Berlin Senate, manages state participations, state assets, budget, financial policy, and tax administration.

Continuously growing functionality. Thanks to low-code.

Further Digitalization Plans with Intrexx

Beyond leave applications, the Senate Department for Finance in Berlin is progressively digitizing other processes electronically in its Digital Workplace, including meeting room bookings, material orders, and training requests, marking the beginning of a sustainable digitalization journey in administration.