Intranet and data integrationA smart intranet for the traditional company Pohl-Boskamp

Project highlights: Integrated employee portal (iMAP), Data integration

Project highlights
  • Integrated employee portal (iMAP)

  • Data integration

The challenge

Pohl-Boskamp aimed to transform its internal corporate network for exchanging data and information between departments. The pharmaceutical company sought a dynamic and scalable portal software to optimize workflows and link data and processes with a few clicks to other systems, eliminating redundant work steps and paper clutter.

The Intrexx solution

Utilizing the Intrexx platform, Pohl-Boskamp saved time and money by replacing the existing intranet with an integrated employee portal where staff can centrally access data from all core systems. The low-code approach quickly optimized processes for employee communication and quality management, benefiting the departments.

We were looking for a flexible intranet portal to digitally map workflows and easily connect our existing systems. In my opinion, there's no viable alternative to Intrexx.
Tim AlbersIntranet Manager

A company-wide intranet solution

The new portal efficiently connects departments and core systems.

The portal was designed to structure information for employees, enable digital processes that were previously paper-based, and integrate data from existing systems, adhering to the highest quality standards for seamless process execution.

Smart iMAP integration simplifies mail distribution.

The company's new intranet intelligently provides data and information. Obligatory circulars distribution was digitized in the new iMAP, simplifying access to organizational instructions and guidelines with search and full-text indexing.

Intrexx pulls data from existing systems into the iMAP, centralizing efficient applications in one place, allowing employees to quickly check the status of machines in production and retrieve batch, order, and machine numbers live from the Infor ERP system.

Involving employees from the start.

To ensure the Intrexx-developed applications and iMAP features genuinely benefit the departments, Pohl-Boskamp involved its employees in the development process. Through "speed dating," staff were introduced to the portal's functions and possibilities in 10-minute intervals, creating an intranet that meets departmental needs precisely.

About Pohl-Boskamp

Company Description: Based in Schleswig-Holstein, this family-owned company is among the most traditional and respected medium-sized pharmaceutical firms in Germany.

Future-proof company portal

Flexibly expand the Intrexx intranet with low-code.

Thanks to the flexible low-code platform, Pohl-Boskamp developed a smart system that benefits everyone in the company with minimal effort and cost. The platform allows for quick additions of new functionality and applications to meet the growing demands of the international pharmaceutical company.