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What is your biggest challenge?

Our customers have already found solutions for this.

And the results are impressive!

More than 1 million users are already intrexxing. Why?

One development platform - endless possibilities.

80% of your solution is quickly created using the standard tools. The remaining 20% is customized according to your needs.

Thanks to low-code, the sky's the limit for your creativity. And it doesn't necessarily have to take long because:

80% of your solution is quickly created using the standard tools.
The remaining 20% is customized according to your needs.

As a result, Intrexx combines the best of two worlds: Speed on the one hand, quality and individuality on the other.

From start to finish in 3 months.

With the right combination of do it yourself & our support.

PaaS do it yourself & support

Our low-code experts for your company's success

According to analysts such as Forrester and Gartner, low-code development is the software development method of the future. We are at your side as low-code experts. Get to know two of us right now.

Jan Engler, Head of Software Development

Katrin Beuthner, Managing Director

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Intrexx in action

“With Intrexx, we create our own applications extremely quickly. The areas of application range from the intranet through to Industry 4.0. We can utilize data from almost any source – regardless of whether it  comes from web applications or sensors. As a result, Intrexx creates real added-value for our employees and customers.”

Wolfgang Sutter
Head of IT and Management Systems
Kraftwerke Oberhasli

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The hunt for the right service part

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Federal City of Bonn: CovDi

Managing COVID-19 cases – Quickly and without paper

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Inquiries and referrals all under one roof

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More than 5,000 happy Intrexx customers

Intrexx is rated as a low-code leader

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