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Intrexx 18.09

Optimize your digital workplace

Optimize your digital workplace

Intrexx 18.09 makes your work even easier and more efficient. Use the upgrade to make your digital workplace even better. Intrexx 18.09 provides you with a wealth of new functions.

We'd like to present the most important of these here.

New in Intrexx 18.09

New Business Logic

New business logic

Release 18.09 focuses on the new business logic. It is responsible for the reading, writing, and filtering of data in Intrexx. However, this is only a pragmatic view of things - the tasks of the business logic are much more diverse.

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Multi-tenancy capability

Multi-tenancy capability

Intrexx's new multi-tenancy concept provides your developers, and therefore your entire company, with a secure solution for developing portals with multiple clients, thanks to standardized default settings.

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Horizontal scaling

Horizontal scaling

Intrexx 18.09 is elastically horizontally scalable on almost all cloud platforms. For popular platforms such as Amazon - AWS, Azure and Open Telekom Cloud, we have already automated the addition and removal of computer nodes via prepared scripts for you.

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Connector API

Connector API

Intrexx already provides you with multiple ready-made connectors for well-known software systems such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM and many more. With Version 18.09, Intrexx provides you with its own API that allows you to integrate almost any system. This really makes Intrexx your digital workplace.

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Portlet framework

Portlet framework

The completely new and responsive portlet framework provides users with more options and greater flexibility when developing applications and designing pages. This provides dashboards with an impact and clarity that previously wasn't possible.

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To provide you with even better support when developing your own applications, we have implemented two different versioning options in Intrexx 18.09: semantic versioning and versioning with GIT.

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It determines, among other things, where data is written and how the supported database systems and connectors from third-party systems are handled. The business logic is also responsible for validating data, pre-assigning various edit fields, and numerous other tasks.

The complete overhaul of the business logic offers a whole range of new benefits when designing applications. In the new portlet framework, you now have the option of using pages from applications flexibly within a portal. They are no longer isolated to one application.

In addition, you can now implement completely different dimensions when designing forms. For example, you can now use edit pages in a free layout table to use it as a form and thus add new data records or carry out mass updates as needed. When saving forms, you now have the ability to only save some of the data from a form. Data from one form can also be saved in different data groups with one save process. However, this is just the beginning of the new capabilities that Intrexx will build on to continue to be one of the most flexible low-code development environments in the world.

The active client filter automatically takes the different views of the various clients into account. This prevents errors and security gaps when manual settings are made. Therefore, Intrexx 18.09 makes it possible to easily separate different locations of large companies on the server side. Customer and supplier portals with individual views for the various user groups can be set up in next to no time. In addition to the faster creation of applications, this also significantly simplifies their maintenance in the event of changes and updates.

Using a load balancer, you can very quickly and easily set up a scaled portal, economically intercept performance fluctuations and increase reliability via so-called failover scenarios. Using a horizontally scalable portal, you can maintain the performance of your portal at a consistently high level regardless of how many users are online and whether it's a peak usage time.

No matter which software systems you work with, with the Connector API you can now connect them to Intrexx yourself and integrate them into all applications and processes. The use of the Connector API requires knowledge of Java, but we will provide you with some examples so that you can quickly learn how to use it.
You can create portlets from existing applications and link them to other applications. This allows you to combine information from different applications in a completely new way and display it clearly. By implementing the new functions, not only have the technical options been greatly expanded, but also the user experience of your portal has been optimized significantly.

1. Semantic versioning in Intrexx

This allows you to version custom applications semantically and means you always know the current development status of your application. This gives you enormous support when documenting the application development and optimizes the transfers of applications between development, test and production systems. Semantic versioning gives you an overview at all times and allows you to easily implement an audit trail for your applications. This makes (re-)certification much easier.

2. Versioning with GIT

Versioning with GIT is ideal especially if several application developers are working on one application. By supporting source code management, all changes to an application remain trackable and transparent. The comparison with older development stages is especially helpful when programming scripts. Differences can be visualized quickly and conveniently either via the simple GIT Diff or via the supported integration of external tools such as WinMerge or FileMerge.

Particularly helpful is also the possibility of directly checking deviations from an already existing version of an application when importing an application.

In addition, the integration of GIT in Intrexx 18.09 provides you with the ability to revert back to old development statuses and thus quickly and easily correct development errors.

The GIT versioning enables developers to use additional GIT functions and GIT tools, e.g. to connect external GIT servers or to use extended merge functionalities (e.g. WinMerge).

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Make your digital workplace even more efficient

United Planet opens a new chapter in the development of Intrexx with Intrexx 18.09: Intrexx 18.09 is another quantum leap in the history of Intrexx. At the heart of the new release is a completely revised business logic of Intrexx, which roughly corresponds to the change from the combustion engine to the electric motor in the automotive industry. In concrete terms, this means that you as the customer benefit from better performance and scalability on the one hand, and on the other hand significantly higher security.

You can imagine that with a product as comprehensive and ground-breaking as Intrexx, there are many levels and areas involved in the business logic. Despite all care and the support of many automated and manual test procedures, we cannot guarantee a smooth update and full operability of every existing Intrexx function with this release. We have therefore decided to release Intrexx 18.09 exclusively as a ramp-up version for use on test and development systems. For security reasons, we will initially not provide the ability to update existing portals in order to prevent accidental installation on live systems.
Do you want to test Intrexx 18.09 in your test or development system and develop new applications now? No problem!

All applications that you develop with Intrexx 18.09 are always kept up-to-date during the public ramp-up phase and - if necessary - updated by automated upgrade mechanisms. In addition, the newly developed applications will of course also run on the upcoming LTS version. With this release, you can already start preparing your systems for the upcoming LTS, testing existing applications and transferring them.

Version 18.09 will not be sent to you automatically after release, but only on request. This enables us to provide you with optimal advice and support for the installation.

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As you know, our aim is to provide you with a convenient and straightforward update experience. For this reason, we look forward to your feedback on how we can support you even better.

Version 18.09 is certainly not a regular release, as you have been used to in the past. Version 18.09 is just the beginning of the new capabilities that Intrexx will build on to continue to be one of the most flexible low-code development environments in the world.

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