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Intrexx 20.03

The new Intrexx Version 20.03 helps you take a decisive step forward with your digital workplace! The new version is packed with numerous improvements in different areas - both functional and graphical.

The features in 20.03

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Subselects/Subqueries in filters

Significant refinement of filtered searches in Intrexx 20.03: It is now very straightforward to define a subquery for a filter expression. That saves time and simplifies the day-to-day working with processes in Intrexx for your Development department.

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Global workflow user

This feature allows you to define a global default user for running processes instead of a specific user each time. This reduces complications when an employee leaves the company, for example. Instead of going through each process one at a time and swapping out the user, you can simply change the “global default user” for all processes in one central place.

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Layout & Design

Improved style options

Intrexx 20.03 shines with its significantly improved styles and usability. Designing applications and layouts with Intrexx is now faster and simpler as a result.

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Filter multiple selection elements via dependencies

This feature should excite many users who regularly use filters in Intrexx: From Version 20.03 onwards, entries in multiple selection elements can be filtered directly via dependencies.

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Bindings in filters

This feature provides even more filter options: In Intrexx 20.03, you can use different bindings in the filter dialog. This helps your developers to create Intrexx applications and processes significantly faster.

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New Gallery

Galleries are getting a makeover in Intrexx 20.03: The new gallery is responsive, looks more modern than its predecessors and can play videos. This makes using Intrexx especially on modern end devices more enjoyable.

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This feature makes Intrexx even more interactive because Version 20.03 allows you to work with WebSockets. This means your developers can send messages directly from the server to the browser. On the one hand, this simplifies communication and reduces server load. On the other hand, this feature opens up new use cases, such as a dashboard that is constantly updated with real-time data.

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Announcements for 21.03

We can already announce some changes that will come into effect with our next release Intrexx 21.03 in March 2021. You can see an overview about these changes in this Knowledge Base entry.

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A subquery can be configured for a filter expression with the operator "Is contained in" or "Is not contained in". Because it is now included in the dialog, this improves usability and saves time.

In the past, the creator of the process was also its runner. You can now define a global workflow user in the portal properties. If a user is not specified, Intrexx 20.03 uses the global workflow user by default.

The "Style" tab of elements has been optimized: Among other things, predefined style classes can now be selected via checkboxes. In addition, page elements can now be style individually. We have also adjusted the settings for default styles for elements: Style classes are no longer changed automatically after various actions, such as grouping or copying elements.

In the past, you could only filter via the search field. The ability to directly filter via dependencies simplifies your work immensely. When using the filter, the "Values from applications" and "Users and groups" data sources are supported.

The following binding types supported: Session value, request value, processing context, system data field, parameters (parameters are only supported in applications but not in processes).

In the future, the new Gallery will replace the old Galleries A and B. Therefore, Gallery A and B will probably no longer be supported as of March 2021.

A topic can be created in an application. You can then write to this topic via any process. Users can subscribe to the topic can receive the messages via the JavaScript API. This can be done in all applications.

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