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The current release Intrexx 20.09 (STS) is of crucial importance, especially for application developers. The new features and improvements support developers in realizing projects with low code faster, easier and more cost-efficiently. This saves costs and time.

The features in 20.09

Icon advanced jumping options

Extended jump options

There are new jump options in 20.09:
  • Jump to a subordinate data group after deleting a data record
  • Create a new data record from view tables, research tables, charts and free layout tables.
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Icon-improved web server configuration

Improved web server configuration

We have redesigned the user interface for configuring a web server. Intuitive dialogs make the configuration less prone to errors. This saves time and reduces stress and support tickets.

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Icon neue Bindings

New bindings

The new bindings are another step towards more low-code! The new additions are the bindings uniqueID and unique GUID. uniqueID generates a unique random number and uniqueGUID a unique Intrexx GUID.

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Icon title field default

Preset for title fields

A feature that saves time and effort: From 20.09 onwards, the “Preset title field with standard title” setting is also applied to data fields and data groups.

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In our Online Help, we have compiled all information regarding changes to the features and functions in this and future Intrexx versions.

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Additionally, the dialog remembers whether the developer used a title from a language constant or a title text; the most recently used option is preselected for new dialogs. As a result, applications can be created more quickly and effectively, however the customer would like.

The user interface not only looks nicer, but it helps users to configure their own web server simply and speedily.

Additional changes have also been made to the jump rules for the additional buttons in the tree control and calendar control. The extended jump options provide you with new options when developing applications and simplify jumps between data records. As a result, applications are developed more intuitively which in turn improves the user experience in the browser.

Among other things, the new bindings can also be used for the primary key. Therefore, your developers can use a random ID or a unique GUID directly, without having to write any code.

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