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Intrexx 21.03 stands for performance, clarity and user-friendliness. With this version, your Intrexx portal is more powerful and faster than ever before.

IMPORTANT: The new Intrexx version names will be in effect starting in autumn 2021. In the future, our customers can choose between two release tracks. As a result, Intrexx 21.03 will become the Silent Track.
Would you like to benefit from new Intrexx features immediately and not wait for the next release? Then the Steady Track for Intrexx is just right for you! More info:

The Intrexx release tracks

The Steady Track:
On this release track, you will always be the first to benefit from new features: As soon as a new Intrexx feature is released, Steady Track users will be able to download it immediately in the Intrexx Portal Manager, true to the motto: "Ready, steady, go". In this way, you will immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.

The Silent Track:
On this release track, you will receive regular updates with patches, and starting in March 2023, an update with new features once a year. 

The previous version 21.03 becomes the Silent Track: If you are currently using Intrexx 21.03, everything stays the same for you. Users of this version will automatically be on the Silent Track and receive regular patch updates. Of course, you can switch to the Steady Track at anytime if you want to immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.

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