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Silent or Steady – The choice is yours!

Intrexx gets more powerful with each release: Its stability increases and new functions broaden its repertoire. Our two release tracks allow you to choose between two options for how you would like to receive new features for Intrexx. 
Would you like to receive new Intrexx features directly after they are released? Then the Steady Track is the right decision for your company. True to the motto "ready, steady, go", you will always be the first to benefit from new features as soon as they are released. Or would you prefer to get new features no more than once a year? Then the Silent Track is the right choice.

The release tracks in comparison

Silent Track

Steady Track

Feature availability
New features are available once a year starting in March 2023
New features are available right after their release
Regular updates with patches
Regular updates with patches and features
Upgrade options
To get started: You can upgrade directly from Version 18.03
To get started: You can upgrade directly from Version 19.03

Autumn 2021: Intrexx 21.03 becomes Intrexx Silent Track

In Autumn 2021, we will launch new release tracks. We will no longer speak of version names such as Intrexx 21.03. Instead, you can decide which track you want to take. Intrexx 21.03 will become the Silent Track: If you are currently using Intrexx 21.03, everything stays the same for you. Users of this version will automatically be on the Silent Track and receive regular patch updates. Starting in March 2023, there will be an update with new features for the Silent Track once a year. Of course, you can switch to the Steady Track at anytime if you want to immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.

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You can switch from Silent Track to Steady Track at any time!

FAQ Release tracks

If you are using Intrexx 21.03, the version will be renamed to “Silent Track” at startup. Otherwise, nothing changes for you except the name.
Nothing. Changing to the Steady Track is free of charge.
If you always want to be up to date, we recommend the Steady Track. With this option, you benefit earlier from new features and functions and therefore get the best Intrexx at all times.
The upgrade to Steady Track is no different from any other upgrade. As always, we strongly recommend that you make a backup before upgrading. Apart from that, you simply proceed as usual.

The Steady Track requires new licenses. These can be requested with the license generator. The Silent Track does not require new licenses if you are already on version 21.03.

Your usual contact person at United Planet or your Intrexx Partner will be happy to answer any uncertainties and questions regarding the release tracks.
No, the support period until March 2023 still applies. We are simply no longer referring to Intrexx 21.03, but to the Silent Track.
The setup can be downloaded from the Support Center. You will also find a download link on our website here: 

You can switch from the Silent Track to the Steady Track at any time.
If you are using Intrexx 19.03 or higher, a direct update is possible. For older versions, we recommend an intermediate update to guarantee a smooth update process.

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