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Social collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work with Intrexx Share

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Social collaboration is about the transformation of company structures that goes hand-in-hand with the use of social intranet software. Digital platforms work alongside and compliment classic face-to-face communication effectively. They encourage innovative thinking and enable employees to reach the full potential of their cognitive abilities. 

With the Intrexx extension, Intrexx Share, you can connect all of your employees.
Use the communication platform to exchange knowledge and files. Teamwork is made digital, mobile, simpler and faster. Chats and virtual project rooms make meeting marathons, email tennis and lost knowledge a thing of the past.
Use well-known features from social networks. Usable by all, secure and developed for businesses.

Every collaboration tool in one application


The heart of your social intranet - your information is merged together in the activity stream.


Brief conversations with your colleagues without sending emails.


Discuss your projects here - across departments and locations.


Organize your documents and files in folders and share them with colleagues and teams.


Your digital bulletin board. Publish your advertisements.


Organize appointments and events and share the relevant information.

Photo albums

A picture is worth a thousand words. Share photo albums with your colleagues.

Help me

You've got the questions, someone from the company has the answer. Use the collective intelligence.


Create projects and delegate the tasks using this effective Kanban tool.


Let your colleagues make a decision or find the right date.

The highlights

Intrexx Share enables people to work together in teams, projects or groups in a virtual space - regardless of where they are and what time it is. Documents are shared, knowledge is exchanged and solutions are worked out together; and all of this via one central platform. Benefit from more freedom and flexibility, an improved user experience and many other features:

Icon Freiheit & Flexibilität freigestellt

More freedom and flexibility

The new portlet framework allows you to put together and position the Share modules based on your wants and needs. In this way, every employee always has a view of precisely the information that is most important to them.
Share - finden

More of finding what you are looking for

See the optimized user experience Intrexx Share has to offer for yourself. With quick access to favorite groups and the search function, which is now been fully integrated into the portal search, you can save a great deal of time. Adjust the navigation bar to your personal needs. Furthermore, the new Intrexx Share version automatically inherits the CI of your Intrexx portal.
Icon Sichtbarkeit Mitarbeiter freigestellt

More visibility for employees

Get to know the optimized "Profiles" module. Here, all employees have the ability to present their specialist areas and skills. Employees who, for example, work at a certain location and have specific skills and knowhow can be found quickly. This means ideal project teams can be put together with ease.
Share 3.0 Feed

More clarity in the feed

The feed contains different applications that are connected to one another. It doesn't matter if they come from groups, projects, tasks, appointments or events, all notifications are conflated in the feed. This means you can always keep track of the most important information.
Icon AddOns inkl freigestellt

More add-ons included

Put an end to dangerous security vulnerabilities and uncontrollable shadow IT with the aid of the "Chat" add-on. Because the Chat provides employees with all of the conveniences they are used to with instant messaging, employees will be happy to use it for their direct communication. Using the "Projects" add-on, project leaders and their team will be able to keep track of their various tasks. In this way, information is found more quickly and errors are avoided.

Intrexx Share, the collaboration application

Intrexx Share has ensured that, at last, we communicate sensibly. I am particularly pleased that apparently complex problems have been resolved once and for all and the internal email traffic has been reduced by 90 percent.

Thomas Brill | General Manager

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fast and direct communication
  • Collaboration is simplified
  • Innovative thinking and action is fostered
  • Documents are shared
  • Knowledge is exchange
  • Internal meetings are emails are reduced
  • Employee satisfaction is increased

See what is possible with Intrexx Share

Companies tell “Uncovered” about their interesting social intranet solutions implemented successfully with Intrexx Share. Read our exciting case studies and see it for yourself.
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