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Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Your social intranet

With Intrexx Share, interconnect your employees. Use the communication platform to share knowledge and files. Teamwork becomes digital, mobile, simpler and faster. Chats and virtual project rooms make email tennis and missing knowledge a thing of the past.

Use well-know features from social networks. Usable by all, secure and developed for businesses.

Mobiles Arbeiten

Every collaboration tool in one application

Intrexx Share Neuigkeiten Activity Stream News
The heart of your social intranet: Your information is merged together in the activity stream, and can be filtered based on what you need.

Intrexx Share Chat und Benachrichtigungen Chat
Interact one-to-one with your colleagues. And if you need to message more than one person, this email replacement is also an ideal choice.

Intrexx Share Gruppen virtuelle Arbeitsräume Groups
Discuss your projects here - across departments and locations. Put a team together and bring hidden knowledge to light.

Intrexx Share Dateiablage und Datenaustausch Filebox
Exchange documents and files with colleagues and teams. Create a folder and define its access permissions. Your files are stored centrally and securely.

Intrexx Share Planner

Organized order

Intrexx Share Events Events Organize appointments and events. Create the event, invite your colleagues and keep them up-to-date. No one gets missed out of an email about the event again.

Intrexx Share Add-on Anzeigen Advertisements Your digital bulletin board. Internal announcements, language courses or apartment searches. Just define the title, duration and description and top it off with an image and your advertisement is done.

Image galleries
A picture is worth a thousand words. Share press pictures, customer logos or photos from the latest company event with your colleagues - clear and manageable in albums.

Intrexx Share User Profil User profile
People with specialized knowledge and skills are hiding in every company, you just need to find them. Reveal your talents and strengths. This is how to find expert teams today.

Intrexx Share Tasks

Exciting add-on functions

Intrexx Share Add-on Umfragen Polls
A, B or C? Do you want to know which option is best? With the Polls add-on, you can create your own multiple-choice question and categorize them based on their topic.

Intrexx Share Add-on Aufgaben Tasks
The Tasks add-on is a powerful Kanban tool. Create projects and delegate the tasks related to it. Define the due dates, priorities and responsibilities.

Intrexx Share Add-on Fragen Help me
Who, where, what, why? You've got the questions, someone from the company has the answer. Use the collective intelligence. Just post your question and specify more details and attach images and files if needed.

Really simplifies the finding of appointments. Suggest different dates to a defined user group. The participants select when they have time and can optionally suggest their own dates.

Megazoo setzt auf Intrexx Share

“Intrexx Share has ensured that, at last, we communicate sensibly. I am particularly pleased that apparently complex problems have been resolved once and for all and the internal email traffic has been reduced by 90 percent.”

Marcel Patalon,
Head of Digital Communication and CRM, Megazoo

And this is how it all works

Social Software steigert die Produktivität

Why social intranet?

  • Avoid internal emails
  • Reduce meetings
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve internal communication
  • Facilitate mobile working

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