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With the Steady Track for Intrexx, you are always up to date. As soon as a new feature is released, you, as a Steady Track user, receive it immediately and no longer have to wait for a new Intrexx version. In this way, you stay on top of the times and always benefit from optimal performance and the latest functions. True to the motto: "Ready, steady, go"!

New in the Steady Track: The current features

New installer

Thanks to the new installer, updates are easier than ever: Instead of downloading updates via a manual setup, you can now obtain them directly via the Portal Manager or the console. This is even possible when changing the release track. This saves you a lot of time and effort, which noticeably relieves your IT department.

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This feature enables us to implement the new Intrexx release strategy: In the future, you as a Steady Track user will receive important features at shorter intervals, which will make application development and using the portal easier and always provide you with the best possible Intrexx.

Customizable and update-proof login

The new login module allows you to make update-proof adjustments to the Intrexx login. This means that adjustments made to the login module will remain intact even after an update. This gives you more flexibility in designing the login.

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Although it was already possible to make changes to the login module, these were lost with every update. This is no longer the case.

New style classes for the tile view of view pages in free layout tables

This feature saves you time and improves the user experience: With the new release, Intrexx contains new style classes that let you display the view page of a free layout table as a "tile". This gives you even more flexibility and options for designing layouts. With ready-made style classes, the settings are also available to every user and can be used immediately. 

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There are different style classes that allow a different number of tiles per view port (format S, M or L) to be displayed side by side.

Support for international emails using regular expressions

This feature makes you significantly more flexible when it comes to managing mail addresses in Intrexx. With the Steady Track, you can validate internationalized email addresses in edit fields via a regular expression. In this way, you save yourself cumbersome workarounds and can easily enter contacts from all kinds of countries with their correct spelling.

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For example, if an email contains umlauts or other country-specific elements, these can be validated correctly for edit fields and are recognized as email input.
All other features released in 2021 that are included in the Steady Track can be seen here.
Detailed information about the Steady Track can be found in our online help.

The Intrexx release cycles

The Steady Track:
On this release track, you will always be the first to benefit from new features: As soon as a new Intrexx feature is released, Steady Track users will be able to download it immediately in the Intrexx Portal Manager, true to the motto: "Ready, steady, go". In this way, you will immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.

The Silent Track:
On this release track, you will receive regular updates with patches, and starting in March 2023, an update with new features once a year. 

The previous version 21.03 becomes the Silent Track: If you are currently using Intrexx 21.03, everything stays the same for you. Users of this version will automatically be on the Silent Track and receive regular patch updates. Of course, you can switch to the Steady Track at anytime if you want to immediately benefit from the advantages of the new functions.

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