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Social business, indispensable driver of the digital transformation

United Planet awarded Social Business Leader 2016

The software company, United Planet, has been awarded the prize of Social Business Leader for the third time in a row. In a new study, Experton accredited the producer with a highly attractive product and service portfolio. The data integration capabilities of the software, Intrexx, were especially convincing to the IT consulting company.

Freiburg, the 18th of January 2016. In the Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2016, the Experton group assessed social business as an “indispensable driver or filter of the digital transformation”. For this study, the market position and portfolio attractiveness of 129 providers from the German market were investigated. The provider United Planet, with its solution Intrexx, was awarded the prize of Social Business Leader for the third time in a row.

Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2016
Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2016, © Experton Group AG, publication free of charge
“Central platform for daily business processes”

According to the study, United Planet has “transformed its original intranet solution, Intrexx, into a comprehensive social enterprise networking suite over the last years, and with this, it currently offers one of the best and most mature solutions on the German market.”

The study particularly highlights the integration capabilities. The interaction of the portal framework, Intrexx, and the social collaboration application, Intrexx Share, allows for any amount of software solutions to be included in the information exchange. In this way, the system not only encourages knowledge exchange and cooperation among colleagues, but also provides the company with a comprehensive data hub.

By integrating additional systems, such as CRM, BI and ERP, Intrexx becomes, according to Experton, a “complete solution” that compiles all relevant information in one interface for the users.

Screenshot of Intrexx Share
Screenshot of Intrexx Share, © United Planet GmbH, publication free of charge
Social Business Software is much more than just hype

One of the study’s core statements highlights the ever increasing role of social collaboration software: “To be successful within the digital economy, business procedures and concepts need to be adapted using social components.” This explains the high average yearly growth of the market by 31%.

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