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QuinScape GmbH and Verkkoasema Oy honored in Freiburg

Intrexx Partners of the Year

Jörg Gottschling is pleased about the title of Intrexx Partner of the Year
Jörg Gottschling is pleased about the title of Intrexx Partner of the Year, © United Planet GmbH, Printout free of charge
The Intrexx Partners of the Year were selected at the Intrexx Partner Days on May 23 - 24 2017. QuinScape GmbH and the Finnish Verkkoasema Oy came out on top against 100 companies from over 20 different countries.

Freiburg, the 20th of June 2017. Once a year, the Intrexx Partner Days muster the Sales and Consulting Partners of the Freiburg-based software developer United Planet. Numerous presentations and workshops provide a technical foundation and bring the IT experts up to speed with the latest technologies.

As part of the event on May 23 - 24 2017, the “Intrexx Partners of the Year” were honored. The Dortmund-based digitalization service provider QuinScape came first from the German-speaking partners. 2nd and 3rd place were awarded to PortalConsult GmbH (Gräfelfing) and last year’s winner Esch & Pickel GmbH (Koblenz) respectively.

“We are proud of this award,” commented Jörg Gottschling, Intrexx Team Leader at QuinScape GmbH. He accepted the award together with four other colleagues. “This is all, of course, a collective accomplishment. I’d like to thank our great team, the Intrexx developer, United Planet, and naturally our diverse customers, who made our success possible.”

The Intrexx Partner Days participants
The Intrexx Partner Days participants, © United Planet GmbH, Printout free of charge
From the international Intrexx Partners, the Finnish company Verkkoasema Oy was the winner. Managing Director Jyrki Sundström was delighted: “Once again, we are really grateful for this honor! We are always looking for the best solutions for the challenges our customers are dealing with. Intrexx has been the key for us to be able to offer and build these demanding solutions. We are sure that the co-operation between Verkkoasema and United Planet will continue successfully during 2017!”

The Intrexx Partners met together in Freiburg
The Intrexx Partners met together in Freiburg, © United Planet GmbH, Printout free of charge
Further awards were given to the Czech partner X-Document House s.r.o. (Prague) and the French consultancy firm Axones (Nanterre).

Intrexx is a development platform for the Digital Workplace. The solution covers all of the areas required: From the integration of already available software on a central interface, via the digitalization of processes, through to teamwork via social collaboration and roles-based access. The Intrexx Partners support companies in developing and introducing their own, individual Digital Workplace.

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