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Half-time for the world’s longest train tunnel

Intrexx plays a role in the success of the Brenner Base Tunnel

One of Europe’s most demanding construction projects is celebrating “half-time”. Multilingual risk management with the software Intrexx is conducive to keeping the work on the Brenner Base Tunnel on track.

Freiburg, the 23rd of October 2017. Every tunnel construction has its risks – even more so when you are building the world’s longest railroad tunnel. Including the already constructed Innsbruck bypass, the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) will be a proud 64 kilometers long when it opens as planned in 2026.

To analyze risks and avoid additional costs, the project organization BBT SE implements a risk management application. This is based on the development platform Intrexx and was created in collaboration with the Frankfurt-based consultancy firm EasyTransfer.

Risk-free through the Alps thanks to Intrexx

Work in the research tunnel_Innsbruck-Ahrental
Work in the research tunnel_Innsbruck-Ahrental, © Brenner Base Tunnel BBT SE, Printout free of charge
Intrexx has already been in operation for some time in the Personnel department of BBT SE. “Therefore it stood to reason to create the risk management system with this flexible development environment,” says Managing Director of EasyTransfer, Michael Freihof. The application was developed in close collaboration with specialists and the customer.

The multilingual aspect was the decisive criteria: German in the northern portal in Innsbruck, Italian 64km to the South in Bolzano. Gebhard Schweiger, Personnel Manager and Intrexx Project Manager at BBT SE, is positively surprised by the simple implementation: “We were really excited that multiple languages could be implemented into such a demanding project so quickly!”

From risk management through to procurement

Alongside the risk management, there are two more large Intrexx projects. The first of these is the procurement application. With this application, every investment – from office supplies through to construction contracts – is entered, audited in a multistep process and approved. As an EU project, the BBT is subject to strict auditing. Therefore the application enables them to document every step.

Furthermore, an application for administrating orders was created with Intrexx; this unites data from the DMS and SAP. This creates a noticeable increase in clarity for bookkeeping procedures and documents. Every document relating to a project (e.g. orders, purchase invoices, transactions through to posting lines) can be seen at a glance.

Prof. Konrad Bergmeister, the Austrian executive of the Brenner Base Tunnel organization, says, “Intrexx is a great help to us in many areas on a daily basis because many corporate processes can be modelled clearly and handled efficiently with the implemented Intrexx portal. We administrate almost 2,000 governmental notification sanctions and EIA measures with the portal and in doing so, we don’t lose track of them.”

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