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SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY: The Berlin Senate Administra-tion for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs is now the third senate administration to be convinced of Intrexx.

Berlin Senate Administration for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs digitalizes its processes with In-trexx from United Planet

SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY: The Berlin Senate Administration for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs is now the third senate administration to be convinced of Intrexx.

Freiburg, February 28 2019. Following the Senate Administration for Finance (SenFin), the Senate Administration for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs (SenIAS) has also chosen Intrexx. In the coming months, the administrative processes of the SenIAS and the subordinate authorities will be digitalized. As a starting point, tried and test solutions, which have developed in other senate administrations, are being implemented. The collaborative development of cross-authority and standardized applications is intended to digitalize a great number of internal administrative processes and thus to optimize them.

As a result, the SenIAS is the third senate administration to rely on the process and digitalization platform, Intrexx, following the SenFin and the Senate Administration for Health, Care and Equality (SenGPG).

The introduction of Intrexx also has an impact on the staff at the subordinate State Offices for Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Technical Security (LAGetSi), for Health and Social Affairs (LAGeSo) and for Refugee Affairs (LAF). These state offices can also access the overarching applications in the portal. In total, 2000 staff from the SenIAS and the corresponding regional authorities are connected together quickly and easily.

The Intrexx Gold Partner ‘Moysies & Partner’ with certified Intrexx expertise is available as the local point of contact.

Intrexx comes out on top

Low-code development with Intrexx
Low-code development with Intrexx; © Rp[Mx][A2013], Printout free of charge
Thanks to its fast and simple development interface, Intrexx is able to assert itself in more and more administrations in Berlin. The enormous savings potential and the flexibility that the low-code development has to offer are decisive for this. Intrexx can be adjusted to new requirements and tasks agilely. External systems can also be integrated comprehensively with Intrexx. With this, United Planet proves once more that Intrexx is the process and digitalization platform for location-independent and central portals, and is therefore optimally positioned for large portals.

Year after year, more and more administrations from the public sector are relying on Intrexx – “SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY”.

Berlin: Intrexx Hotspot

In collaboration with the Intrexx Gold Partner ‘Moysies & Partner’, the Berlin owner-operated municipal child daycare centers Northwest, Northeast, City, Southwest and Southeast could also be signed alongside the three senate administrations. Consequently, the Berlin administrations are increasingly becoming an unofficial “Intrexx Hotspot”. This accelerates the digitalization of administrative processes at the heart of Germany and thus creates financial and organizational potential in key places.

More information about Intrexx in the public sector is available at:

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