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United Planet celebrates International Partner Day in Frankfurt

The ‘digital workplace’ is becoming an international synonym for corporate success

The Freiburg-based software developer, United Planet, celebrates its International Partner Day with partners from six countries in Frankfurt am Main, and continues to position Intrexx as the leading low-code development platform – also on an international level.

International Partner Day
International Partner Day; © Patrick Au, United Planet GmbH 2019, Printout free of charge

Freiburg/Frankfurt, April 30, 2019. Companies across the world are under pressure to digitalize cost-effectively. Equally, this means that the international market for fast and straightforward digital workplace and social intranet solutions is growing rapidly. Companies have recognized that internal communication and lean digital processes are decisive factors for success and increase productivity in the company tangibly. At the same time, areas such as extranets for cooperative partners and suppliers, and industry 4.0 (industrial internet of things / IIOT) are becoming increasingly important in a networked and digitalized world. This was the over-arching statement from all guests at the United Planet International Partner Day in Frankfurt am Main. With numerous presentations from, among others, Kathrin Beuthner, Managing Director of United Planet GmbH, United Planet exhibited how well Intrexx is being accepted at an international level and what potential is available to Certified Partners in the low-code development software.
International Partner Day:

Location: The Squaire, Frankfurt Airport

Guests from: Finland, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Australia, France

United Planet’s Partner Program:

In collaboration with Partners from across the world, United Planet wants to continue to grow and position Intrexx on the international market. United Planet provides the low-code software, Intrexx, which partners can individually tailor to the requirements of their customers. Alongside the software, United Planet also provides partners with important expertise and helpful advice because United Planet sets great value on the quality of the partners and their services for end customers. At the same time, the partners can distribute applications of high quality via the “Application Developer Program”, allowing them to significantly increase their revenue and awareness in the Intrexx world – a win-win situation.

International success and new partnerships:

In 2018, United Planet already laid the foundation for an international strategy and was able to record decisive successes as a result.

By the end of 2018, United Planet was able to acquire a total of 108 new customers and 10 new partners by convincing them of Intrexx as a speedy and simple low-code development platform. This resulted in a 60 percent increase in revenue through the partner channel and affirmed the company’s new internationalization strategy.

As well as Australia, Russia, and the Czech Republic, especially Ireland and the English-speaking world will play a decisive role in the Partner Management of United Planet in the coming years.

“Partner Awards”:

Just like every year, the most successful partners and projects received awards. The award of Best International Intrexx Marketing Event went to ‘Verkkoasema Oy’ from Finland. The award of Largest International Intrexx Deal was given to ‘Dataware Consulting’ from Romania. And ‘XDoc Digital Solutions s.r.o.’ from the Czech Republic was very pleased to receive the award of Best International Partner.

At the get-together afterwards, all partners had the opportunity to get to know each other and share their Intrexx experiences.

More information:

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