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With Intrexx Industrial, United Planet offers an efficient solution for Industry 4.0 projects

United Planet accompanies manufacturing companies on their journey to the smart factory

The Freiburg-based software provider, United Planet, has developed a product with Intrexx Industrial that lives up to the specific requirements of the industry. With digital networking as its basis, it enables automated production to become a reality.

Freiburg, October 31 2018. The Freiburg-based software developer, United Planet, has recognized the need to support manufacturing companies in implementing Industry 4.0 straightforwardly and efficiently. With the new product, Intrexx Industrial, it provides relief. It is based on the low-code platform Intrexx, which has already been successfully deployed by more than 5,000 customers. Intrexx Industrial connects man, machine and products to one another to create multifaceted synergies. It comes with ready-to-go applications for standard cases. These enable you to access production data at any time and place, for example.

Andon board: Key information at a glance
Andon board: Key information at a glance; © United Planet GmbH, Printout free of charge
View production data everywhere

To ensure that production is efficient, you need to be able to keep an eye on the current, relevant key figures with the aid of dashboards. Whether on your smartphone while travelling, in the office or on the shop floor – Intrexx Industrial enables you to create a snapshot of the production that can be viewed at all times and from any location. Thanks to the graphical depiction of planned and current values, errors are avoided and downtimes are minimized.

ZThe current production status is visualized via the Andon board. The most important figures are displayed on the monitor with the aid of tiles. This makes controlling simple and location-independent.

To ensure that production is at its most efficient, the machine workload has to be optimal. This can only be ensured by continuously monitoring the OEE analysis. This overall machine effectiveness can also be viewed at all times and from any location thanks to Intrexx Industrial.

Moreover, Intrexx Industrial enables documentation to be automated. This simplifies both up-to-date and end-to-end record-keeping in machine logbooks. Once these logs are recorded digitally, they can be commented on easily (e.g. in the event of a failure). Thanks to the email function or push notifications, a fast response time is ensured, meaning machine stoppages are remedied quickly.

With the aid of a digital bulletin board, employees can be kept up-to-date with the most important news. As a result, everything that needs to be known on the shop floor can be communicated quickly and easily. Furthermore, the information can be updated efficiently.

Rapid and secure exchange of data

To transform existing business models, open, secure and compatible communication standards such as MQTT should be supported. MQTT is the most popular protocol for M2M communication and is an international standard. With the aid of software-based and hardware-based gateways from different developers (SICK, Bosch, Cybus, Axotec and more), data from virtually any sensor, machine or controlling from almost any protocols can be transmitted via MQTT. The data can be provided to the employees in a clear and manageable manner. This enables you to establish a knowledge base and encourage social collaboration. This in turn leads to improved procedures.

Optimal integration into the office world

The data from the production can be integrated back into the office world. This is achieved using connectors, e.g. for SAP, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Excel, Exchange Server, web services, mail server, document management systems and all current databases. This means machine data can be processed and analyzed efficiently. At the same time, errors can be avoided that might result from manual processing.

Access to real-time data at all times and from any location

For a rapid and fully-automated production process, it is essential that data is always available in real-time. With Intrexx Industrial, this is possible anywhere in the world and with any end device. This enables you to get the most out of the data. Furthermore, customers, partners and suppliers can be informed on purpose and incorporated into the production process. This gives them the ability to respond quickly, if necessary, and has a positive impact on the collaboration and satisfaction of everyone involved.

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