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United Planet supports an association for children with cancer and Freiburg 2020

Freiburg’s local projects receive donations from United Planet

Christmas is inextricably linked to the act of gift-giving. However, the Freiburg’s software company United Planet decided a couple of years ago to discontinue giving Christmas gifts to its customers and business partners as the company prefers to give donations on every Christmas. On this year’s Christmas, the company is supporting two important local projects in Freiburg.

Freiburg, December 20, 2019. As a company with local roots and a renowned employer in Freiburg, it is important for United Planet to give something back to the society where it belongs. Therefore, United Planet has been actively supporting the digital and social advancement in the region.
This year, United Planet’s Christmas donations go to the: Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V. (association for children with cancer) in Freiburg

The association, based in the Freiburg district of Stuehlinger, is dedicated to helping and caring for children with cancer as well as their families. The association focuses on providing a “Parents’ House”, a 'temporary home' for the parents and relatives of the ill children during their treatment period. It is vital for the survival of these children and it is an important part of their medical care, to be close to their family.

Freiburg 2020 – City Anniversary Project Group

As one of the youngest cities in Germany, Freiburg will be celebrating its 900th anniversary in 2020. The project group Freiburg 2020 organizes various events, projects, and activities that show how people in Freiburg lived and are living together. The group also strives to make the city a lively place for all its visitors. United Planet is supporting this important occasion and is very pleased to be part of the "900 Friends for Freiburg!" fundraising campaign.

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