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Low code development remains the key to digitalizing companies professionally

United Planet releases Intrexx Version 20.03

Intrexx Release 20.03

The Freiburg-based low code development pioneer United Planet is releasing Intrexx 20.03, another STS upgrade for its successful low code platform Intrexx. The functional and graphical improvements help companies take their digital workplace a decisive step further.

Freiburg, March 30, 2020.
Companies across the world are confronted not only by serious changes in the market but also by the constantly growing skills shortage. According to a study by Bitkom, there were an alarming 124,000 unfilled positions for IT experts in Germany at the end of 2019. Urgent digitalization projects cannot be implemented. Companies are rapidly losing their market position. Low code development is and remains a key tool to expedite these urgently needed changes.

New features of Intrexx 20.03:
The graphical and functional features provide IT teams in particular with a lot of new possibilities and options that give decisive support to a company’s digital workplace.

Therefore, United Planet is continuing to position low code development as a high-quality and professional approach to digitalizing companies quickly and individually.

More information about the new features:

Intrexx_20-03_Release.jpg [403 KB]

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