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On the right track: United Planet is planning a new company headquarters in the “Lokhalle Freiburg”

United Planet plans to move into a new company building at the end of 2022

The German low-code market leader based in Freiburg in Breisgau, United Planet, has recorded a constant inflow of employees as well as increasing sales and a growing international profile for years. The new headquarters that are roughly 3,500 square meters in size – a clear commitment to Freiburg – should accommodate this situation and have a convincing, highly modern work, light and ecological concept.

The “North Hall”, which will be completely revitalized by the end of 2022 and is directly connected to the Freiburg Creative Park, will make work an experience, not only because of the historically important building but above all, because of the extravagant structural concept and the innovative interior fittings.

Freiburg, May 8, 2020.
For some time, United Planet has been confronted with the challenge that the company offices at Freiburg main station can no longer do justice to the requirements of an internationally expanding and flourishing software developer – despite how central the location is. A constantly increasing number of employees and modern forms of work are now putting high demands on the office building. In their search for new, suitable company headquarters, United Planet has now made a find in the historically significant “Lokhalle Freiburg” (Train Hall Freiburg).

“We do not want to just provide our team with an office but a sort of home – which, in addition to high-quality interior design, especially supports the aspects of openness, transparency, warmth, concentration and creativity,” says Managing Director, Katrin Beuthner.

The area of the “Lokhalle Freiburg” provides ideal conditions

Together with the community association “Lokhalle Freiburg” and the Freiburg-based architects, OAI Haller Architekten, a concept has been developed with the working title “New Planet”; this concept harmonizes innovative approaches to the working and office world.

The development will be carried out according to ecological and work-supporting perspectives. For example, an intelligent ventilation system means a full air conditioning system is not required. An innovative lighting concept from Köster Lichtplanung ensures that each workplace has an ideal amount of light while keeping the heat output to a minimum.

“With more than 3500 sqm across two completely open floors, the tension between communal areas, communication, intimacy and concentration will be implemented in a unique structural concept. This provides us with an opportunity to help shape the way the world of work is changing – even in the “after Corona” era – and meet the needs of employees in a special way,” Managing Director, Manfred Stetz, is convinced.

The Lokhalle area is becoming a creative hotspot

As a result, the area around the Lokhalle is increasingly becoming Freiburg’s creative hotspot. Numerous start-ups, agencies and medium-sized companies from the creative sector are giving the complex a touch of “Silicon Valley” at the Dreisam.

For the owners of the “Lokhalle”, Lars Bargmann and Frank Böttinger, this is the fifth and final step in the grand project of revitalizing the most important industrial monument in Freiburg and the surrounding area. “We are very pleased that the United Planet management has chosen the unique Lokhalle to implement their growth strategy. We had very constructive meetings with a company that not only has a big name in Freiburg but also perfectly fits the tenant profile of the Lokhalle, which is already where many companies from the creative sector call home (event agencies, chilli Freiburg Verlag, advertising agencies, architects, theater makers, designers, Start-up-Zentrum Kreativpark). This is a special tenant in a special property.”

In the South Hall, a Purino Restaurant with two outdoor terraces is currently being built in an area larger than 1,000 square meters; meaning the United Planet employees will only have a short walk to lunch. The office concept created by the tenant, landlord and also the architects OAI Haller Architekten, whose offices are in the Lokhalle as well, will certainly be a topic of conversation, and not just in Freiburg. sorgen.

The “Lokhalle” was built between 1903 and 1905. German Rail moved out in 1983. Bargmann and Böttinger purchased the building in 2011 and have been revitalizing it since then. With the arrival of United Planet, the final construction phase is therefore now in the advanced planning stage. In 2011, less than 20 people were working in the building. Today, there are more than 200, after the restaurant opening in 2021, there will be almost 250, and when the “New Planet” is populated at the end of 2022, there will be far more than 400.


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