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Digital administration thanks to low-code

The city of Bonn develops own app for recording COVID-19 cases at the health department

Press Release November 2020 Health departments have to process masses of data every day: COVID-19 cases need to be recorded and managed as quickly as possible. The city of Bonn has found a clever and digital solution for this. With the help of the low-code platform Intrexx, it has developed its own application for its health departments. The solution has also made other district authorities prick up their ears – the code has been published on GitHub.

Freiburg, November 19, 2020.
The city of Bonn has a smart and digital answer to the requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the “CovDi” application (short for “Covid Digital”), health department staff can record new cases with ease and manage them efficiently. Additionally, “CovDi” meets the highest data protection standards.

Easy to use, clean data structure

It wasn’t difficult for the health department staff to switch to “CovDi”. New cases and contacts can be recorded easily via a simple input form. This data is then transferred to “CovDi” and is immediately available to all authorized staff members for further processing. Information like new symptoms in the course of the infection, a new test result or a required quarantine can be added later as needed.

“CovDi” significantly accelerates the health department staff’s work. Instead of having to rummage through files, they can now find a specific case in the “CovDi” database with lightning speed. Information is always immediately available meaning citizens can be informed quickly and transparently on the phone.

The “Quarantine Team” also always has a real-time overview of the status of the people who must go into quarantine. Details like symptoms, test results and official orders can be retrieved with ease. A secure permissions system ensures that only authorized staff members can access sensitive data.

High-speed development thanks to low-code

The city of Bonn developed “CovDi” by itself because an off-the-shelf computer program for these requirements just wasn’t available. It took just four weeks after an initial discussion until a prototype was ready. After another two weeks, the go-ahead for the new application was given – exactly what the city needed in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The high-speed development was made possible by the low-code platform Intrexx: Custom applications can be developed in a short space of time with Intrexx. Despite the minimal programming effort required, users have a lot of design freedom because the open code structure facilitates customizations. Another ace up Intrexx’s sleeve is that data from external sources can be integrated with ease. Before “CovDi” was introduced, the cases in Bonn were recorded provisionally via Microsoft SharePoint. To ensure clean data storage, the city of Bonn’s IT department migrated this “old” data to the new application in next to no time.

With Intrexx, changes and optimizations can even be made in retrospect without restricting the running applications. The city of Bonn has already taken advantage of this: A “multi-import function” has been introduced that allows them to transfer records from entire school classes or other groups at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, another function has been added that makes the health department’s work beyond the COVID-19 pandemic easier: With Intrexx, a digital schedule has been developed that allows them to efficiently and transparently plan staff working hours in advance.

A lot of interest from other public authorities

The digital data storage with the new application saves a lot of time and effort on a daily basis. Errors are reduced thanks to automated workflows, and processes are accelerated immensely. “CovDi” takes a huge load off the health department staff, which is so important in these difficult times. The clever solution has also made other district authorities prick up their ears. To help other city administrations, the city of Bonn has made its own development freely available on the code platform GitHub. As a result, other cities could be soon to follow to smartly digitalize their handling of COVID-19 cases with the aid of low-code.

More information about the “CovDi” application

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