Develop business applications in no time.

Thanks to Intrexx, you have access to standardized components that can be easily adapted to the CI and requirements of your company. This allows for the creation of custom applications that support your daily operations.

Make custom applications available internally and externally

Whether you want to provide tools for internal teams or solutions for external customers and partners – with Intrexx, you can design and implement efficient applications. All your data sources can be easily integrated via Intrexx's data designer.

Host applications according to your company's requirements.

Thanks to the flexibility of Intrexx, you can deploy your applications in the Intrexx Cloud, hybrid systems, or on your own servers. Intrexx seamlessly connects with all departments and external providers.

Develop, test, improve, launch.

With Intrexx, you can create prototypes of your applications in no time, testing new ideas in practice. This reduces the time from concept to realization and allows your team to gather feedback and make improvements.

Custom apps for your business. Simply via drag & drop!

These Intrexx components enable lightning-fast development.

Input fields

Access developed components such as text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, or date selection fields, or develop your own fields. Then simply integrate them into your application using drag-and-drop and fully adapt them to your CI.

Lists & overviews

Effortlessly create lists and overview tables with Intrexx that present your data in a clear and understandable format. Use grouping and sorting functions to maintain an overview and always have the most important information at a glance.

Filters & search

Pre-built filter and search components significantly speed up the searching of large data volumes. Define individual filter criteria and access powerful search functions. All with just a few clicks.

Media & charts

With ready-to-use media and chart components, you can create diagrams, graphics, and other visualizations. Whether bar charts, pie charts, or interactive dashboards – present your data in a format that is quickly graspable for your users.

Visual programming

With Intrexx's Application Designer, develop applications in record time. Low code and high impact.

With our pre-programmed elements, design, develop, and implement customized applications in just a few hours.

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