Standardize all your company's data.

With Intrexx, you can easily link various data sources and software solutions in one place. All data can be centrally accessed and updated.

Dynamic information flows reduce data silos.

With Intrexx, you develop customized workflows that are precisely tailored to the diverse and specific requirements of your company. You can rely on pre-made components to accelerate your process optimization.

Grant data access to selected individuals and departments.

Through precise access control, share data only with selected departments and individuals. Intrexx allows for granular permissions to be set, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

Collaborate with service providers, partners, and customers.

Stellen Sie externen Personen über ein Extranet zentral relevante Daten zur Verfügung. Vergeben Sie Zugriffsrechte zum Lesen, Aktualisieren oder Erweitern von Datensätzen. Daten-Updates stehen Ihrem Unternehmen in Echtzeit zur Verfügung.

Kraftwerke Oberhasli
We can utilize data from almost all sources – whether from web applications or sensors. This way, Intrexx creates real added value for our employees and customers.
Wolfgang SutterHead of IT and Management Systems

Connect all your systems with Intrexx and get the most out of your data.

Merge order data, products, customer feedback, and more. From anywhere!

Let all your company's systems communicate with each other.

Intrexx can seamlessly link, combine, and process data from various sources. This allows previously isolated systems to communicate efficiently.

Datasets are synchronized directly.

Always up-to-date data in all you systems.

With Intrexx, transfer data through an OData or WebService interface to external systems. This can happen continuously or be scheduled for large volumes of data, keeping your data synchronized across all systems.

Automate and flexibly process your data.

Automate the creation of invoices, delivery notes, and more.

Stop manually handling recurring tasks, and let Intrexx automate your data flows. With user-friendly applications, insert your data into documents and files in seconds.

Take control of your data with Intrexx.


With Intrexx, data integration becomes a seamless process. Regardless of the source – whether from internal systems, applications, or external databases – Intrexx consolidates your data. With our platform, leave information islands behind and create a centralized, consolidated data source.


We connect your data across departments, external service providers, customers, and partners, ensuring you always have a comprehensive view of your business activities. The result: optimized decision-making processes and accelerated business operations.


Transform complex datasets into easy-to-understand visualizations and present your data in meaningful dashboards, reports, and diagrams with Intrexx. This enables in-depth analysis and helps to identify trends and make faster, informed decisions.


Security is at the heart of every data integration strategy. With advanced security features, Intrexx ensures that your data is safe both during transmission and storage. Set access rights and protocols to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your corporate data.

Visual programming

Efficiently connect your data with Intrexx's Data Designer. Low code and high impact.

Use Intrexx to seamlessly integrate existing systems. Say goodbye to isolated data stores and access all your data in one place.

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Connect to all common systems with Intrexx interfaces.

Data integration with Intrexx