Automate, optimize, and visualize your company's processes.

With Intrexx's low-code platform, you can digitize your workflows in no time. Processes are easily assembled from a variety of elements and actions via drag & drop.

Design custom workflows for your entire company.

With Intrexx, you develop tailored workflows that are precisely customized to the diverse and specific requirements of your company. You can rely on pre-made components to accelerate your process optimization.

Analyze and adjust existing processes with just a few clicks.

Use Intrexx's analysis tools to delve deep into the intricacies behind your business processes and scrutinize every detail. This way, you not only identify potential bottlenecks and weaknesses but can also optimize them with just a few adjustments.

Involve your employees in process optimization.

Thanks to Intrexx's intuitive user interface, employees from all departments can actively participate in process design, no IT knowledge required. Your company thus gets realistic and efficient results from those who work directly at the source.

Custom apps for your business. Simply via drag & drop!

With Intrexx, you create workflows with clearly structured procedures.


A new entry in the database, a change to an existing record, or a time-based specification. Intrexx listens for different events, ensuring your system proactively and in real-time responds.


The digital bridge within your processes. With Intrexx, you have access to many interfaces and can even develop more. This way, data can easily be transported from A to B.


If / Then. With Intrexx, you define logical conditions that ensure actions are only triggered when the set prerequisites are met. This way, you develop powerful, individual paths for different requirements.


From sending an email to updating your production dashboard. With Intrexx, set a wide range of actions that fit your company. Use pre-made solutions or design your own.

With Intrexx's Application Designer, develop applications in record time. Low code and high impact.

With our pre-programmed elements, design, develop, and implement customized applications in just a few hours.

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Benefits of visual process automation with Intrexx.

Process automation with Intrexx