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Intrexx Case Studies

Provider of holistic health concepts

Curaden AG, with its headquarters in Switzerland, has been developing exceptional products for the dental industry for more than 50 years. Furthermore, the company has been a worldwide leading provider of holistic health concepts for 40 years. Curaden AG plays an active role in shaping the dental industry. Their diverse products, training concepts – such as iTOP –, and dental clinic marketing open up new business models and perspectives for dentists. In collaboration with its customers, Curaden AG provides life-long oral health as a profitable business model, true to the company motto: Better health for you. The company has been relying on Intrexx since 2014.
For the iTOP field, where dental professionals are trained, the company started searching for a new CRM solution a few years ago. They wanted to make the cross-border administration of this field even more efficient with this solution.The goal was to develop an application that could be used to integrate all relevant processes, interfaces and information in a convenient and user-friendly manner. Data both from different sources as well as from the existing intranet was to be conflated in the new portal. The ability to develop digital business processes and model role and permission concepts were also important requirements for the company. The new software solution should furthermore simplify event management, team management, sales planning, and communication within the sales organization.
Before development began, the iTOP business field was organized transnationally using built-in, standard Microsoft solutions. More than three employees had to take care of maintaining and administrating all worldwide events, iTOP teams and their tasks. Therefore, those involved were constantly sending emails and lists. This resulted in a high rate of error, huge workloads and redundant data storage. Furthermore, important business processes could not be modelled efficiently. For example, trainers from the respective countries had to enter their events into an existing platform. Afterwards, the data had to be written manually in Excel lists to manage and document the events.Thanks to the new ITOP Education CRM system, the administrative workload could be reduced by 50%. The web-based application could be easily integrated into the existing intranet of Curaden AG that serves as a collaboration platform for employees and suppliers. Thanks to the new CRM, the virtual and global teams can access the portal at any time and from any location. The data availability and quality has improved significantly. Roles and permissions can be defined individually. This ensures that every individual involved has access to the data relevant to them. With the help of the new application, tasks can be assigned and distributed automatically via email. Moreover, the iTOP Education CRM has a management dashboard that is based on defined KPIs. This enables them to generate analyses and applicable graphics quickly and easily.
Digitalized processes Full replacement of Excel as a data and tasks management tool Automated communication via email Establishment of controlling mechanisms Worldwide teams work together more efficiently
Healthcare and social care

Curaden AG
“Intrexx is the ideal framework for implementing our process digitalization projects quickly and agilely. Our administrative workload was reduced by 50%.”

Mathias Riechsteiner, Head of IT, Curaden AG

Wahl GmbH & Co. KG: Fully automated logistics with Intrexx

The family business, Wahl GmbH & Co. KG (Wahl & Co), was founded in Bielefeld in 1931 and can look back on a long tradition as a forwarding company. The company is the market leader in East Westphalia for national and international piece goods transportation with good reason. Moreover, logistical value-added services such as incoming goods inspections, and order picking and packing are provided across 35,000 square meters of hall space. 30,000 palette shelf spaces are available for the warehousing.
Wahl & Co deploys the transport management system, CALtms from the developer CAL Consult. CALtms is a classic green screen application that runs on an IBM Power Server on the operating system i5/OS (AS/400). Wahl & Co were looking for a solution that would implement access to reoccurring queries and reports for the departments and management to relieve the IT of these tasks. The IT required a flexible ticket system that could be adjusted to their individual requirements and deployed in other areas such as the workshop.
Wahl & Co chose an unbeatable tool with Intrexx that can cover not only the currently known but also future requirements of the company: The Intrexx Partner, KI Systemgefährten, provided the ticket system within 6 weeks and supports the internal developers if they come to a standstill. In the first step, Wahl & Co developed dashboards themselves that are filled with information from the database of the transport management system in real-time. Especially because Intrexx provides effective interfaces and makes programming so fast, Wahl & Co have been able to implement numerous additional applications in the meantime. EDI platform at Wahl & CoBased on the platform and the integration of standard Java classes, Wahl & Co use the system as a communication (FTP, SFTP, mail, web services) and conversion platform for customers and forwarding agents. The rapid integration of almost any format, the high performance, and the integrated monitoring function are especially noteworthy. Info monitor for piece goods transshipmentIn every hall for piece goods transshipment, Intrexx supplies monitors at every gate with all information relevant to the warehouse staff. At a glance, they are informed about the loading status and the status of orders in the warehouse management system. At the same time, the system provides search functions for consignments. Info system administrationIntrexx consolidates information from different applications in clearly laid-out dashboards (disposition monitors, service goods shipments, notifications of dispatch, duration reports, and palette management). Contractor managementWahl & Co works together with numerous forwarding agents. With Intrexx, they were able to conflate the management of all relevant information and processes such as assignment monitoring, documentation, time management, insurance, hazardous materials, licenses and much more. Driver’s license monitoringThe ongoing monitoring of the validity of driver’s licenses and ADR certificates is an important quality assurance aspect for a forwarding company. At Wahl & Co, Intrexx is integrated into the H+P Ident document verification system that reads and verifies all documents. Intrexx uses workflows to keep track of checking dates, inform the relevant employees and escalate if deadlines are not met on time. The functions were flexibly developed in ongoing dialog with the staff. This not only ensures that everyday requirements are covered but also increases the employee acceptance of the new system immensely. “Due to the flexibility of Intrexx, we were able to respond to the users’ wishes and requirements during development. As a result, employees were involved in the development of the portal from the beginning and are a source for the ongoing optimization,” says Franz Kloock, Head of IT and Business Processes.Further applications are already in planning. In the next steps, they plan to connect the invoice workflow, the damage documentation with Android scanner, a KPI dashboard, and the accounting system for rendered services to Intrexx.
Six weeks from the purchase to the first live application (06/2016) User management via the AD provides simple and individual user management Simple app development Open interfaces via JDBC, files and services (web, mail, protocols) Clear resource requirements – high stability Highly flexible, individual workflows Effective integration of data from the transport management system, CALtms, and other systems
Logistics service provider

Wahl GmbH & Co KG
“Intrexx enables us to respond to the dynamic requirements of our internal and external customers quickly and flexibly.”

Franz Kloock, Head of IT & Business Processes

The avenue to ISO standard 9001

KFB Clarfeld Germany is a German family business that has been working in the area of ball bearing technology for 40 years. Over the years, KFB has specialized in the manufacturing and development of ball bearings, rolling-element bearings, chains and sprockets, and has developed into an internationally sought-after expert as a result. They put particular emphasis on sustainability and the highest possible quality of their products. Therefore, KFB acts in the scope of the quality management ISO 9001:2015.
Implementing the ISO standard entails a large amount of documentation. To meet the requirements of this documentation, filing structures etc. straightforwardly, they wanted to introduce a uniform, functional system as a solution. The continual digitalization in the company in particular provided the necessary motivation to completely do away with documentation on paper and improve processes prone to errors at the same time. Linking the individual applications together was the focus here. This should lead to improved action planning and a clearer definition of responsibilities.
Improve the quality of processes and close in on the ISO standardThe introduction of the Intrexx portal had a very positive impact on the continuous improvement process at KFB. It created a significant reduction in workload regarding the documentation of the QM system and for staff. The application “Dokumente” (Documents) generates a document structure that meets required ISO standards and provides a convenient overview of templates, records, procedural instructions and much more. Documents can be assigned and filed optimally with the classification into departments and categories.One of the main requirements of the ISO standard is the self-assessment of the management. In the application “Managementbewertung” (Management Assessment), KFB now has a simple way to define criteria that should be assessed and to determine the period and time of the review. To counteract the difficulty of regulating actions to be taken, activities and processes necessary to reach strategic goals can be recorded simultaneously. Additionally, a monitoring function, in the form of deadlines, supports the continuous improvement process. The optimized implementation of projects also brings relief and improves the internal communication in the company and arrangements within the team through Intrexx Share. As KFB works internationally, the CRM application not only regulates communication with customers, but also serves as a tool for sales management to document the actions of external employees and to exchange information.  Required meetings, especially the quarterly meeting in the scope of the quality management, are documented with the minutes application and the necessary actions are assigned. The resulting target-performance overview enables them to regulate their actions optimally. Leave requests can be sent to the HR department with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the knowledge within the company can be made available in one place. The implementation of the measurement technology has provided a noticeable process optimization. The respective reports from the measuring processes are recorded and these accompany the corresponding bearings in the subsequent process steps.
Greatly simplified and efficient quality management Digitalization of many work processes Knowledge exchange and management Trackable action planning and continuous improvement process Quality assurance
Wholesale and foreign trade

KFB Clarfeld Germany GmbH
“With Intrexx, we were able to implement the ISO standard in our company quickly and straightforwardly. By integrating the software, we have created a good basis on which we can continuously monitor and improve our processes.”

Jens-Peter Clarfeld, Managing Director KFB Clarfeld Germany GmbH

All customer data at a glance

Widmann + Winderholler GmbH has made a name for itself as an authorized dealer for BMW and MINI in Upper Bavaria and Allgäu in particular. The company was created from the merger of the two car dealerships Widmann and Winterholler and the car dealer Mendler. The contractual partnerships go back as far as 1960. Meanwhile the car dealership Widmann + Winderholler GmbH employs more than 300 staff at seven locations.
A few years ago, the authorized dealer was searching for software that would allow them to digitalize their processes and forms efficiently. They aimed to improve workflows, strengthen their customer relationships and ensure greater transparency in the company. It soon became clear that all of these requirements could be met with Intrexx. The car dealership Widmann + Winterholler GmbH was especially convinced by the software’s flexibility and performance. The company has been using Intrexx since 2011. The creation of an individual and effective portal took a total of only about six months.
From efficient communication, via processing orders and exports, through to internal procurement, Intrexx supports the authorized dealer in every area of digital transformation. In particular, the employees benefit from the “Kundencockpit” application (customer cockpit). This is because the application provides them with a 360-degree view of the customers. Which contracts have been signed? Which services are planned, in process or have been employed? And which contacts, offers and test drives has the customer had recently? These questions and more are answered by the customer cockpit. It gathers all information relevant to the customer: Data from different BMW systems for service and sales, the ERP system (incadea.engine) and the digital archive (lobo-dms) are all linked to the Intrexx intranet in this application.It’s no surprise that the staff at Widmann + Winterholler GmbH readily accepted the portal. As Intrexx is an easy-to-understand software, the induction went very well. Meanwhile, the portal has already simplified the everyday working of 180 of the authorized dealer’s employees. Thanks to Intrexx, they not only ensured that data is processed centrally but they were also able to digitalize processes and make them more efficient.By introducing Intrexx Share in November 2018, the communication and collaboration in the company is now fast, efficient, transparent and uniform. A key goal is to better network company employees, both across departments and branches. Knowledge and ideas can be exchanged effectively with Intrexx Share. All employees, including workshop staff without their own PC, have been provided with personal access so that everyone can receive and share information at the same level.
Quick and straightforward digitalization of processes and forms Central and digital data processing 360-degree view of customers thanks to the customer cockpit application Improved internal communication by introducing Intrexx Share
Automotive industry

Autohaus Widmann + Winterholler GmbH
"Without Intrexx, the key information in the company wouldn’t reach our employees. Processes would be noticeably slower and performing them on paper and with Excel would be more complex. Thanks to the construction kit system with Intrexx, you can create big and small applications for your own company quickly. The App Store provides many useful applications that can be customized easily."

Mr. Maik Niemann, Commercial Director, Autohaus Widmann + Winterholler GmbH

Kitchen furnishing goes digital

The worldwide largest furnishing retailer from Sweden has long-since made an international name for itself. It has numerous stores in a wide-range of countries and meanwhile employs many thousands of staff.
In Austria, the company looked for an ideal way to digitalize the entire communication with subcontractors. The solution was a smart combination of the Intrexx web portal and the mobile offline app mQuest®. The system was designed, implemented and rolled out in collaboration with the Austrian Intrexx Partner Xinger Solutions. It has been in successful operation since 2018. The furniture giant was especially convinced by the low price and fast lead time. The entire portal development was completed after just five months.
The integration into Intrexx was made easy thanks to a service-oriented interface. From the first measurements, via the electric, gas and water installation, through to the fitting – all data and orders go through a central system. An up-to-the-minute upload can be ensured via WLAN and mobile internet. The data can be edited and controlled conveniently from the central system. Orders and data collection sheets can be assigned automatically. In addition, documenting the entire process, including photo evidence and image markings, is very straightforward with mQuest®. Another advantage is that employees can see the status of the end customer’s kitchen project at any time. This not only increases transparency and organization but also increases the satisfaction of everyone involved.The system simplifies the day-to-day working of more than 150 employees. Their induction was quick and proved straightforward. The employees especially appreciate the clarity and simplicity of the portal. The company is already working on the planning and implementation of further applications.
Simple integration into Intrexx thanks to a service-oriented interface All data grouped together in a central system Up-to-the-minute data upload via WLAN and mobile internet Automatic assignment of orders and data collection sheets End-to-end documentation of projects Increased transparency, organization and satisfaction

Swedish furniture giant
"With mQuest® and Intrexx, we can model our entire communication with subcontractors and customers digitally and for mobile devices. Furthermore, the smart combination of two established solutions made the implementation and rollout incredibly quick, simple and cost-effective."

Bernhard Ehrenstrasser, Business Navigation Manager, Austria

SIG eKanban: Facilitating efficient procedures in manufacturing

The Späh Group is a business association with four locations. In the meantime, the family company employs more than 500 staff across Germany. The Späh Group has been active in the supplier industry and a partner of Technischer Handel (magazine for the industry) for more than 50 years. They manufacture among other things seals, punch press parts, wrought products and specialized parts out of rubber and plastic. Every year, billions of the business association’s parts are utilized in different industries across the world.
They wanted to noticeably accelerate numerous processes in the production. This was achieved by using the solution SIG eKanban, developed by the IT firm SIG, and the Intrexx portal that the Späh Group has already been using successfully for more than 10 years. The development platform, Intrexx, was especially convincing because of the wide range of possibilities for graphically modelling processes. The Späh Group had already developed numerous applications in the area of administration with this. Now, Intrexx was implemented in a pilot project to improve processes in the production and to strengthen the connection between this area and the administration. Thanks to the integrated MQTT interface, this was realized easily. Therefore, other software providers weren’t even considered.
The pilot project has already been carried our successfully. Introducing the eKanban module took about three weeks from the conception to the rollout. The aim was to digitalize the manual process for the packaging supply feed of multiple machines. This ensures that a minimum supply of the various carton versions is available at all times without the machine operator having to take care of the replenishment every time by foot.This was done by placing a card with an RFID chip under the last of each carton. When the supply level of a carton size goes below the minimum amount, the machine operator can notify the logistics department of this via an NFC reader. At the same time, the corresponding LED on the rack lights up red via a radio signal. Via the MQTT protocol, the need for new cartons is transferred to an Intrexx portal and displayed there in an overview of all stockyards and carton types. The logistics department confirms the request directly in the portal. The machine operator is informed of this when the corresponding LED lights up yellow. Once the stock is replenished, the signal card is read once more and deposited in the stockyard. The green LED then indicates that enough cartons are available once more. This ensures that everyone involved is always best informed about the current process status.“We deliberately selected an uncritical process to test the new system. We are now planning to introduce the eKanban in other production areas – through to material commissioning”, explains Marvin Schmidt, who is responsible for improving processes at Späh. Very flexible industrial-suitable standard components based on RaspberryPI were used to implement the solution. Therefore, additional processes can also be modelled easily and cost-effectively in the future with the appropriate sensors. To develop new ideas on the basis of this application, a cross-departmental innovation team was formed.
Accelerated processes in the production Digitalization of the packaging feed process Automatic information exchange between production and logistics Optimization of additional processes
Manufacturing industry

Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG
“For us, it was important to implement a platform that provides standardized interfaces for industrial communication with MQTT and that keeps development costs manageable even in this pilot project. Thanks to the out-of-the-box process modelling and multi-device capabilities, we were able to achieve very good results quickly in this complex setting.”

Ralf Diegritz, Head of Hosting, s.i.g. mbh

Mobile first! – Mobile intranet access for all KJF staff

Founded in 1911, the Katholische Jugendfürsorge (KJF) der Diözese Augsburg (Catholic youth welfare for the diocese of Augsburg) is a modern social organization to which over 80 different health care and social care providers and educational facilities belong. These are spread out across more than 150 locations in Swabia and Upper Bavaria. More than 5,500 employees help about 125,000 children, young people, families and adults with difficulties and questions each year – for example in vocational training centers, clinics and residential groups. Beyond this, around 200,000 further customers make use of the services of the KJF inclusive companies, including a hotel and a nature theme park in the Lake Constance region.
Person-to-person encounters are at the heart of the KJF’s work. This principle not only applies to dealing with clients and patients but also to the interactions between employees. Not only did the KJF want to better network employees but also to provide them with access to the employee portal, and the knowledge it contains, wherever they are via the Intrexx Mobile App. In doing so, the interaction and collaboration, which were noticeably improved in 2015 thanks to the new employee portal with the social collaboration software ‘Intrexx Share’, were raised up to an even higher level. Faithful to the motto “Mobile first”, the employees spread across more than 150 locations can use the Intrexx applications optimized for smartphones. The first and most important application is ‘Intrexx Share’ as a central communications tool. Further applications are to be optimized for mobile devices in 2019. With ‘Intrexx Share’, internal messages and groups can be viewed conveniently on mobile devices, and incoming messages and requests can be responded to quickly and easily.
Thanks to ‘Intrexx Share’, there’s more time for working with people, and exchanges between staff are faster, simpler and even more personal. As the access to the mobile portal is purely voluntary, the introduction should be accompanied and communicated with an internal marketing campaign.Recruitment management – everything in one place, always the right contact person At the end of 2016 the KJF additionally standardized its recruitment management across all locations and digitalized all of the process steps with the Intrexx application. The facilities can put together their job advertisements on-site using a central toolkit with text and image components, and then publish these internally as well externally once the online release has been given by the central HR department. With the toolkit, the HR department ensures that the job advertisements conform to legal standards (such as the AGG (General Act on Equal Treatment)) and also that the language is uniform in the sense of employer branding. The incoming applications are also completely processed through the Intrexx application and passed on to the corresponding contact person within the KJF.  These receive a message in real-time in ‘Intrexx Share’ and can therefore respond accordingly. Once more, this step positions ‘Intrexx Share’ as a pivotal element of the internal communication and collaboration at the KJF. In comparison to earlier, the processing and managing of the approx. 150 occupational groups is simplified and accelerated immensely.Additionally, the recruitment management application has a fully-automated XML interface to the regional newspapers “Augsburger Allgemeine” and “Allgäuer Zeitung”, so that job advertisements are automatically added to their online job markets. PDFs for the printed advertisements are created automatically as well. All advertisements are also published to the central KJF career portal and facilities’ websites – these are respectively filtered automatically – via the XML interface. The applicants can use any of the available ways – from the career portal, via the media portals through to the facilities’ websites – to send in their online application. All they need to do is click on “Apply now!”. All data is stored and processed centrally in the Intrexx application. This not only simplifies the job advertisements but also saves a great deal of man-hours for the large amount of application processes. By using Intrexx, it’s ultimately much easier for those interested in working with the KJF to apply. This is a big advantage especially in times of skilled worker shortage.
Mobility and flexibility Work groups and employee networking Quality management Human resources (job advertisement and recruitment management) Knowledge exchange and knowledge management Employee services (information for staff about life and job situations) Employee discounts and offers
Healthcare and social services

Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg e.V.
“Intrexx accompanies us on our journey towards consistent modernization. Networked, simplified and understandable is the triad that describes our employee portal very well.”

Raphael Doderer, Head of the Marketing and Communication Department

LEUCO: Business success in times of Industry 4.0

There are countless types of woodworking. LEUCO provides the right tool for the vast majority of these. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading providers of carbide and diamond-tipped machine tools for working with wood and plastics. The tool portfolio comprises of circular saw blades, drills, hoggers and much more.Inventiveness and technical knowhow have been at the heart of the company, with its headquarters in Horb am Neckar, since it was founded in 1954. However, the success story of the tool manufacturer from the Northern Black Forest wouldn’t have been possible without its approx. 1,300 employees across the world.One of these employees is Roland Albert. When the engineer came to LEUCO at the end of 2014, he was given the task of improving processes in the production. As Head of Industrial Engineering, he is very aware of the current challenges: processes, products and services need to be continuously improved to meet the needs of the market.“Particularly in the age of Industry 4.0, obtaining and providing information is the pivotal element for business success,” observes Mr. Albert. But only when this information can be worked with meaningfully does this turn into an added value for customers and partners. A big goal was therefore to organize and visualize key figures from the production. The experience Mr. Albert gained from his previous employer was very beneficial here. He knew the software Intrexx and was certain: This is exactly the right solution for creating the desired reporting and for presenting the daily key figures in an appealing manner.
Bringing together what belongs together Today, LEUCO uses Intrexx to bring information from various software systems together and then provide this deliberately. A simple example is the assembly of each of the products. This can of course only be achieved when all of the required parts are at hand. The workers are provided with this key information by the Intrexx system that connects different data sources together to this end. The system gives the go-ahead once all of the required parts are available.The portal is directly displayed above the machine control for this purpose. In doing so, a separate computer isn’t required. Another advantage of this is that maintaining the data can be done decentralized: “Intrexx is our data and process interface. The great thing is: the machine workers always have access to the latest data in the Intrexx portal and can adjust this data themselves as well.”If you only look at the data management, LEUCO was able to make time savings of about 10%. However, the really big advantage is in improved quality. This is most obvious in the deployment of the laser marking system.This device inscribes the manufactured tools with various data. The information required for this comes from different systems: In principle we differentiate between process-relevant data (e.g. production orders, which are in SAP) and product-specific data (which come from the PLM system). The challenge was bringing this data together. Mr. Albert developed a solution without hesitation. This solution consolidates and conditions data from multiple sources and feeds the machines the necessary information. He sees the benefit of this solution particularly in the clearly reduced potential for errors due to the automatic data processing: “The worker now only has to select the target layout and doesn’t have to edit content – this means there are no more typing errors, for example.”Via a timestamp, which is written back to the Intrexx system, they can also track when which product was inscribed with which data. This means that tools are no longer inscribed multiple times, for example. Workflow ready in just an hour Another use case is the efficient management of the assembly stockyard: LEUCO developed its own stockyard management system with Intrexx, which enables them to keep track of more than 150 stockyards. This provides two great benefits: Firstly they don’t need to implement an elaborate or oversized solution, and secondly the application was created unbelievably quickly thanks to the graphical development interface of Intrexx. “The entire process optimization took place in just 14 days. This definitely wouldn’t have been possible with another system,” Mr. Albert is certain.By modernizing their production processes LEUCO can continuously improve the quality of their products. Especially the customers – sawmills, interior construction companies as well as companies from the construction and furniture industry – benefit as a result. In pursuit of its digitalization strategy, LEUCO is going a step further and developing a comprehensive lifecycle management system. With this, the products – including their qualitative data (meaning test data and measurements) – can be tracked end-to-end. The customer has access to all of the required information about their products via a personalized customer portal. Scenarios such as preventative maintenance or the convenient ordering of consumable materials become incredibly easy to realize as a result.Mr. Albert is particularly enthusiastic about the speed at which he can develop solutions with Intrexx: “Within an hour I can create a workflow that improves collaboration in a project, for example. You can provide solutions agilely and speedily without turning them into a huge project.” No manufacturer can avoid the challenges of the digital transformation – but with Intrexx as a digitalization turbo boost, LEUCO has an ace up their sleeve.

The highlights Production processes are digitalized and simplified Machine data is processed and provided automatically Reporting and visualization of data Rapid development of workflows and processes
Tool manufacturer

LEUCO Ledermann GmbH & Co. KG
“The effortlessness that improvements to processes can be made with is definitely a striking argument for Intrexx.”

Roland Albert, Head of Industrial Engineering

Austria Pet Food GmbH: Truck loading control with Intrexx

Austria Pet Food produces high-quality dog and cat food for brands of international chains and specialist retailers across Europe. With its production facility in Europe, the company is an exclusive private label producer and focuses on sustainable product quality “Made in Austria”. An IFS certificate (International Food Standard) confirmed the high standard of quality.
The shipped products not only correspond to this high standard of quality in their content but also visually. To guarantee that these goods are undamaged when they arrive at the customer, Austria Pet Food needed a tool that documents the loading and unloading of their trucks in accordance with regulations.Previously, the loading and unloading was documented arduously via slips of paper and separate photos, and then saved onto the server later on. This entailed a great deal of administration work. Additionally, this process didn’t provide the desired goal of having rapid and central access to data Information at a glance in the portal To be able to view information quickly, simply and clearly, Austria Pet Food decided to implement Intrexx as a central portal software.Together with the production management, Xinger Solutions e.U. developed a mobile-compatible application “Verladekontrolle” (Loading control). The following functions were important here: Import delivery slips from SAP Store photos from trucks Digital driver signature Control and confirm each order item Another important part of the realization was a simple mobile interface that the warehouse personnel could operate easily with a tablet.With Intrexx and Xinger Solutions – the Austrian distribution and solution partner of United Planet – every single one of these conditions could be met and the requests could be realized very quickly. The functions: Entering of driver and vehicle data Processing of delivery slip items Recording of loading and unloading pallets Instructions for the driver who confirms with a signature Photo documentation of the loading and the truck layout Perfect documentation – with minimal effort With the implemented solution, previous manually created and stored documentation could be made available centrally. Thus, loadings and unloadings are easy to find and can be searched through based on different criteria. The work required for the documentation could be reduced greatly because the recording can be completed directly at the truck and is then immediately available centrally in the portal. Thanks to the responsive design, the application can be accessed and operated on any and every end device.

The highlights Large savings and simplifications in the administration Good overview of open and completed loadings and unloadings Automatic import of each order item from SAP Digital driver signature
Animal food industry

Austria Pet Food GmbH

“Intrexx combines the benefits of user-friendliness with straightforward adaptability and customizability to our circumstances. The implemented loading control simplifies the documentation and our transparency towards our customers.”

Roland Raffer, Production Manager

Independency and effectiveness with an Intrexx-based extranet

BEST-REISEN is an association of more than 600 independent travel agencies in Germany has  established itself on the market over the past 25 years. The independently organized travel agencies act as an alliance towards tour operators and other market players.As the umbrella organization, BEST-REISEN represents the interests of the travel agencies.Since 2013, BEST-REISEN is part of a sustainability initiative, which incorporates a range of people from travel agencies to tour operators, to use resources more responsibly.
Adaptable without training expenditure After ten years, the existing static extranet was to be replaced by a modern solution. The extranet serves BEST-REISEN as a central customer data management as well as a communications platform between member travel agencies and the BEST-REISEN headquarters in Filderstadt. It was very important to them that the new portal could be could be customized to the individual requirements of the company and sector – without a lot of programming effort. The 2,500 users should be able to implement the new system immediately, without the need for training.
A central connection point for 2,500 users Intrexx was chosen because the ability to create custom applications without a lot of programming effort was particularly convincing. Frauke Seich, Head of Sales Controlling, Member Service and IT at BEST-REISEN, was responsible for the introduction. The graduated tourism business economist without an IT background was able to conceive, create and successfully roll out the new extranet for 2,500 users in just half a year. The users can retrieve up-to-date information via the extranet at any time. With just a click they can see their current sales statistics, for example. Beyond this, they can order marketing materials from an external service provider and even advertise vacant places for group tours. Dates for internal events and further trainings can also be viewed in the portal. An automate signup routine for these dates is in planning. The BEST-REISEN extranet with its custom-built customer data management provides especially the headquarters with a great reduction in workload. As an interface between travel agencies and tour operators, the headquarters’ work is now simplified greatly.
The highlights: Time and money saved thanks to digitalized processes Quality assurance Simplified information exchange between a large amount of users Introduction possible “on the side”, without expensive project stages

BEST-RMG Reisen Management AG

“What I really like about Intrexx is that you can take care of things yourself without having to rely on expensive IT service providers. With our new extranet that is tailored to us, we save a lot of time in our day-to-day work.”

Frauke Siech, Head of Sales Controlling, Member Service & IT, BEST-RMG Reisen Management AG

StudienStiftungSaar minimizes bureaucratic effort with Intrexx

To support the students at the colleges in the state, the Saarland state government founded the private-law StudienStiftungSaar in 2009. Funded with a capital of six million Euro, the StudienStiftungSaar has financed more than 2000 scholarships to date. They provide support for the following areas: MINT (Mathematics, IT, Natural Sciences, Technology), Economics and Law, Health and Fitness, Music and Art as well as Linguistic, Cultural and Social Sciences. When selecting who should receive a scholarship, a voluntary engagement and the social background are of particular interest for the StudienStiftungSaar.
The StudienStiftungSaar is facing the challenge of efficiently organizing the application and appraisal process in a way that meets the individual application requirements for the various scholarships and that integrates all of the relevant parties (academic foundation, colleges, applicants, appraisers) while minimizing the bureaucratic effort.Online application portal facilitates the fair awarding of scholarshipsBy developing an Intrexx online application portal, the StudienStiftungSaar was able to implement the requirements. As well as developing the corresponding applications for managing master data, for applicants to register electronically and for implementing a registry process for user accounts, existing text content from the previous website also needed to be migrated into the Intrexx portal being developed. Based on the existing online presence of the StudienStiftungSaar, a corresponding layout for the Intrexx portal was developed and implemented.   The awarding of 66 different scholarships is currently being administrated in the developed portal. The application process is at the beginning and is supervised by the foundation or the colleges. In the portal, pupils and students can see which scholarships are currently being advertised and then apply for them. Applicants can create a profile on the page and upload their record of achievement, CV, personal statement and if required, other required forms. During the application process, the users can view information about the status of their application at all times. This is achieved with the implemented “post-box system” so that confidential, personal information isn’t sent via email.Shorter processing times thanks to simplified work for appraisersAs well as the application process, the subsequent appraisal process was also implemented into the Intrexx portal. Once an application has been submitted, college lecturers and professors are assigned as appraisers. These are then provided with access to the application system and can create and upload their appraisal in the scope of the selection process. Once the appraisal process has been completed, the applicants receive a notification in the application portal as to whether their scholarship has been approved or denied. Since implementing the application portal in 2015, more than 3,000 applicants have registered in the system and have submitted a total of about 3,300 scholarship applications to date.

Education and research


Electronic medication plan in the Rhineland-Palatinate

The transition of patients from in-patient hospitalizations to treatment from licensed doctors is often coupled with changes to the pharmacotherapy. The course of the sickness and the legal regulations, which are different for each sector, necessitate changes to the pharmacotherapy. Poor communication between these sectors and absent media, which every healthcare professional responsible for the patient can access, can lead to loss of data and quality, ineffective pharmacotherapy, and disruption to the treatment of the patient.
Improved treatment thanks to clear medication history overview The ability to track the pharmacotherapy of a patient effectively is the basis for comparing and balancing the medication between the treatment sectors. As well as the patient questionnaire, another reliable source – such as a list of past medications – should therefore also be available as an information source. The doctor providing treatment needs to have a full picture of the medication history of their patient.Therefore, one of the digitalization goals in the health sector is to introduce electronic medication plans nationwide in Germany. In the scope of a pilot project, an electronic medication plan was implemented in 2014 in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The plan used the national medication plan according to § 31a SGB V (Social Act Five), which was later rooted in the eHealth law, as a template. On the basis of the low-code development platform Intrexx, a medication plan was created as a communication platform for care providers for reading, managing and updating patient plans to achieve this. The Intrexx medication portal implements legal standards Five hospitals with selected units, approx. 120 pharmacists and about 80 doctors took part in the pilot project. These can independently enter and track prescribed medication via the medication portal. Access is controlled using a QR code. When a new prescription is created, the medication history is versioned so that a complete overview is guaranteed for that patient. To make it easier for doctors and pharmacists to enter and analyze data, a connection was created to the medication database via a REST interface. This allows the correct medication and active agent labels to be identified and saved uniformly. Using the national central pharmaceutical number simplifies the analysis of prescribed medication. Encryption safeguards data protection standards Additional functionalities were integrated into the Intrexx medication portal for evaluation purposes. Pseudonymized evaluation data records are generated automatically from the portal directly. As part of evaluating the pilot project, this allows insights to be gained that are incorporated into the future implementation of electronic medication plans.A special challenge in this context is found in the high level of security required for highly sensitive personal medical data. To meet these security requirements, an encryption function was integrated into the portal among other security measures. The conception of the portal was discussed with the responsible state data privacy officer and adjusted based on their feedback.

The highlights Noticeable simplification of inter-sectoral communication Doctors providing treatment are better informed thanks to the medication history Secure encryption ensures that the system totally conforms to data protection standards
Health services

University Hospital of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Digital workplace in the Silicon Valley of Romania

Transylvania – the first thing people usually associate with it are mythical creatures and thick forests. Today, Transylvania is an economically strong region with numerous technology companies. A&I Consulting supports its customer in investing in this region. To improve their processes, they searched for a solution for CRM, task management and time tracking.
The business consultants A&I Consulting S.R.L. has its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania and second largest city in Romania. In the university city with more than 100,000 students, it’s not uncommon to hear a mixture of Romanian, English, French, Spanish and German. The cosmopolitan city is part of Romania’s fastest growing economic region and attracts investors from across the world.A&I Consulting supports companies who want to invest in this hotspot for technological development. The experts for accounting and tax consultancy promise their customers a fast start and competent advice for all questions about the Romanian tax law.Wanted: Task management and transparent processesFor the young consultancy team, this comes with numerous tasks for different customers every day. Due to the continually growing number of customers, keeping track became more and more difficult. Therefore A&I Consulting looked for a software for their task management, time tracking and customer relationship management (CRM). They wanted an application that could gather all of their information together centrally.All arising tasks should be managed clearly. And the management wanted to gain transparency: Who is working on what and how is the timeframe? Previously it wasn’t possible to track the status of tasks. Furthermore, the consultants didn’t have an ideal overview of their customers. Contact data and tax information were stored in different databases. And if a consultant was absent once due to sickness, their colleagues didn’t have enough information to be able to replace them effectively.It soon became clear: Finding one single solution that could fulfil all of these requirements would be difficult. That’s why the young Romanian company first played with the thought of having a complete, bespoke web application developed. However, this would have been an effortful and expensive option. They wanted to greatly reduce the development time by implementing a low-code development platform.Found: A development platform for the Digital WorkplaceIn their searching, A&I Consulting came across Intrexx. This software offers a wide-range of application templates as well as a graphical application and process designer. With these, Intrexx enables the speedy and straightforward creation of applications and portals in particular. A&I Consulting found a competent contact in their home city of Cluj-Napoca with the Romanian Intrexx Partner Target-E. Within just four months, A&I Consulting were able to introduce a Digital Workplace that greatly exceeded their initial expectations. The employees can now find all of the required functions and information at any time and place in the clear web portal.All of the benefits of a bespoke solution – in a fifth of the timeAdrian Mot, Managing Director at Target-E, adjusted the required applications to the requirements of the business consultants exactly. In particular, the CRM system was designed with Intrexx exactly to the wishes of A&I Consulting. This guarantees that the work processes are supported as best as possible and that employees enjoy working with it. And they are really excited about their Digital Workplace: Because of the integration of emails and data from other software system, they can really find everything they need. And all of this in a visually appealing and modern working environment.Today, A&I Consulting can visualize all of their customer information. The account managers are constantly in the loop and can provide the best support for their customers. Pending tasks can be seen at a glance. And the time recording for each task not only creates transparency but also enables precise planning and pricing for future offers.

The highlights Tasks are easily planned and tracked A good overview of customers improves processes A strong basis for creating and pricing offers All information and processes at the Digital Workplace
Consultancy services

A&I Consulting S.R.L.

“Intrexx helps us to decisively improve our work processes. All important information is gathered together centrally in our digital workplace. All pending tasks are planned and tracked here.”

Ramona Bucsa, Special Project Coordinator

Satisfied pupils and happy parents thanks to the Intrexx Canteen Portal

Due to the growth of all-day schools, the canteen is increasingly playing a central role in educational facilities in Germany. With its Canteen Portal, datacapo is making sure that school canteens can be managed efficiently and that their customers are provided with a good service.
Monday morning, after double Math, PE is next on the lesson plan. There wasn’t a lot of time for breakfast meaning the stomach will definitely start to rumble by now. It’s a good job there’s a school canteen! Even better when it doesn’t provide mass production food but offers a selection of healthy foods instead.Plannability for the kitchen, service for the pupilsFor a subject that is so directly connected to the well-being of our children like their daily nutrition, “one size fits all” hasn’t been an option for some time. With the Canteen Portal from the South-German IT service provider datacapo, school canteens can be managed efficiently and their customers are provided with a convenient service.Week for week, pupils can choose from various meals together with their parents and put together their own menu plan. This helps the caterers or canteen kitchen to make precise plans. And parents can rest assured that their children will get something good to eat.The Canteen Portal created by datacapo is based on Intrexx. This is a development platform for web applications, intranets and digital working environments. The company from Emmendingen has been a solution partner from the very beginning. Ingo Lenzing, Managing Director of datacapo underlines the benefits of Intrexx: “Especially when it comes to managing large volumes of data via a web-based interface, we harness the benefits of Intrexx.” When you consider that a canteen portal customer in Baden-Württemberg manages over 40 schools and 10,000 pupils, it becomes clear why the handling of large volumes of data is so important.More security with cashless paymentsThe pupils – or more accurately their parents – each have their own user access to the Canteen Portal. They can add money to the connected user account online here. This is a modern version of break money so to speak – just with the benefit that the money isn’t spent on sweets before lunchtime! In the school canteen itself the pupils pay conveniently with an RFID chip and without cash.Each year approximately 25,000 food orders and 400,000 item purchases at 40 locations with almost 12,000 users are processed in total across the various canteen portals.Modifications as quick as stirring a saucepanIntrexx especially plays a role as the administration backend in this solution. The administrators of the system on the customer side – typically those responsible for the IT at the school or caterer – maintain all of the solution’s master data here. This includes menus, point of sale configurations and items, including their pricing.The respective products and processes naturally vary from canteen to canteen. This is where a great benefit of Intrexx comes into play: Custom modifications can be implemented quickly and even with minimal programming knowledge. This means that users benefits from a solutions that meets their requirements exactly and is affordable nonetheless.If a school and its canteen are added to the system, the requirements are discussed in advance and then checked as to whether they can be implemented into the existing system. If they discover that new requirements are necessary, a calculation for the implementation is created and its execution is requested.In doing so, many bespoke requests could be implemented within the system e.g. account balance retrieval at customer touchscreens, two separate canteens within a school with separate billing and statistics or even the ability to use the serving counter more than once – once for the main course and once for dessert, for example.

The highlights Efficient canteen administration relieves caterers Cashless payments create convenience benefits for pupils and parents Clear savings in comparison to solutions from the competition
Education and research

datacapo IT sports services GmbH

“Thanks to Intrexx at the backend, we can offer our customers a software that noticeably accelerates processes, is affordable and provides our end customers with enormous convenience benefits.”

Ingo Lenzing, Managing Director of datacapo IT sports services GmbH

Johannes Kepler University Linz digitalizes work processes with Intrexx

Since its founding in 1966, the JKU has established itself as an innovative center for science and social sciences. Today, the JKU has an international renown and is the largest institution of the state of Upper Austria not only in fundamental research but also in applied research. Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented tuition in coordination with the current requirements of the economy and society, collaborations with about 300 partner universities in more than 50 countries, more than 120 professors and approximately 1,800 teaching staff all guarantee that the research and studying conditionals are ideal.
To provide information quickly and centrally, the JKU has been using Intrexx as a campus portal for many years.Among other things, the maintenance on the campus grounds was performed by internal specialized departments. To date, the processing of the tasks was completed on paper, this entailed problems in the process’s transparency and in the flow of information.Xinger Solutions e.U. developed the application “Task management” together with the specialized department “Service Center”. The following functions were important here: Processing of cost approvals Transparency of work steps Real-time information about a task High usability for the tradesmen For the implementation, it was important that the requirements of every department, which uses this application, were taken into account and that these could actually be implemented in the software.
With Intrexx and Xinger Solutions – the Austrian sales and solution partner of United Planet – these requirements could be fully satisfied.The features: Overview lists with filters for analyzing the current tasks Simple input form for entering/editing tasks Notification process to distribute reminders and information Workflows for the cost approval process Simple look & feel History to create transparency for each task Thanks to the implementation, the quality of the information available to the task managers could be increased many times over. The reminder function prevents tasks from being “forgotten” and thanks to the history, every work step can be analyzed precisely.The interface was designed in such a way that people without specialized computer knowledge could also work with it easily. The saved working time can now be used for the actual task areas of the tradesmen.
Digital workflow for the approval process Task history creates transparency Fewer mistakes thanks to automated notifications Simplified processes save time and money
Education and Research

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.: Cross-associational collaboration made easy

Only a few symbols are as well-known world-wide as the Red Ribbon. It is the concise symbol of solidarity with HIV-positive and AIDS patients and also represents the battle against the immunodeficiency disease. Whoever wears it demonstrates awareness of the social problems that AIDS entails.
The registered association Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. (DAH – German Aids Support) is characterized by the Red Ribbon. The DAH is an umbrella association of about 130 organizations and facilities across Germany. It represents the interests of people with HIV/AIDS in public and with respect to politics, science and medical research. To achieve this, the federal branch in Berlin takes on tasks such as trainings, advanced trainings, skilled, committee, public and political work, as well as self-help support on a federal level. Each member organization performs this work primarily on a local, regional and national level.Communication as the key to successful workingThe approximately 500 full-time employees of the association deal with the diverse tasks with the support of about 5,000 volunteers. Dirk Hetzel is one of the longstanding employees at the federal branch in Berlin. As Advisor for Internet-Supported Prevention he realized that the full potential of the association can only be utilized if they communicate effectively.In the past, there was only one option for reaching the many voluntary employees on a regular basis: the newsletter distributed by the umbrella association. However, this one-way communication was quickly no longer able to live up to the requirements of a modern organization: “Effective interaction with this was of course not possible. This had been a problem for us for some time,” states Mr. Hetzel.And that’s why the qualified educationalist and social media manager took up the challenge of improving the collaboration of the voluntary and full-time employees. As well as networking the voluntary and full-time staff, there were two crucial goals: The facilitation of project-related group work with the aid of a social extranet and the establishment of a cross-associational knowledge management. The knowledge found across the entire association was to be used more effectively.
The long search for a suitable extranet solution...They started with a comprehensive market analysis – the search for a suitable solution took almost one and a half years. Representatives from each member organization were also involved at this point: In workshops, the DAH was able to clarify what was actually needed and expected. Based on this, Dirk Hetzel and his team created a requirement specification against which the potential solutions had to be measured. The portal framework, Intrexx, with its integrated collaboration application, Intrexx Share, came out on top in the end.The extensive market research was worth it, as Mr. Hetzel explains: “As soon as I became aware of Intrexx, I was immediately convinced. I had never seen anything like Intrexx Share. The intuitive interface and its high level of usability were the biggest arguments for us. And it’s worth it: We are yet to receive any application queries for it.” As well as its ease-of-use, the cost effectiveness in particular spoke for the product: “Other solutions were inflated and above all too expensive. The bottom line is, Intrexx is financially feasible, even for an organization like ourselves.”... and then things started to happen very fastThe social intranet was set up in just 3 months from the decision to the go-live date. As advice for similar projects, Mr. Hetzel emphasizes the importance of clear coordination with the management and the association’s stakeholders: “Without their involvement, the introduction would probably not have gone so well.” Furthermore, designating key users in each member organization, who help promote the portal, proved to be successful.The platform especially shows off its benefits when it comes to project-related group work. Thanks to the gathering of project members and the corresponding discussions and documents, it is particularly valuable. It was important for a large association such as the Deutsche AIDS Hilfe to be able to work together and exchange documents at a national level with the tool. The as yet 70 project and subject-specific groups are a perfect environment for this.The self-help conference “Positive Begegnungen” (Positive Encounters), which takes place every other year, is a good example: A large amount of the preparations take place in the corresponding project group: “Our old extranet didn’t provide us with anything of the sort,” reports Mr. Hetzel and elaborates: “In the subject-specific groups, particular subject areas are discussed deliberately today.”Knowledge on demand – with the integrated knowledge databaseThe communication platform is complemented by a knowledge database based on the wiki-principle. It is integrated directly. In this application, which was developed together with the Berlin-based software service provider City & Bits, key documents and information are collected, categorized and explained. Here, the employees and volunteers can find all of the important information with ease thanks to the full-text search.However, there are also things that the DAH would do differently with a new project. For example, they didn’t have an automated tool for password recovery (User Self Service) at the beginning. “We soon regretted this due to the large number of users – and therefore added the desired feature quickly,” Mr. Hetzel admits.Overall, he is very satisfied with how the portal is developing: “Intrexx enables us to collaborate across the association in an effective and straightforward manner. Colleagues, who regularly work with the group function, have already come to me and said: This is exactly what they’ve always wanted!”
Cross-associational and location-independent collaboration Improved inclusion of volunteers Intuitive operation and fast go-live Simplified organization in digital project groups Information is found and shared quickly
Social welfare

Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
“Intrexx enables us to collaborate across the association in an effective and straightforward manner.”

Dirk Hetzel, Advisor for Internet-Supported Prevention, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.

Stadtwerke Gießen: Unified Archiving meets the Digital Workplace

Stadtwerke Gießen AG (Municipal Works Giessen – SWG) is the regional energy provider for the city of Giessen and the region of Middle Hesse. They provide approximately 190,000 people with electricity, natural gas and district heating. Furthermore, they deliver high-quality drinking water to various cities and communities in the region. And their regional transportation services ensure the mobility of many individuals.The Giessen energy revolution began a long time before Fukushima and the subsequent nuclear power phase-out. That’s because the SWG started more than 30 years ago to switch to a decentralized and climate-friendly power and heat generation in combined heat and power facilities (CHP facilities). Today, the household customers are provided 100% with green energy.
The desire for a modern work interface To centralize documents from various systems and thus structure the data storage more efficiently and straightforwardly, the Municipal Works Giessen introduced the Unified Archiving solution dg hyparchive. The reductions in workload resulting from this gave them a taste for more: the cry from individual departments to digitalize specific business processes got louder and louder.The desire was to be able to model and depict information and workflows on a uniform interface. It quickly became apparent that a portal solution was very suitable for this. The main requirement for this new solution was that it could be integrated into dg hyparchive and, at the same, that it enabled the integration of the Municipal Works’ SAP systems.The strategic goal was to create a digital workplace which supports the Municipal Works’ employees with their tasks in the best way possible. With this in mind, various solutions were tested. After a product presentation, Intrexx was finally chosen. To begin with, a test system for five users was put in place. “Intrexx was totally convincing and that’s why we decided to move plans for the project forward,” commented Project Leader, Tumadj Majidian, on the decision-making process.
With Intrexx and dg hyparchive to the digital workplaceThings moved quickly from this point. Together with the solution’s developer, an interface to dg hyparchive was developed. At the same time, dataglobal expanded its dg connect interface. Using this, the fields generated in Intrexx can be transferred directly to SAP.By linking dg hyparchive, Intrexx and SAP, a portal was assembled where all relevant information converges at one point. The applications created with Intrexx serve as an entry point for data which is stored in dg hyparchive.Mr. Majidian sees the introduction of the portal solution as a great step forward in the digitalization of the Municipal Works: “With this, we’ve drastically reduced the employees’ inhibition level towards modern IT procedures. The digitally modelled processes run elegantly and conveniently. Without the portal solution, the Municipal Works couldn’t master these tasks.”High acceptance thanks to active inclusion of specialty departmentsBy introducing the Digital Workplace platform, Intrexx, the Municipal Works was able to tangibly improve and accelerate the internal communication. According to Mr. Majidian, the employees really enjoy working with the system because it simplifies their work.Together with the specialty departments, various applications were developed to support the applicable workflows. This made it possible to reduce processing times and speed up procedures. An example of this is the optimization of the incoming mail processing and the management of automated responses for contracts. With this process, the Municipal Works Giessen can respond to requests from customers and business partners more quickly.The individual departments are actively involved in the continual development of the platform and are able to state their requirements. Mr. Majidian is certain: “The fact that we can implement modification requests quickly and at short notice contributes to the great success of the entire system.”Process optimizations lead to surprising cost reductionsAnother example of an application, which was implemented together with the specialty departments, is the project “Printing control and collation of recurring invoices.” In short, the aim here was to save on printing and transport costs. Multiple documents (so-called Turnusrechnungen (recurring invoices)) are collated and sent in accumulated form to the customers.Just one adjustment to the corresponding SAP script for the printing control would have cost €40,000. That’s why the solution was implemented via the portal. The recurring invoices printed by SAP are transferred to the portal.In the portal solution, the collected invoices are merged, the specialty department releases the printing spools and then transfers them to the service provider for printing. This process brings a monthly saving of €4,000 in shipping costs. In the final step, the invoices are stored in dg hyparchive via the portal and at the same time, a link to the archived invoices is created in SAP.As this application example demonstrates, the Digital Workplace based on Intrexx and dg hyparchive not only improves the availability of information, but also facilitates tangible cost savings.The Municipal Works Giessen: Ready for Work 4.0The Digital Workplace of the Municipal Works Giessen is rounded off by a variety of additional web-based applications. Their aim is to simplify everyday working and promote communication between employees and departments. Among others, these include joint calendars, the document archive, the knowledge database, company organigrams and the administration of forms and work equipment.Based on the positive experiences up until this point, some new projects are already in planning. Furthermore, further optimizations to the processing of incoming mail and the ability to process emails directly in SAP are planned. Mr. Majidian expresses his satisfaction with the decision to connect dg hyparchive and Intrexx: “The portal solution, Intrexx, helped us to structure many work processes in a more user-friendly manner. By connecting both systems we could integrate the process for the audit-proof archiving of documents into the normal work process at no additional effort from the user.”
Tangible cost savings and rapid ROI Reductions in workload and improved communication Requests from customers and partners are answered more quickly Central work interface makes procedures more efficient Business processes proceed more speedily and easily Ready for the future and with a variety of options for expansion

Stadtwerke Gießen
„The portal solution, Intrexx, helped us to structure many work processes in a more user-friendly manner. By connecting both systems we could integrate the process for the audit-proof archiving of documents into the normal work process at no additional effort from the user.”

Tumadj Majidian, Projektleiter

SenFin Berlin: Administration 4.0 with the Digital Workplace

In the area states, they’re called ministries, in Berlin it’s the Senate. It is divided into ten senate administrations that, as supreme federal authorities, are immediately under the respective senators. One of these is the Senate Administration for Finance (SenFin). It employs approximately 580 employees and is divided into five departments. Among other areas, its responsibilities include the managing of state holdings, the state property, the budget and the finance policies as well as matters concerning the tax administration.
As is the case for every institution in the public administration sector, the Senate Administration for Finance Berlin faces many challenges. An example for this is the demographic change that is making it increasingly difficult to find suitable skilled labor to replace retiring employees. Another example is the digitization of the working world, which has a binding effect for the administration due to the legislation on e-government in Berlin. To live up to the challenges, the IT landscape of the SenFin was to be modernized and expanded. As well as introducing an electronic folder (e-folder), this involved a portal solution. The introduction of a digital working environment was expected to lead to digitalized and simplified processes, among other benefits. Furthermore, the authority wanted to position itself as a more attractive employer.Constructive communication culture at the digital workplacePublic administrations belong to the sectors which have to cope with the fact that many skilled workers are going into retirement. At the same time, relatively few young people are taking their place. This situation is particularly extreme in Berlin – it’s expected that around 25,000 administration workers will retire in the next four or five years. This entails two central problems: The average age has risen sharply due to long-term recruitment stops, and a great amount of specialized knowledge is at stake when experienced employees leave. Furthermore, the Personnel is responsible for making working in the administration sector more attractive to young people. They want to be able to draw from a pool of competent applicants in the future as well. New, flexible offers are important for this. These include the compatibility of family and career or the ability to work independent of time and location.
The digital workplace, with integrated applications for promoting digitalized business processes and for managing knowledge, fulfils these requirements. That’s why the SenFin constructed such a platform based on the software Intrexx. Ralf Meyer, Advisor for E-Government and Communication, views this as a powerful tool, especially the integrated social collaboration components: “With this, we can gather and especially share knowledge more directly and straightforwardly than with FAQs or conventional forums. This is incredibly practical, especially in a time when many employees are retiring and their replacements aren’t certain.”The digital workplace as a living knowledge centerWith the social collaboration components of the Digital Workplace, every employee becomes a potential editor. Because of this, the platform is much more dynamic than a classic CMS-based intranet with a central editorial team. Knowledge, produced by group discussions or from posts on the news feed, are available long-term. This allows specialized knowledge from different departments to be collated so that it can help solve individual questions and problems. Furthermore, employees whose knowledge wasn’t fully recognized until now are encouraged to share their experience as well.To sort, optimally use and archive the knowledge generated here for later access, an individual application was created in close collaboration with the software developer, United Planet. The development concept “from the administration, for the administration” guaranteed that all required functions were included and that the application could be integrated easily into the everyday working.Sense of unity as a plus point in the “War for Talents”Another positive effect that can be observed since introducing the social collaboration platform is that it brings people with similar interests together and creates a sense of unity in doing so. One of the current challenges consists of enthusing competent junior employees for administrative working. The Digital Workplace helps administrations to live up to the expectations of the younger generation for a healthy work-life-balance and an exciting corporate culture.This enables public offices to present themselves as an attractive employer. At the same time, working with technology is a given for junior employees. This, in turn, promotes the entire organization’s flexibility and openness towards innovations in the long-term.eID authentication: secure access – regardless of where and whenSensitive data often plays an important role in the public administration sector. SenFin decided to host the digital workplace solution themselves instead of operating the software in the cloud. Meyer commented on this decision: “Because the data in our portal isn’t anonymized, data protection is an especially important subject here. Our data is on our own servers and therefore, we’re not forced to publish the data.”Additionally, the administration developed a special authentication method that draws on the eID functionality of the nPA (new personal identification card). The particularly inexpensive solution – it only requires a card reader devices and if required, the activation of the new personal identification card’s eID function – provides the employees with secures access to the portal. And all of this regardless of where they are. The employees benefit from greater flexibility because of this – they can decide for themselves, when and where they work. Without compromising security, they can take part in the office’s internal communication and stay up-to-date from home. With the provision of this external access, the senate administration is pursuing the goal of becoming family-friendlier and more attractive to young people.The authentication method draws on devices from the market leader for chip card readers, REINER SCT. The software behind this was developed together with United Planet and the IT and management consultancy firm Moysies & Partner.Saving resources by digitalizing processesThe SenFin is not only striving to make information more accessible for authorized employees with the digital workplace. A pivotal benefit expected by the SenFin is time saved due to the digitalization of processes.With this in mind, various regularly occurring work processes are modelled in applications in the Digital Workplace today. Ralf Meyer is excited about the reductions in workload that this has produced: “By digitalizing processes, we save a lot of time and therefore costs. Even for seemingly small processes, such as leave requests, that are now made digitally instead of on paper, we quickly saved 30,000-40,000€ per year.”An internal ROI evaluation showed that the process of requesting a substitute and then checking the plausibility and availability of said person takes six minutes today. Earlier, when the requests were still made on paper, sent via in-house mail and the absence was added to the wall calendar, this whole process took 22 minutes. With over 500 employees and 8-10 procedures per year, Mr. Meyer’s figures are definitely comprehensible.As well as leave requests, the Senate Administration for Finance Berlin is gradually modelling more processes electronically in the digital workplace. Meeting room reservations, material orders and training requests are other examples of digital processes that were implemented in a manner that saves on resources and speeds up procedures. Sustainably digitalizing the administration has begun with this.Everything at glance thanks to e-folder connectionAn important plus point of the digital workplace from SenFin is that information from a variety of sources is displayed on a central interface. This means that employees need to switch between different programs less often.The integration of data from external systems takes place without complications with the help of the available connectors. Appointments, recent mails and support requests from the IT are obvious and clear at a glance.Even accessing the e-folder can be done from directly within the user interface of the digital workplace. Because of this, the employees are provided with a holistic, mostly process-oriented view of the relevant information. All required processes and data are gathered together on the central platform, meaning employees find what they’re looking for more quickly, are less distracted and can complete their tasks more speedily and easily as a result.Conclusion: Becoming a modern service provider with IntrexxThe Senate Administration for Finance is pursuing a variety of goals with the introduction of the platform. The internal communication should be improved and attractiveness for young applicants should also be increased. At the same time, the solution should help optimize processes and be accessible securely from any location. Based on this requirement specification, the decision was made to set up an integral digital working environment with the software Intrexx.Project leader Ralf Meyer is pleased with the decision: “Within a short period of time, we were able to establish a modern working environment and create a constructive communication culture in the integrated social intranet.” Because the platform can be expanded with desired functions, the administration-internal processes can be digitalized deliberately. The direct access to the e-folder from within the digital workplace and the authentication with the help of the eID function of the nPA (new personal identification card) round off the entire package and represent an experiential modernization of the administration.“When interns and students come to us, they’re surprised at how modern the working conditions can be. With Intrexx, we have created a digital workplace which improves communication and therefore the collaboration decisively.” Ralf Meyer, Advisor for E-Government and Knowledge ManagementMr. Meyer admits that some of the employees had reservations about the new technology during the introductory phase of the platform, but this is completely normal because man and machine are fundamentally interdependent. For this reason, it was especially important for Mr. Meyer’s team to introduce the staff to the subject with deliberate measures, e.g. with introduction events.The workplace of the future requires a wide-stretching networking of competences across departments. Success factors, such as knowledge, experience and also creativity, are becoming increasingly important in the administration sector. Therefore, the SenFin placed great value on creating a constructive communication culture by introducing the digital workplace.This provides the SenFin with an important tool needed for implementing the requirements of the Berlin e-government law. As well as the electronic records, the internal work processes, which are to be digitalized by law, can be modelled digitally. Since 01.01.2017, all leave requests from the entire office are processed electronically with the required approvals using the so-called “UrlaubsApp” (Holiday App).
Secure authentication in the portal with the eID function of the nPA Digitalization of work processes such as digital leave requests Connection to the e-folder: All information at a glance Virtual work groups
Public Administration

Senatsverwaltung für Finanzen
“When interns and students come to us, they’re surprised at how modern the working conditions can be. With Intrexx, we have created a digital workplace which improves communication and therefore the collaboration decisively.”

Ralf Meyer, Advisor for E-Government and Knowledge Management

No more paper waste – HECTAS gets digital

Everybody probably knows the feeling when you see your holiday request get lost in the pile of paper on your boss’s desk: There’s got to be an easier way! It’s easier at HECTAS. Since 2014, the service provider has consistently modernized such procedures. Less paper, more digital workplace.
Since its establishment in 1974, HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG has developed into one of the leading quality providers in the area of infrastructural facility services. The company’s service offer encompasses multiple aspects of facility management services. These include maintenance, glass, facade and industrial cleaning, green space care, security services and many other services.The approximately 11,000 Europe-wide employees work every day to bring a satisfied smile to the face of their customers. To do that, their internal procedures need to be as clean and tidy as the property they take care of. By using a digital workplace software, HECTAS is deliberately encouraging the digitalization of their company.The company’s IT department had a clear picture of what they wanted: All documents should be available clearly in one location meaning employees don’t need to search through any and every storage location every time. From the very beginning of the search for a suitable solution, processes and workflows played an important role, as the project leader Martina Henke reveals: “We wanted to completely move away from paper and model our business processes digitally.”No rush job – and the employee portal was still created in record timeHECTAS was lacking a classic intranet. A situation that worked for a long time but was never ideal. They wanted to make important documents easier to access. That’s why they started looking for a suitable software. Two solutions quickly emerged that vied for the favor of the decision-makers.To begin with, another product was taken into consideration because they already had some experience with it. However, building a portal with this to the extent planned would have been incredibly time and cost-intensive. And precisely speed was an argument for its opponent. And that’s how the hour of the underdog came: The software Intrexx, from the software house United Planet in Freiburg, Germany, promised rapid implementation while providing comprehensive options for individualization at the same time.Ms. Henke is certain: “Developing a similar environment with the other solution would have taken much longer.” With Intrexx, however, many functions were provided at the touch of a button using the applications available for free. “Afterwards, we adjusted the platform step-by-step to our needs with applications tailored to us.” Together with the consulting team from United Planet, HECTAS subsequently created workflows that digitally model the company’s internal procedures.When transparency meets high process speeds…Wherever workflows and processes are deployed, this results in large reductions in workload for the office workers at HECTAS, for example in approval processes such as holiday or investment requests. Digitalizing procedures provides them with two considerable advantages: greater transparency and a noticeable improvement in process speeds.“Everything that was previously on paper and had to be moved from one desk to another – and then somehow “evaporated” – is now available at all times. With Intrexx, our processes run more quickly and transparently.” According to Ms. Henke, this also means that the processing/approval status can be tracked at any time.In comparison to the previous procedures, the simplification is both tangible and measurable according to Ms. Henke. For example, holiday requests previously had to be printed out and signatures had to be obtained from different locations. “Today, the superior receives an email, clicks on a link and the request is already approved. I don’t need a calculator to figure out that that’s much quicker. We save paper, time and particularly labor costs.”The HECTAS headquarters is in Wuppertal. As well as this, the company is active with its 40 offices in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary. To begin with, the digital workplace was only used in the German offices. It didn’t take long before requests from other offices came in. Martina Henke can understand that very well: “The colleagues had a look at our system and thought, ‘Cool, it can be done that quickly? Awesome!’” In the meantime, the portal is available in three languages: German, English and Dutch. This allows 670 employees to conveniently access all current information Europe-wide.Digital transformation is a marathon and not a sprintThe potential for the future is still great. And there are a number of additional procedures on the agenda, which they want to simplify. The proposals for these primarily come from the users from the individual departments. For example, they are currently working on continuing to improve their layout. The switch to responsive design promises simplified access to the digital workplace with mobile devices.Is HECTAS planning to tidy up so much that paper completely disappears from their offices? Martina Henke has to smirk at this question: “The paperless office is an ideal that we want to reach in the future, but the journey there is a long one. With Intrexx, we’re one giant leap closer. We’ve already digitalized many, previously paper-based processes and the list is getting longer all the time.”

Platform was introduced very quickly Tailored to the individual procedures Reductions in workload thanks to digitalized processes Simplified information exchange between locations Greater transparency and increased process speeds
Service provider

HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG

“Intrexx provides us with a wealth of benefits: We save paper, time and labor costs that previously went on searching for information. The users are excited about the speed with which our processes now run.”

Martina Henke, IT Support

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna promotes information exchange with Intrexx

The Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna covers the region of the state of Vienna and the eastern part of Lower Austria. Alongside the 4,400 full-time employees, approximately 2,100 voluntary employees provide person-to-person help in the Caritas facilities. More than 7,300 additional men and women are active as volunteers in Caritas projects (Status: 2013).The Caritas considers itself to be a community of full-time and voluntary employees who help people in emotional, physical and material need.
Due to the increasing number of helpers, it became necessary to improve how well they’re connected as much as possible. That’s the only way to provide aid quickly, efficiently and without bureaucracy.Because there hadn’t been a central system for internal communication up until this point, all required features, that the employee portal should include, were evaluated in advance in a project group.After detailed testing, Intrexx – the portal solution from the software developer United Planet – was selected as the most flexible and practical solution.In more detail, the following features were important: Flexibility when integrating external systems Facility for in-house development High performance while conserving resources at the same time Ability to flexibly adjust the design Suitable for mobile end devices
A service provider, which could guarantee rapid and straightforward communication and if necessary, quickly provide on-site support, was important for the implementation and the continual running operation of the employee portal.With Xinger Solutions – an Austrian sales and solutions partner of United Planet –, these criteria were met in their entirety.A quick win during the implementation was the fact that functions could to some extent already be used on the live platform even before the actual go live date. In this way, a quickly developed application was used to vote on the name of the new platform. The fact that one third of all users already made use of this first contact with the new platform, bears witness to the high acceptance and excitement about the new technology.Presenting functions and information centrally should increase the productivity of the employees. The following applications were therefore selected for the launch of the platform: the central telephone book based on the Caritas’s own identity management including images of the users and all service points where an employee is engaged the document management system where the entire organizational manual is presented a CMS that provides an ability to inform employees about updates within the organization. Additionally, contemporary functions were developed allowing, for example, users to very easily denote an article as “interesting” via a button an event calendar that both imports the appointments from the homepage via RSS while also leaving the option to publish additional internal appointments open a clear, modular appearance, on desktop PCs as well as on mobile end devices an innovation platform where ideas regarding specific topics are gathered and categorized
The high social and organizational complexity in this project demanded a high level of quality and flexibility from the side of the technology and the project management. With Intrexx and Xinger Solutions, the goals were completed in their entirety after a project throughput time of 10 months.The telephone book alone is accessed approximately 50,000 times per month. This demonstrates that the system is also accepted by the users.For the Caritas Vienna, it was especially important to create a platform where the employees could interact with one another, they should be able to comment on and like information at central points. From this time on, the employees can get the information themselves meaning the flow of information is improved considerably.The project management is receiving numerous ideas for expanding the offer of applications – a great step in the direction of a “Digital Workplace.
Social Services

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna

“The portal improves the cross-departmental communication within the organization. Relevant information is available centrally. The employee portal provides us with the ability to make the various working realities experiential for all employees – regardless of which department they are in.”

Corinna Sharma, Internal Communication, Caritas Vienna

Increased efficiency with e-learning in industry

KASI, spol. s r. o. focusses on developing, manufacturing and selling cast iron sewage articles. Founded in 1992, the company, with its headquarters in Přelouč, Czech Republic, is considered to be one of the most modern iron foundries in Europe today. A variety of cast iron sewage articles are monitored both internally and externally in accordance with the requirements of the applicable European regulations. As well as the known standard cast iron sewage articles, the company also sells a variety of new technological solutions, such as self-levelling manhole covers.To support the development of such innovations, they wanted to improve the information exchange between the Management, Engineering and Production departments. For the IT Consultant of KASI, Petr Kuchyňka, it was especially important to improve the employees’ access to information. To start with, a variety of intranet and portal solutions were taken into consideration. As well as connecting to the SAP system, they also wanted to be able to integrate a number of other third-party systems.
E-learning directly on the shop floorThe aspect of data integration tipped the balance. Only one of the solutions tested by KASI was capable of incorporating all required data sources. And this solution offered even more: the networking platform made it possible to play e-learning offers and tutorials directly on smart TVs on the production line. The fact that a competent contact person, X-Document House Prague, was on-site for questions and support made it even easier to opt for the software, Intrexx.The new portal went live after less than three months. It’s being developed continually up until today and is therefore being optimally adjusted to the changing needs of KASI. The company makes use of custom-made applications which can be created rapidly with Intrexx.Two applications are currently in focus. The first of these is a reporting tool which is utilized to plan and control production. Clear, graphical assessments provide a quick overview of the current production status. According to Mr. Kuchyňka, the efficiency could be increased considerably thanks to this. Scrap during production could be reduced and the development of new ideas proceeds in a more goal-driven manner and therefore more economically.The other central application is the e-learning platform. The solution is in use around the clock and supports employees during production with tutorials and assistance. The information can be transmitted directly from the Development department to the Production department. This saves a lot of time. This means that production workers are able to implement changes quickly or manufacture new products. And all of this is possible without training because they get all of the information they need online via smart TVs at their workplace. Furthermore, errors or wastages can be reported and possible improvements can be suggested. This leads to a reduction in used materials and thus, outgoings as well.
ROI in just 1.5 monthsMr. Kuchyňka is very pleased to be able to develop his own features and even applications for the portal by himself: “It’s even faster than commissioning the work to a service provider! In the time it previously took just to write a description of the desired features, our applications are already finished.”The portal at KASI ensures improved information exchange and quicker procedures. The seamless connection of Intrexx to SAP, which is then coupled with the system typical for iron foundries, OPTI, plays a large role here. Intrexx serves as a nexus and conveniently makes relevant data accessible. Thanks to the savings made possible, the entire investment payed off in a possibly record-breaking time of just one and a half months according to Mr. Kuchyňka.Because of the rate of return, KASI has successively expanded the portal with additional features. They’ve already got plans for an absence calendar and an application for planning resources. The largest Czech cast iron sewage article manufacturer is therefore in a great position regarding digitalization and can thus continue to build on their position as the market leader.
Provision of e-learning for production workers Improved interactions between individual departments ROI after just 1.5 months Faster procedures, notable increases in efficiency
Manufacturing / Cast iron sewage articles

KASI, spol. s r. o.
“The ability to be able to share important information at one central point was crucial for us. Intrexx helps us by decisively accelerating our decision and planning processes.”

Petr Kuchyňka, IT Consultant, KASI

From flipcharts to digital production support

Sunrise Medical is one of the world market leaders in the development, production and distribution of wheelchairs and systems for perfect sitting and positioning. Across the world, 2,000 people work for Sunrise Medical. In accordance with their motto “Improving people’s lives”, the company’s innovative products enable people to lead an independent and autonomous life.
The facilities of Sunrise Medical have various production lines where a wide variety of wheelchairs are assembled. In the past, a flipchart stood next to each production line where employees could write down the currently missing components by hand. A process which lead to paper-warfare and was in desperate need of improvement. Furthermore, it was also important to them to simplify collaboration with partners and to improve data management of the comprehensive portfolio, which was previously more of a building site.
At a trade fair in 2011, they received a CD – yes, they were still around then – by chance. This CD contained a test version of Intrexx. Christian Hügel, Business Analyst and responsible for optimizing processes at Sunrise Medical, was convinced: “Intrexx was predestined to meet our requirements.” Because the software has attractive acquisition costs, there wasn’t another option for Hügel: “I have to say that Intrexx was unparalleled in its area and still is. I don’t know of any other solution that can provide the same in the areas of flexibility and customizability. For our requirements, SharePoint would be like the proverbial bull in a china shop.”With this, a process optimizing portal was assembled within two months – including planning and testing. For this, they made use of the consulting services of the software developer. As a result, Sunrise Medical was able to modify the portal themselves with additional, to some extent substantial, projects to perfectly meet to their needs.In answer to question, which functions are most commonly used, Hügel replied, “For us, Intrexx is much more than just an intranet.” Everything that can’t be modelled directly using the ERP system – especially process – is solved with Intrexx. When the company switched to the new ERP system “QAD Cloud ERP”, Intrexx especially showed its strengths in the data integration, “The entire data migration from the old ERP to the new was taken care of by Intrexx.” Furthermore, Intrexx is used to merge and consolidate data. That’s why, as an example, the product data management system, SolidWorks, is connected to Intrexx. The data is processed, verified and then transferred to the ERP system by Intrexx.Another highlight is the supplier portal including a Kanban process. The largest suppliers of Sunrise Medical have access to the extranet. Here, they can see a list of the articles to be supplied. Which parts are needed when and where is automatically displayed. This means that orders no longer need to be actively placed. Christian Hügel sees benefits for both sides in the supplier portal, “It improves collaboration immensely. We have a direct reduction in workload and the suppliers can decide for themselves, when they want to download orders”. Instead of selecting an oversized ERP solution which would provide such a process, they could economically implement the process themselves with Intrexx.By digitalizing many of the daily occurring processes, Sunrise Medical benefit from tangible savings in time. The analyst, Hügel, is also pleased about how this also leads to reduced costs. And the flipcharts from earlier? Nobody really misses them. They’ve been thrown away and replaced by monitors. The data entered here is, by way of a process, is forwarded to the right place and the additional steps – from ordering the parts through to informing the customer about the projected delivery data – is taken care of automatically. 
Improved processes Seamless collaboration across the entire production chain Simple consolidation and migration, even with large volumes of data Workload reduced and time saved

Sunrise Medical GmbH & Co. KG

“Intrexx is simply unparalleled in its area […] For our requirements, SharePoint would be like the proverbial bull in a china shop.”

Christian Hügel, Business Analyst, Sunrise Medical

Intrexx as a complex seminar management system

The Munich Tree Climbing School, with its headquarters in Gilching close to Munich, specializes in trainings and advanced trainings in the area of rope climbing techniques, tree care and work safety. Since the MBKS was accredited as the first training location in Germany in 2002, it has continued to grow, and comprises of approximately 25 trainers working across Germany. Together with numerous cooperation partners, the Munich Tree Climbing School provides a broad spectrum of courses.
Previously, different systems were used for managing and processing courses, trainers and participants. This lead to data being stored in multiple locations which, among other things, impaired how accurate and up-to-date the data was. In the future, the entire procedure (planning, performing and post-processing) for the courses should be automated in one system. Furthermore, communication with trainers and participants should take place and be documented in the system. Finally, the website should include a course search and registration form.
The seminar management system was created with the portal software Intrexx from United Planet. With its available modules, it enables users to quickly and economically implement individual solutions. The MBKS system consists of the modules: CRM, Course Planning, Course Performance, Reports, Documents and Master Data Administration.The information required for the entire system is managed under the menu point “Stammdaten” (Master data). Here, data, such as regions, course locations, document priorities and course categories, the various statuses for courses and participants, and the course types (course templates) can be entered and managed.In the “CRM” area, all companies, people, trainers and course participants are managed. In a trainer calendar, all unavailable dates of the trainers are managed here. The calendar makes course planning much easier. When a trainer is assigned to a course, an appointment is automatically created in the trainer calendar. This means that appointment conflicts are already considered when planning the courses.Under the menu point “Kursplanung” (Course planning), all courses are administrated. This includes the creation and editing of courses, as well as of text blocks and documents for the courses and tasks to be completed by employees. Trainers can be booked for a course, and these trainers automatically receive an email confirming this booking. A course can be published and released for viewing on the website. The course appears in different overviews (list, calendar, map) and can be booked directly by the visitors. Once they’ve booked, the visitor automatically receives a confirmation. Interested customers can be added to each course so that these can be won as participants later. Participants can also be manually added to a course in the system. The running of the course is supported from start to finish. The participant receives various information and documents from the system: confirmation of registration, participation invoice, course information with directions and a hotel list, and, once they’ve completed the course, they receive a certificate of participation.If a course is cancelled, all participants automatically receive the appropriate information and, if they’ve already been invoiced, they receive an invoice correction per email. This also occurs if a participant cancels within the corresponding cancellation period. A waiting list is created for each course and this is used in the case of a cancellation. It’s also possible for participants to switch their booking to another course.In the “Berichtswesen” (Reports) area, statistics regarding the courses are generated. These statistics help optimize the future planning of courses. Course statistics, participant statistics and over-booked course statistics all help in this optimization.The “Dokumente” (Documents) area contains all documents created by the system, as well documents uploaded by participants, with the corresponding connections to the course, participant, location etc.
Optimization of the entire planning and performing of courses Central work platform (employees no longer need to switch between systems) – all data is available in one system Location-independent access, highly accepted by employees and partners Integration of course search and registration on the website Highly expandable and flexible
Tree care services

Munich Tree Climbing School (MBKS)

“Our complex working structures in the seminar management provided us with problems – PortalConsult and Intrexx were the answer. The system introduced by us is multifaceted and works with automatisms leading to a reduction in workload.”

Merlin Fuchs, Münchner Baumkletterschule

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt: Enhancing SAP with Intrexx

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt is the largest health insurance company in the state. The health insurance company is located in Magdeburg and almost 1,900 employees individually advise and personally look after around 700,000 insured members. The well-being of said members is viewed as a high priority. That’s why products and services are constantly being optimized and the company assumes responsibility for structuring and developing healthcare policies in Sachsen-Anhalt.
AOK Sachsen-Anhalt relies on SAP for its core business. In order to simplify business processes, this solution was to be enhanced with specific functions that weren’t initially provided by the standardized and relatively rigid system. Alongside some smaller features (doctor search, questionnaire tool etc.), a contract management system was to be developed which would allow them to efficiently manage all contracts and not just the regular health insurance contracts.
Modifying the SAP system so that it could implement the requirements wasn’t an option. From early on, it was clear that this would be very complex and would come with considerable costs. Based on previous good experiences with the platform-independent portal and integration software Intrexx, they decided to enhance SAP by combining it with Intrexx applications. A central requirement, which could be fulfilled in this way, was that the applications shouldn’t drift away from the look and feel of SAP. This would avoid a media disruption and employees, who know SAP already, can also work with the new tools without any training or induction. This criteria was especially important for the contract management system developed with Intrexx. Because SAP was only designed to manage certain contracts, the Intrexx application made it possible to manage all other contracts. The project leader Dr. Martin Kunz was very successful with the integration: “The Intrexx contract management is so closely connected to SAP that the employees don’t even notice that they’re not directly working with SAP. It actually doesn’t even matter to them which platform they’re using.”The main benefit that the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt’s IT department experiences from the combination of SAP and Intrexx is that SAP stays close to the original but still allows them to straightforwardly integrate required functions. The main program SAP therefore remains easy to maintain and the flexibility, which modern companies require, is supported by the web-based applications that are developed with Intrexx.
Rapid implementation of user requirements SAP can be modified easily but still stays close to the original Seamless integration into the SAP environment One solution for a wide array of requirements High level of acceptance from the employees

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt
“We’ve significantly centralized our data storage and can fulfill all requirements of the SGB (social security act) with the Intrexx contract management system. We were really impressed by how effortlessly the connection to SAP was made.”

Dr. Martin Kunz, Head of Software Development and Business Intelligence

Electronic provisional reservations for childcare places

Wiesbaden is the state capital of Hessen and is the second largest city of the state with a population of 287,000. The childcare is performed by a variety of service providers. With 12,000 childcare places, children aged between zero and twelve years old are cared for in daycare centers, elementary and after-school groups, as well as in groups that span multiple age brackets. Spanning multiple providers, these places are reserved in approximately 180 facilities.
In order to simplify the work processes regarding the childcare places for the Social Work Office in Wiesbaden, the service providers, the facilities and parents, a web-based electronic provisional reservation system was to be introduced. It was important that the decentralized allocation of places in the daycare centers continued to be supported but at the same time, that the daycare center consultants from the city of Wiesbaden should still be able to exercise their control functions. Via their user account, parents receive information regarding their provisional reservation. Up-to-date overviews and options for editing the provisional reservations and waiting lists were to be provided in the daycare centers.
Based on Intrexx and the sample solution NiKITA, implementing the electronic provisional reservation system began at the start of 2015 in Wiesbaden – and NiKITA became WiKITA at the start of the piloting on May 1st 2015. Within four months, multiple requirements were transferred into a tailor made solution and then piloted in the district of Biebrich first of all. Since September 2015, all of the other districts were incorporated gradually and since January 2016, provisional reservations can be made online in the entire region. One year later, over 3,700 user accounts had been registered in the WiKITA and 37,000 provisional reservations had been made. In a closing event, representatives from the service providers and employees from the participating pilot daycare centers had the opportunity to express their opinion. The feedback was extremely positive and the anticipated reduction in workload was noticeable after just a short period of time. In WiKITA, parents can create a user account and with this, they can enter up to ten provisional reservations per care area and child. Multiple plausibility verifications guarantee that various subject-specific entries are already taken into account when the provisional reservation is entered, and this means that complex verification procedures can be simplified as much as possible. Provisional reservations can also be entered on site in the daycare centers or in the Social Work Office. Each provisional reservation has a processing history and can be supplemented with processing notes so that the development of a provisional reservation stays comprehensible at any time in the work process. Service providers, that administrate contracts in the daycare area using their own system, can export the provisional reservations from WiKITA and then import them.
WiKITA was introduced quickly and with little complications and fulfills the subject-specific requirements of the daycare area Simple and non-bureaucratic entry of provisional reservations for parents Daycare centers have an up-to-date overview of the provisional reservation status for their center Consistent and holistic data pool for the Social Work Office in Wiesbaden enables them to have efficient control Service providers can continue using the provisional reservations from WiKITA for their own IT procedures
Public administration
Social Work Office for the state capital Wiesbaden

The Christophoruswerk Erfurt facilitates quality development and knowledge exchange

The Christophoruswerk Erfurt is a nonprofit organization operated by the caritas association for the diocese of Erfurt and by the protestant parish of Erfurt. The nonprofit LLC is a regionally acting social services provider and offers support to people with mental disabilities and illnesses in the areas of housing, daily planning, education and work.
Because the facilities are positioned in a decentralized manner, good coordination has an especially high value for the Christophoruswerk. By using a new software solution, they wanted to ensure that particularly QM documents could be exchanged effortlessly between locations and published rapidly. Furthermore, they wanted to replace existing stand-alone solutions and set up a central portal for the longer term.
The Christophoruswerk searched with foresight for a solution that provided additional perspectives beyond the area of quality management. Lars Meininger from the responsible department commented on the decision made as follows: “We chose Intrexx because it is much more than just a QM system. With it, we don’t only have a special software for implementing ISO 9000 but also a widely positioned solution.” First of all, ipro Consulting transferred the approximately 1,200 documents present in the old system to the “Quality Management Suite 2.0”, which is based on Intrexx. Thus, the documents are all conveniently available in the intranet portal. At the same time, they evaluated which additional processes could be mapped and simplified using Intrexx. Thanks to the portal, diverse applications are being increasingly unified on a central platform. The quality management representative for the Christophoruswerk is certain that the process speed could be increased, even in the early phases, and furthermore, is excited about how work has been simplified: “Intrexx enables us to do things that previously weren’t possible with our earlier HTML solution: We work interactively with the system. Releases are no longer handled on paper and can therefore take place very promptly. Additionally, we have a user-specific document assignment system.”
Time saved thanks to process optimization Knowledge exchange and cooperation beyond locational boundaries Replacement of stand-alone solutions Independent design and adjustment to specific requirements
Social Services
Intrexx, Quality Management Suite, Intrexx Share, CMS 2.0 for Intrexx
Christophoruswerk Erfurt nonprofit LLC
"What previously took a long time when releasing documents now only takes two days. In comparison to the old system, we save a considerable amount of time and our work is simplified in the area of quality management."

Lars Meininger,
Quality Management Representative,
Christophoruswerk Erfurt

Knowledge exchange and process reliability in retail

In Bayern, the name WEKO stands for high-quality furniture and the best service. WEKO furniture department stores are located in Pfarrkirchen, Rosenheim and Eching. As well as these, the company covers the discount area with the variety store “Schleudermaxx” in Hebertsfelden and Rosenheim. Furthermore, garden furniture is also distributed via the online shop “garten-und-freizeit.de”. In total the corporate group employs approximately 1,200 employees. Based on a customer survey in Passau, Rosenheim, and Deggendorf, the company has been voted year after year as the best furniture department store in the region.
The portal was originally set up with the objective of offering a ticket system for IT support. So that the corporate group could outpace their competitors, the portal should additionally improve the coordination of internal workflows. The solution should connect employees and also handle processes and administrative tasks.
Using the portal software Intrexx, a comprehensive enterprise portal was set up. This maps the processes of multiple business divisions ranging from sales and administration to business management. Internal workflows can be handled much more flexibly and efficiently with it and the applications are widely diversified. For example, the customer support was simplified by enabling the salesmen to enter all of the specifications into the portal for custom-made products. The calculated sales price is shown immediately. The process documentation also provides a considerable advantage. A wiki assumes responsibility for managing and distributing process diagrams. An automated audit and release process is also included here, as well as a connection to the visualization tool MS Visio. By using this knowledge database, processes can be standardized and the employees’ knowledge is increased deliberately. The enterprise resource planning benefits from the portal’s various evaluation options. The portal also provides the customers with a special service: parents can “checkin” their children to the provided childcare while they shop using the WEKOCARD. Because all relevant data is already collated here, this guarantees that the child is also collected by the correct person.
Processes greatly simplified Clear process documentation Various evaluation options Automation of processes
Intrexx Professional
eProcurement Studio
Individual applications
WEKO Wohnen GmbH

Certification under DIN EN ISO 9001

Since its founding in 2001, Phaesun GmbH, with its head office in Memmingen, has specialized in selling, servicing and installing stand-alone photovoltaic and wind energy systems. As one of the internationally leading system integrators of network-independent energy systems, Phaesun offers products from all notable manufacturers in this area. International project management, targeted customer training and technical support supplement their offer. Phaesun has branches in Eritrea and Panama and draws on a worldwide partner and distribution network.
Phaesun GmbH searched for a solution that would fulfill the main requirements for the DIN EN ISO 9001. Specifically, process operations should be gathered together and documented. Verifications of the carried-out activities and their results must be depicted in the documentation. And with that, the aim was to be able to trace the activities comprehensibly.
The preferred solution was found in the application, which is based on the intranet and portal software Intrexx, Process Visualizer Pro; this is the basis module of the BPM Suite from ipro Consulting GmbH. The information, which is necessary for process management, is gathered together and processed in a web-based environment. As an example, employees, roles and organizational units can be added, with all their necessary details, into the application and can then be graphically modelled using the fully-integrated tool (creation of organigrams). In the operational structure, the processes are defined and where necessary, connected with further information such as process owners, process indexes, terms, documents etc. The creating and forming of the process steps (activities) takes place in the modelling tool. From there, the process depiction and the inserted activities are written to the Intrexx database. These can continually be edited and connected with other elements. Subsequently, the gradual structuring of a comprehensive process management system as well as further adaptations to the Phaesun specific situations followed. As well as incoming and outgoing documents, information, resources and raw materials can be depicted as the inputs and outputs of an activity. In the final phase, the QM certification, under DIN EN ISO 9001, of Phaesun GmbH was successfully completed.
Very rapid introduction Low effort required for training the employees Depiction of process maps Depiction of the organizational structure No further investments were required in the IT department Quick location of information High level of acceptance from the employees
Intrexx Process Visualizer Pro
Phaesun GmbH
"The Process Visualizer Pro from ipro Consulting GmbH is a comprehensive tool that enables the depiction of extremely complex business processes. With this, an effective process management can be carried out all the way through to certification What makes this BPM tool especially unique is the ability to adapt it individually to business specific conditions, as well as the ability to embed it in an existing intranet."

Frederik Bronner,
QM Department, Phaesun GmbH

Intrexx automates processes with data from the IBM AS/400

Günthart is one of the world’s leading companies in the sweet decoration industry. Over 2,000 employees work in 10 countries according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008, IFS and BRC. Its 60 year experience in the cake decoration industry, its giftware and its passion for new ideas make this company an optimal contact person for sweet cake decorations and innovative gifts.
As part of the switch to the ISO certification, the IT department was given the task of presenting the entire ISO documentation, its forms and operations in electronic form. In the ensuing selection process, the web-based intranet and portal software Intrexx from United Planet won the contract against Microsoft Share-Point and IBM, as they could all fulfill the presented requirements without expensive and time-consuming additional programming.
The first smaller applications were already created and implemented in the first 2-3 days. Thanks to the graphical user interface from Intrexx, all of this was possible without any programming effort. However, the main focus was still on the ISO certification. Previously, 68 lever arch binders were needed for the documentation, these contained the manuals for all procedures and work instructions in paper format. Therefore it wasn’t uncommon for something to be overlooked or for a binder to not be so easy find. This process, which was both inconvenient and prone to error, was completely revised using Intrexx. After just one year after the introduction of Intrexx, the ISO certification was carried out completely electronically and paperlessly using the new QM portal. All of the documents that were important to quality management were integrated into the portal with versioning and are now always available here in their most up-to-date form. Should there be a change in a process operation, then the new document is inserted and the old one archived automatically. As well as the staff trainings, the entire complaints organization is handled using the portal. For this purpose, Günthart linked its AS/400 to Intrexx. If complaints, with the relevant customer data and the criticized product, were previously inserted laboriously by hand into an Excel list, then Intrexx automatically takes the article and customer data out of the AS/400 and writes it to a complaints database. Using the analysis function, it’s possible to see which products have received the most complaints and in whose area of responsibility they arise. In doing so, it’s possible to quickly identify potential error sources and to remove them. This consequently led to a noticeable reduction in the number of complaints.
Efficient quality management Electronic ISO certification QM documents are guaranteed to be up-to-date Simple connection to the AS/400 Overseeable complaint management
Fine cake decorations
Software Service Contract
United Planet Consulting
Specialized literature
Günthart & Co. KG

Modernizing the project database and operation times calendar

ArcelorMittal Bremen is one of the largest employers in the region and produces up to four million tons of raw steel every year with their highly engineered facilities. As a modern, integrated smelter, they combine all of their facilities, from the pig iron production to the sheet metal processing, together on one site. The plant belongs to the world’s largest steel concern ArcelorMittal, located in Luxembourg.
In 2014, two fundamental systems were under close scrutiny and the decision was made to update these with contemporary solutions. This specifically related to a project database and the operation times calendar that recorded the production times and downtimes. Unified solutions were to be developed for the entire location that would replace the current insular solutions and simplify the corporate processes.
In order to fulfil the specific requirements as exactly as possible and to be able to flexibly carry out subsequent modifications one’s self, they chose the development and process environment Intrexx. Project leader Sandra Ohde commented on the decision and said, “We chose Intrexx as we’ve anticipated rapid success in our application development because it’s a relatively fast and simple product and because we can establish a portal solution with it. By using the applications created in Intrexx, we have a central solution for project management instead of various compartmentalized databases.” As the central system, the Intrexx project database is coupled with SharePoint using the OData interface. This system is put in place world-wide as a collaboration tool under specification from the concern. Following this, it functions as the project teams’ basis for communication and document repository. “The project database is an important master data table for our SharePoint,” says Ohde with regards to the application’s role. Because the project database application orientates itself to the look and feel of the accustomed environment, it can be used by the roughly 200 users with little need for training. They searched for a tool for the operation times calendar, this tool should have a pronounced calendar function, a sophisticated user management system and the ability to develop the solution with multiple clients in mind. Because 80% of the requirements could already be covered by Intrexx’s standard functions, Intrexx won the race here as well – the amount of individual modification would have been much higher with the other tested products.
Rapid implementation of the specific requirements Direct connection to SharePoint Existing insular solutions replaced by a unified application Secure data exchange with suppliers and partners
Steel production
Intrexx, Intrexx Business Adapter for OData, Individual applications
ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH
"The portal will simplify and unify our project drafting and tracking. Intrexx is impressive because it’s easy to use, its layout is modern and it provides the ability to perform demandbased analysis."

Sandra Ohde, Progress Manager

Replacing Lotus and Access with a modern communication platform

The Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt is one of the oldest cooperatives in Germany. For over 150 years they have accompanied the economic development of the middle class and responsibly managed the money of nearly 60,000 customers. The bank’s ope-rating area measures 150 km. The defined goal of Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt is to work for and with the people of the region. This goal is pursued daily by 200 employees in 21 branches.
A modern communication system should make the information from the central database available to all employees in all branches in a fast and clear manner. In doing so, they wanted to substantially simplify the process, save time and make sure that the employees always have access to the most up-to-date information. Because the security demands of Volksbank are very high, two things were essential when choosing a new solution: Firstly, the software must run stably even at a high degree. Secondly, it must have passed the security test of the FIDUCIA IT AG.
After an extensive selection process, Volksbank chose the FIDUCIA certified intranet and portal suite Intrexx from United Planet. The solution’s flexibility and simple operability were the most convincing aspects. Web-based applications can be created quickly with Intrexx and without almost zero programming knowledge. A tedious client installation on the employees’ computers isn’t necessary. Because Intrexx is platform independent, the software can run on all current operating systems. A modern intranet portal can be created rapidly with Intrexx. This portal increases the access speed to the information that the employees need considerably, thus saving time: Where formerly PDFs were inconveniently sent, now data, such as customer and account lists, is available at one central point in the intranet. Even investment requests are automated from application to approval and are handled transparently in the portal. The employees enjoy working with the new portal because they are aware of its benefits in their daily work: The processes are much more transparent now and there aren’t any long search processes anymore. All data is available in one central place in a structured and clear manner. In the future Intrexx will become the central system of Volksbank and supersede all insular solutions. This fits with the continually growing trend to replace Lotus Notes with more modern portal solutions that are easier to operate.
Modern communication platform Improved information exchange Quick and transparent processes No more time-stealing search processes High acceptance from the employees
United Planet Consulting
Software Service Agreement
Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt

Creating ways to interact with Intrexx Share

Founded in 1911, the Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg (Catholic youth welfare for the diocese of Augsburg, KJF) is an umbrella organization to which over 80 different health and social care providers within the diocese of Augsburg belong. Every year, 75,000 people make use of the various facilities’ services in the areas of medicine, schools, occupational training and integration and help for children and youth.
Person-to-person encounters are at the heart of the KJF’s work. This principle not only applies to dealing with clients and patients but also to the interactions between employees. In order to encourage these interactions even more, the outdated intranet was to be replaced by a modern employee portal. This should conveniently provide central services and information as well as encourage teamwork and the exchange of knowledge.
In view of the KJF’s demanding functional specifications document, the software Intrexx was best able to stand the test. The project leader Raphael Doderer made the following comment about their decision: “Most of all, we were convinced by the entirety of the Intrexx technology, with its apps, quality management suite and social component Intrexx Share.” During the search process, it became clear that the specific requirements could be best fulfilled by a social collaboration software. For this reason, Intrexx Share constitutes the core of the KJF portal and has been set as its homepage. Previously, a communicational barrier existed because the employees are spread out across over 80 locations. The KJF’s new portal enables them to directly exchange information across departmental and locational borders. This guarantees that clients in different areas can be provided for at the highest standard, at every location. Furthermore, the portal provides multiple applications that help simplify the daily workday of the staff and standardize procedures. Thanks to the sanctions & quality management as well as the knowledge database, the work in each individual member facility could be improved and structured more efficiently, the clients and patients benefit from this. According to Doderer, the portal is being used in an extensive manner: “The quality management, knowledge management and internal communication are all gathered together under one roof here. It doesn’t matter if an employee is doing social youth work at an external school or is onsite at the office, everyone has access to the central knowledge and quality platform.”
Networking of multiple employees Central knowledge and quality platform Highly accepted by the employees Interactions go beyond the boundaries of departments and locations Secure, easy to maintain and flexibly adjustable
Health and social care provider
Intrexx, Intrexx Share, Quality Management Suite, Intrexx CMS 2.0, Online Polls, Individually developed applications
Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg e.V. (Catholic youth welfare Augsburg)
“Intrexx accompanies us on our way to consistent modernization. Connection, simplification and understandability all makeup the triad which describes our employee portal very effectively.”

Raphael Doderer,
Director of Marketing and Communications

Automated distribution processes and faster response times

The company Terex MHPS GmbH, a subsidiary of Terex Corp., USA, is an international manufacturer of products for material handling at ports. The company is considered to be the inventor of mobile harbor cranes and a substantial driving force in the automation of container terminals. Their world-wide product distribution is made possible by their own representatives and roughly 40 sales and service agents who are supported and directed by a marketing team at the head office.
Because they were expanding their product lineup, adding new applications and their number of representatives was growing, their structure in place had reached its limits. This therefore necessitated the introduction of changes to the distribution processes and communications with the sales organization. For this reason, a web-based portal was to be built that would largely automate the ordering processes, reduce the workload of sales & distribution and ensure that inquiries are processed more quickly. As well as delivering an increased ROI, the portal should also help provide an increased service quality in the sales organization and with the end customers. They placed a great deal of importance on the portal possessing high flexibility, with regards to future additions and adjustments, and multilingualism.
They selected the standard software Intrexx, which had already been used to create the company’s intranet, for their portal. The portals construction was carried out within a few months by the company QuinScape. The use of a uniform portal solution for external and internal use came with many benefits. It was now possible to display and edit the B2B portal’s processes in the intranet, and cost-incurring adjustments to the page structure or menu navigation weren’t necessary. The portal’s contents were subdivided into the following two areas: a communications area and a process area. The partners were now able to independently provide themselves with up-to-date materials by using the communications area. In the process area, an online-shop was introduced for ordering spare/replacement parts through the sales organization. The incoming inquiries made by telephone, fax or email are now mostly relocated to an automated system. This not only led to a reduction in workload when distributing spare parts but also to inquiries being processed much faster. Regardless of the time zone, the response times to the end customers could be noticeably shortened world-wide. Doing so, the portal helped to provide increased quality and a positive ROI. Clear benefits ensue for the manufacturer and its sales organization that can help them improve their position in the market.
Automation of business processes, high flexibility Workload reduced for sales & distribution Improved service quality for end customers and the sales & service organization Unified solution for the intranet and an external portal
Capital equipment manufacturing
Intrexx Project Studio
United Planet Fachliteratur (Specialized literature)
Quinscape Consulting
Terex MHPS GmbH
"The portal provided us with seamless distribution processes in every area; from the external B2B portal, to the intranet and beyond to the ERP system. The automated workflows help to provide an obvious increase in efficiency in our distribution and in our cooperation with the sales & service organization."

Torsten Fischer
Leader of Business Development

Providing employees with current information

The Verlagsgruppe (publishing group) Handelsblatt is the leading media house for economic and financial information in Germany and stands for fair, substantiated, independent and respectable quality journalism. With big brands like Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche, multiple professional publications, a broad multimedia offer and a global editorial network, the VHB has a unique place in the market for economics journalism. Service companies like iq media marketing gmbh, the leading marketer for decision-maker media, corps, the specialist publishers for corporate publishing, and many more renowned investments are all added to this.
The Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt wanted to supersede its old intranet, which was based on a static CMS, with a modern enterprise portal. The portal should support the internal business communication and optimize the procedures within the business. For that reason, they searched for software that wouldn’t just allow them to distribute content but also depict processes electronically.
During the decision process, the Freiburg portal software came out on top against Microsoft SharePoint and TYPO 3 because it, as opposed to the other solutions, provided the largest possible independence from external service providers. The new employee portal was created within a very short period of time using Intrexx and its start page was expanded to a comprehensive information cockpit. The publishing group’s approximately 760 employees are now supplied with the latest internal business news thanks to a news channel. Editorial content is integrated into the portal with a link to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the chief editors. In addition to the internal information distribution, multiple procedures are now noticeably faster and more transparent. Some examples are: the new room reservation tool provides an overview of how conference rooms have been allocated, this leads to appointments being planned more effectively. Catering requests and room modifications can be booked at the same time as reserving and with that, the disposition and information forwarding takes place automatically – instead of the laborious method used previously of manually maintaining lists. Holiday and acquisition requests can also be handled quickly and simply in the portal. As well as with its manageability, the new portal was especially convincing with its flexibility and efficiency: new requests from the specialized departments can be promptly and single-handedly implemented without needing to revert to external help. What previously at times took half a day, only takes minutes now. Even new project staff can create applications themselves after just a short training period.
The information provided is up-to-date and easy to manage Fast and transparent processes Resources saved
Intrexx CMS
Software-Service-Vertrag (SSV)
United Planet Fachliteratur (United Planet specialized literature)
Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH & Co. KG
"The journey from prototype to live system is extremely short with Intrexx. We can implement new requests and applications from the specialized departments in a considerably faster way that also saves resources."

Matthias Gärtner,
Senior Project Manager IT Coordination/ Business Processes

Employee portal as information platform across locations

TUI 4U GmbH, main headquarters in Bremen, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TUI Deutschland. As well as the role of consolidator, call center services come under its main business. The help-desk support for travel agencies and a comprehensive flight database management system complete their service provision. With approximately 100 employees, TUI 4U GmbH operates call centers and service offices in Bremen, Osnabrück and Munich.
To create something that would meet the requirements for improving the communication across locations, TUI 4U started searching for a portal solution in 2002. This solution should allow them to distribute information quickly and efficiently at all locations. Furthermore, the reserving of meeting rooms should be handled clearly and transparently using the portal.
TUI 4U chose Intrexx because it’s possible to create applications simply and quickly using the platform independent software. As well as other information, information about the various airlines is gathered in the portal clearly. The contracts made with each airline can be added to their information in the customer management system. In this way, the responsible employees have straightforward access to the information without having to laboriously search through the entire system. Furthermore, the portal contains various reporting applications. Even the room reservations are handled using the portal. The employees can book a meeting room with just a mouse-click. Afterwards, all booked rooms are presented in a manageable and clear manner in a calendar. The portal is very well accepted by the employees. One of the reasons for this is definitely because operating the portal essentially works just like navigating on the internet. Operating the portal is therefore almost intuitive. Beyond that, it’s now guaranteed that the employees have access to the same information at all locations of the company. The Intrexx portal also offers excellent conditions to implement applications that will further improve the internal communications in the future.
Central information platform for employees Comprehensive customer management system Manageable reports Intuitive operation Budget-conscious solution
Intrexx CMS

Extranet portal handles the application process rapidly and transparently

The Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (AWA) is the canton of Solothurn’s service bureau for population, employment services and economics. It contributes to strengthening the regional competitive edge and to socially safeguarding the structural policy shift. The ASA implements the duties from the federation and canton in a customer and need-oriented manner.
Promoting renewable energy and using energy economically is the cornerstone of the energy politics of the canton of Solothurn. For this reason, the government began a new grant program for energy efficiency and renewable energies at the end of 2009. So that the grant applications are organized both efficiently and transparently, the application process should be handled online. To accomplish this, the canton’s existing extranet portal (www.awaso.ch), which was already created with the portal software Intrexx in 2002, was expanded by another component.
In no more than eight working days a portal application was created with the support of the consulting department at United Planet. Since then, the entire application process is handled electronically using this application. The first grant application could already be submitted using the portal after just a few hours. The procedure for applicants is now extremely easy: They fill out their application for a grant in the AWA’s extranet portal and promptly receive a PDF document of this application with the projected grant sum via email. This sum is calculated automatically using the portal’s process manager. After the signed application is received by the AWA it is checked by the clerk. If the application is accepted, then an approval letter is automatically created that is sent to the applicant with an acceptance protocol. After the remediation measures are completed, the applicant sends the filled-in protocol back to the energy office. They examine the data and record it in the Intrexx portal. From here, the data is exported and read by the canton’s SAP system to set the process for transferring the grant sum in motion. Statistical analysis guarantees that the department leader always has an up-to-date overview of the applications and the total amount of grants within a chosen period of time. Overall, the processing time could be clearly shortened and the procedure’s transparency could be greatly increased. And with that, the solution is extremely economical: Outgoings of 40,000 Euros represent savings of 500,000 Euros and counting. This makes the canton of Solothurn a good example for modern and cost-effective E-government.
Rapid and transparent application process Savings in the region of six figures Automated and simplified processes Diverse evaluation options
Public administration
Intrexx Academy (United Planet specialized literature)
United Planet Fachbücher
United Planet Consulting
Bureau for economics and employment services of the canton of Solothurn

Optimal management of customer data and documents

HL-Technology GmbH, in Herford, offers its customers a broad assortment of chemo-technical standard products and products that are specially tailored to a specific application. Resellers, such as wholesalers and sales agencies, as well as industrial bulk consumers and business enterprises all belong to their list of customers.
Because of the very heterogeneous customer base of HL-Technology GmbH, it often wasn’t easy to conduct efficient customer management in the past. In order to optimize and organize customer management in a clearer manner, they started looking for an efficient and powerful CRM system.
While searching, the industry neutral portal solution Intrexx from the Freiburg-based software producer United Planet quickly drew attention to itself because it offers an efficient and modern customer management solution with its CRM Studio. Together with the IT partner Computer Live, the new system was introduced at the end of 2006. Approximately 20 employees, which form the core team, enjoy working with the portal because they each notice the benefits that the portal brings. Each employee now knows where the information is that he needs because all data is gathered together in one central location in the Intrexx portal. Long search processes are now a part of the past. In addition, there is no more redundant maintenance of data. The main application of the portal is the Intrexx CRM Studio, where all customer data can be optimally managed. The entire customer information is stored in one central location there and freely definable activities and processes automatically ensure controlled and rational eBusiness in all work areas. As an example, this means that the creation and processing of tasks relating to customers can now be completely depicted in the portal. This means the management can always inform themselves about the status of upcoming tasks. Even the document management of HL-Technology GmbH is operated with the portal. With the help of the Xlive File Router, developed by Computer Live, all inbound files are intelligently integrated into the portal. It doesn’t matter if the files are from an application, the scanner, copier or fax, all documents can be transferred quickly and easily to the portal with the Xlive File Router, and are then immediately accessible by everyone there. Using OCR software, even faxes can be indexed with full-text. In this way, “dead pictures” are converted to documents that can be edited without any problems.
Efficient and effective CRM system Clear document management Simple application creation via drag & drop Automation of processes Personalized access A portal system that can be expanded as needed
Intrexx CRM Studio
Xlive File Router for Intrexx
Computer live Consulting
"All data is gathered in one central location in the Intrexx portal. Now the employees always know immediately where the information is that they need. This saves us a large amount of time because long search processes through all directories are avoided and there is no more redundant maintenance of data."

Dirk Lücke
Manager of HL-Technology

devolo AG speeds up internal procedures

devolo AG is the world-wide market leader for Powerline communication solutions. Multiple top-product test reviews and awards as well as over twenty-five million delivered adapters demonstrate their impressive level of success. With their sustainable conduct, devolo stands by their responsibility to their customers, employees and the environment with conviction.
In order to unburden the employees and at the same time, improve the customer service even more, devolo began their search for a new customer management solution. What was important to them was that the solution could be connected to an SQL database and that it offered extensive options for personalization. In addition, the solution should be customizable and expandable to a central work platform for all departments of the company. Replacing the current insular solutions was an additional goal.
In the selection process, the intranet and portal software Intrexx from United Planet came out on top against the more complex competitors and was especially convincing in direct comparison thanks to its speed and flexibility. To find out which solution was the most capable, each system was put to a test. While the demands could be met by Intrexx in just three days, the more complex competitors showed no usable results, even after 2 weeks! In cooperation with the Dortmund-based Intrexx partner QuinScape, devolo AG rapidly created a CRM solution with Intrexx, this was connected to the central database and replaced the previous CRM. As well as the customer data, the customer discounts and the entire communication with the customers is stored in the new devolo Communication Portal (short: decom). In addition, contracts are sorted and saved in a special contract module, and these can be recalled in due time using the follow-up function. In this way, business processes are accelerated, activities are controlled with a specific aim in mind and customers are cared for individually and optimally. The portal, created with Intrexx, should be expanded more and more until it becomes the central work platform for all departments of the company. Therefore it should integrate multiple Access-based tools and insular solutions into the system. The employees enjoy working with the new portal, its benefits are clear in their daily work: They don’t just have a faster solution, but furthermore, they also have a tidy interface, which allows them to control the relevant applications. This not only ensures that the solution is highly accepted by the employees, but also increases the productivity at the same time.
Very quick and simple meeting of demands Powerful and efficient CRM and central work platform in one package Customizable and expandable Comprehensive data integration Web-based solution Highly accepted by the employees
Hardware manufacturer
Software-Service-Vertrag (SSV)
Business Adapter for MS Exchange
devolo AG
"While the demands could be met by Intrexx in just three days, the more complex competitors showed no usable results, even after 2 weeks!"

Intrexx ensures light at the end of the Brenner Basistunnel

The project association Galleria di Base del Brennero - Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE, located in Bozen and Innsbruck, supervises what is potentially the most ambitious construction project of this time. One of the most demanding technical construction operations with a total length of more than 200km is being carried out in the middle of the Alps: the Brenner Basistunnel (base tunnel); this will become the longest underground train connection in the world when it’s completed in 2025.
Every tunnel construction is full of risks that need to be analyzed and weighed up by one or more highly-qualified specialists in order to avoid additional costs. A system was to be installed here that allows the dependencies between risks, their possible reduction and the probability of an occurrence to flow into the risk analysis. An additional requirement was the desired multilingualism in English, German and Italian, thus providing all employees with the appropriate content in their own language.
An application that more than fulfilled the requested demands was developed with the Frankfurt-based consulting agency EasyTransfer. The portal software Intrexx, which BBT SE had already been using for a long time in its personnel department, came into play here. Because Intrexx is already setup as multilingual the user’s login or the manual language selection in the portal ensures that information is displayed correctly. This means that not only the portal’s interfaces are displayed in the chosen language but also the contents of the drop-down lists and the most important database fields. The crucial demands from the project Risk Management were developed thoroughly, step-by-step and in close cooperation with the participating specialists and project leaders. The risk analysis took place either with an individual assessment, which then represented the overall assessment of this risk, or multiple specialists, who worked independently from one another, assessed the risk. Afterwards, either any one of these individual assessments is used as the overall assessment or an algorithm is used to create an overall assessment from all of the individual ones. Furthermore, additional functions such as a history of the comments added when making a change, an automatic reminder to those responsible for monitoring a risk and the ability to attach relevant documents and notes to emails were integrated. The projected construction costs can be monitored easily and adjusted punctually, if necessary, with this comprehensive risk management system.
Risk management with assessment from specialists Multilingualism: Language automatically selected at login Change history The ability to integrate documents and notes into emails
Intrexx Process Manager
Brenner Base Tunnel BBT SE
"That multilingualism can be implemented so easily into a demanding project like this really convinced and excited us!"

Gebhard Schweiger
Personnel and Project Manager

Optimizing workflows in parishes

The Bistum (Diocese) of Trier may claim the title of “oldest diocese in Germany”; since 300AD there has been a Christian parish – and with that its first bishops – in Trier. Since that time Christians have lived in the city and in the area around it. Driven by the constant endeavor to live out the discipleship of Christ and to share and pass on their faith in his good news. That’s why the diocese began searching for new ways to share this faith in a way that is interesting and believable to modern people and today’s society.
So that the priests and parishes have more time for pastoral care they began searching for a portal solution that would fulfil all of the requirements, independent of the current hardware, of the parish office and unburden their daily workload. Among other tasks, the solution should allow them to centrally administrate addresses, appointments and service orders and to implement an automated creation of pastoral letters. The aim here was to not only optimize work procedures but also to create a diocese-wide standardization.
During an intensive pre-project phase, various products were analyzed together with the parish community of Wadgassen and Father Peter Leick who operated as third-party experts. They decided to use Intrexx and InGenius-Office which is built on Intrexx. The software from the United Planet partner Compelec was specially designed for churches. InGenius-Office has been made the standard across the diocese of Trier. The portal was ready and available after just 5 weeks. Father Leick paid close attention to the structure and functionality that they conformed to the church laws. The service orders of each individual parish (including the liturgical calendar), managing the mass intentions, the official and pastoral appointments for the counselors, the duties for officiating priests, organists and sextons, managing addresses and the pastoral letters are all handled and administrated with the new system. The letters can be edited and then automatically sent in print format to the appropriate print shops. Church resources (churches, parish community centers) are also planned using InGenius-Office. This creates transparency. Because the new system is browser-based, priests and full-time colleagues have access to data, which has been made accessible to their user group, at any time. The system is ready for future expansions, such as a link to SAP data, and can be adjusted flexibly to new needs as they arise. The social business platform Intrexx Share is also integrated into InGenius-Office. InGenius-Share gives the dioceses’ employees the ability to exchange diocese-internal expertise using a new, internally-hosted and therefore secure infrastructure. A sustainable knowledge management was created using the software and this developed into a culture of constructive communication. Similar to Facebook and the like but just internal.
Optimum connection between parish offices Reduction in workload for the parish secretaries One-time data creation makes content available to all of the applications Service orders, appointments and addresses are standardized across the diocese Pastoral letters are generated automatically from the created data
Intrexx Professional
Intrexx Software Service Vertrag
InGenius Office
Diocese of Trier, Ordinariate
"As a priest it’s very important to me to give my colleagues a tool that creates transparency between them, raises work satisfaction, optimizes administration procedures, is flexibly adjustable and furthermore, is very cost-effective."

Father Peter Leick
Parish community of Wadgassen

From 0 to intranet in 8 months. With no IT knowledge.

Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG is a wholesale enterprise with 20 locations for electronic and electrotechnical products. As the market leader in south-west Germany, the company offers a broad spectrum of products, consisting of 1.5 million articles in the areas of building services, industry engineering, renewable energies and consumer electronics. On a national level, electrical installation companies, manufacturing companies and specialist retailers are supervised. On an international level, wholesale customers represent the focus of customer relations. The company places emphasis on apprenticeships and further education, that’s why a good 10 percent of the 700 employees are apprentices.
The aim of introducing the intranet was to improve the communication and information exchange between employees and also between branches and the main office. In addition, management processes were to be simplified and standardized. Before the introduction of Intrexx there was still no intranet. The introduction wasn’t led by the IT department but by the Alexander Bürkle Academy. In the meantime, an intranet team comprising of members from the academy, IT department and corporate communications is responsible for directing and coordinating the intranet.
While researching the appropriate intranet system, Intrexx and SharePoint made the shortlist. Intrexx was the final choice. As well as the substantially low launch and consequential costs, the ability to develop applications by oneself was decisive. They wanted to be independent of external service contractors. Another advantage was the speed of implementation. After just 8 months the new intranet could go live. The apprenticeship management system was even available after just 2 months. In the apprenticeship application employees can always see which occupational development an apprentice is currently working through, which stations they have already completed or will complete, when they are at the career school or at an internal staff training. Depending on their access permissions, the HR department or the management can access reports and evaluations. Apprentices have access to their own evaluations, they are reminded when they need to hand in their reports and kept up-to-date about the appointments in the junior academy. Instead of organizing requests about 5 different job descriptions in various academic years across the entire south-west of Germany, all information is now just one click away. For example, apprentices can view the content they need to learn for each station at any time and can then specifically take what they need. This increases the quality of their training. Responsibilities are clearly defined with the new intranet. As an example, this guarantees that the evaluations are always made by the same person. The intranet reduces multiple queries and relieves the specialized departments greatly.
Very quick implementation in both introducing and making changes Do-it-yourself application development instead of expensive service contracts Massive reduction in workload across all departments High level of acceptance from the employees
Electronic wholesale and technical service provider
Alexander Bürkle
"3 years ago, I didn’t know what an intranet is capable of, today, I program most of the applications myself. I can also implement the smallest suggestions immediately with Intrexx; this guarantees high acceptance. Being able to immediately make something myself instead of waiting for service providers, I like that!"

Ulrike Berger
Head of the Alexander Bürkle Academy

Bringing employees from 11 locations together

The Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute is one of four Federal Research Institutes in the business division of the German Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. With its application-oriented and practice-based research, it develops scientific principles which guide the federal government in making policy decisions.
The 15 specialized institutes and various service facilities of the Thünen Institute are spread out over 11 locations, which sometimes makes it complicated to communicate and pass along information. What they needed was a portal with a standard interface that would provide access to all of the information that had previously been processed using Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, static HTML pages, other decentralized software solutions, or paper forms.
The solution that the Thünen Institute chose was the Intrexx portal software, because it provides the desired options with its process manager and application designer. By now, the portal unites more than 140 applications for various user groups. An important central application is “Literature Ordering”, a necessary foundation for research. This is an ordering system for scientific literature, which contains a comprehensive workflow between the orderer and the processor. The orderer is informed as to the status of his/her order at all times. Once the literature that was ordered has been digitally delivered, the orderer can access it in the portal. An integrated borrowing system for temporarily provided external literature also sends reminders to employees when borrowing deadlines have been exceeded. Other applications contain a sort of guide to the corporate design of the Thünen Institute with all of the necessary data; they also integrate external databases, or provide documents and forms for administration. A central event calendar provides information to their own employees and is also exported to show dates that concern the public on the Thünen Institute website. This makes everyone aware of what is happening at both their own location and at the other locations. That saves a lot of work and brings the employees from the 11 locations together.
Information is distributed to all locations Efficient data management with less waste of paper Centralized document management Optimizes internal workflow Many ready-to-use templates No programming knowledge required
Intrexx CRM Studio
United Planet reference books
United Planet Academy
Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries
"Above all, we especially like the ready-to-use templates in Intrexx. Many of the things we need, such as bulletin board, calendar and forum, are already included and can be easily adapted or used as is."

Frank Preiß, Portal Administrator

Ready for the future, thanks to modern employee portal

Being dissatisfied with the current system led to the search for a new intranet solution. In direct exchange with other communities, which already use employee portals, various solutions were compared. Because of the specific requirement profile of the city administration, the software Intrexx from the Freiburg-based developer United Planet was ultimately chosen. With Intrexx it was possible to create an optically appealing interface with less effort than there would have been with competing products. Sindelfingen is located in the center of Baden-Württemberg and currently has a population of 62,000. The major district town forms, together with its neighboring town Böblingen, a middle-order center in the region of Stuttgart. Sindelfingen already grew to a significant industry town at the beginning of the 20th century, today its economy is especially marked by the automobile industry and several fashion companies. Furthermore, the city bears the title of “fair city” since 2013.
Being dissatisfied with the current system led to the search for a new intranet solution. The information for the employees of the city administration was stored in a large amount of Lotus Notes databases and because of this, they weren’t easily locatable. In view of the future, they didn’t just want a pure Content Management System (CMS), but rather a more encompassing software, which allowed them to depict workflows and automate processes. Another desired option was the ability to seamlessly integrate a social collaboration component that would allow them to keep up-to-date with changing demands, especially those of the younger employees.
In direct exchange with other communities, which already use employee portals, various solutions were compared. A CMS was discarded from the very beginning, because it would have been too inflexible and wouldn’t have offered all of the necessary functions. That’s why SharePoint and the portal software Intrexx emerged as possible options. Both of them had the strength that they come from established suppliers and therefore the necessary assurance was given. Because of the specific requirement profile of the city administration, the software from the Freiburg-based developer United Planet was ultimately chosen. With Intrexx it was possible to create an optically appealing interface with less effort than there would have been with the competing product. In addition, the ability to develop their own applications, independent of external contractors, and to adapt the existing applications to their specific needs, was perceived as very interesting. At the same time, the AppStore offers numerous applications that are immediately utilizable. In this way, an individual portal, which simplified the daily work of the civil servants in the town hall, went from decision to “Go-Live” within just four months. The time needed to search for information could be reduced considerably and at the same time, all employees are better informed. The contact database and the automatic display of the newest information have proven themselves as especially valuable.
Improved availability of information Greater simplification of processes One central platform instead of individual applications Noticeable increase in efficiency Future-proof: unproblematic adaptation and expansion
Public administration
Intrexx Professional; CMS Studio; Business Adapter Lotus Notes; OData Business Adapter
City of Sindelfingen
"We chose Intrexx, because it offers us flexible and rapid solutions for our information and communication demands. A substantial advantage of our portal is that information can be provided transparently and attractively. This minimizes search costs and ultimately leads to better informed employees. In the future we see even greater efficiency potential to model automated workflows and to devote more time to the topic of ‘social intranet’ with the help of Intrexx Share."

Christof Hölzl,
Organizational Development

5 times faster achieving their goal than with SAP WebDynpro

Boehringer Ingelheim, which was founded in 1885, is an international enterprise in the area of pharmaceuticals. Due to the fact the firm was established as a family business, its main focus is on human pharmaceuticals (prescription products and self-medication), bio pharmaceuticals and animal health. Production takes place at 16 manufacturing sites in 11 different countries and there are also 5 separate research and development locations. In total 142 enterprises are connected with Boehringer Ingelheim.
Boehringer Ingelheim is a dedicated user of SAP: Customer information, receipts, invoices, QM and additional records are located in different SAP systems. As these systems are not directly connected to the www due to security reasons, a solution was sought after which would allow service providers, customers and international sales employees to have safe and reliable access to the SAP data. Access had to be available on both stationary and mobile devices and had to represent different ERP systems in one portal.
In addition to United Planet seven other providers submitted their solutions, however, none of the competitors were able to successfully demonstrate the real time integration of SAP data. United Planet could demonstrate a successful SAP integration as part of the DSAG (“Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe”) 2013 in an absolutely record breaking time of 10 minutes. The generic NetWeaver Gateway Interface makes this possible. Boehringer Ingelheim also considered a solution based on SAP WebDynPro for ABAP. This would, however, have required 70 days of work and therefore would have required 5 times the amount of resources and take 5 times longer than the 15 days required for the solution based on the enterprise portal software Intrexx, to be operational. Within 3 months the Intrexx solution could be used productively.
Very fast conversion in a fifth of the time in comparison to SAP Reduced staffing and training expenses greatly decreases costs A significant reduction in the workload for customer services and sales representatives Global solutions which allow optimal access at all times to local SAP data
Human pharmaceuticals, Bio – pharmaceuticals and animal health
Intrexx Professional
Intrexx Consulting
Business Adapter for SAP Business Suite
Boehringer Ingelheim

90 percent less emails thanks to Intrexx Share

Megazoo, a subsidiary of the Fressnapf Group, is active as a retail chain store in the premium sector. In the 19 stores in Germany and Austria customers buy a wide selection of pet food and accessories, as well as obtaining guidance when buying house pets. For reasons of animal welfare no cats or dogs are sold in the Megazoo stores.
Like all chain stores in the retail industry, Megazoo struggled with problems caused by a lack of communication. Goods were ordered twice since there was no contact between the individual stores. The outcomes of this were extra costs for purchasing, warehousing and logistics. The poor communication had a negative impact on staff shortages or caused unforeseen events. A search for a solution to bring the communication back on track was therefore initiated.
During the search for possible solutions Megazoo quickly landed on Intrexx Share. They have been convinced of the benefits of Intrexx Professional since 2006, long before Intrexx Share was released in 2012. “We had good reasons to choose Intrexx”, was the general thinking. The responsibility for implementation and operation was transferred to Marcel Patalon. The 31-year-old is Head of Digital Communications and CRM. He trained as a journalist and describes himself tongue-in-cheek as an “all-purpose weapon for the issues of customer loyalty, online marketing and communication”. Instead of deliberating for a long time, they simply went ahead. A focus group of management, graphics and communications departments and a store manager together worked out what a social business solution needed to be able to do to actually ease the work in the stores and in the headquarters. After less than 2 weeks Intrexx Share was launched with the animal-themed name “my MIAU” („myMEOW“).
90 percent less emails and significantly improved communication more time for customer advice, instead of annoying, time-consuming emails significantly improved knowledge exchange and transfer across departments significantly reduced costs for purchasing, warehousing, logistics
Pet store
Intrexx Share
Intrexx Professional
"Intrexx Share has ensured that, at last, we communicate sensibly. I am particularly pleased that apparently complex problems have been resolved once and for all and the internal email traffic has been reduced by 90 percent."
Marcel Patalon, Head of Digital Communication and CRM

Reducing failure costs with proALPHA

The company was founded in 1986 and became a subsidiary of the Salzgitter AG steel and technology group in 2001. The company specialises in sheet metal forming for automotive body construction. The firm also develops and manufactures tooling, parts, and components for the construction of designs and prototypes. SZAE are dedicated to supporting their customers in the achievement of their goals by providing them with individualised solutions.
The existing software for handling complaints in SZAE was too complex and had no interface to the ERP system. As a result, considerable duplication of effort was necessary. The system was therefore considered to be unacceptable by the users. The new system needed to facilitate a methodical procedure for handling complaints as well the technical and cost-related traceability of complaint processes over a specified period. In addition, the complaints needed to be handled more efficiently and quickly in the future.
Since the SZAE was already successfully using the Intrexx Professional portal software from United Planet, it was decided to implement the proposed complaint management within the Intrexx portal solution. During their researches SZAE encountered the Frankfurt-based company Easy Transfer, which has been an Intrexx partner from the beginning. During a five-day on-site project, the Easy Transfer application was implemented in the existing Intrexx environment. Following discussions with the employees involved, the processes were installed step by step, so that the previous procedures could be maintained. In cases where this approach was not possible the processes were redesigned and implemented later. Throughout the project, it proved very helpful that Intrexx provides a simple live access to the data of the proAlpha ERP system, and that the customer, supplier, project and product data could thus easily be transferred into the new version. Functions that had not been possible in the previous system, or only to a limited extent, are now provided in Intrexx with a convenient user interface. These include schedule management, reminders, task assignments and multilingualism. There are also automated notifications at all stages of the process, and escalation steps up to the senior management. Furthermore, a dedicated search engine has been assigned for images and documents. The new system now provides a methodical process flow, with prompt and accurate handling of complaints. Thus, the costs of errors are reduced and customer satisfaction is significantly increased.
Prompt settlement of complaints Methodical procedure for complaints Increased customer satisfaction Reduced costs of errors and failures
United Planet Books
Salzgitter Automotive Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
"We were amazed at how quickly and accurately we have completed this project with our partners. After several days of testing and defined adjustments our new complaint management was rolled out and is fully accepted by our colleagues, because it's doing just what we need and how we need it. Quite simply, tailored software."

Uwe Ennen, Head of IT

Intranet and extranet implemented for improved internal and external communication

Fira Oy is a growing young and innovative company in the construction industry, whose operating practices are changing the existing ways of thinking and acting in the field. Fira develops and implements service-oriented construction projects for both commercial companies and the public sector. Typical projects include business and office premises, care facilities, industrial premises and power plants, parking solutions and demanding underground structures. Fira‘s subsidiary Fira Palvelut Oy specialises in office and pipe renovation.
Fira had two major requirements. First of all, the company wanted to establish a powerful intranet platform to facilitate the employees’ access to all information necessary for their daily work. The solution needed to provide good integration functionality with other programs such as Microsoft Exchange or M-Files. Additionally, Fira required a product that would enable them to create modern and intuitive extranet services for customers like housing cooperatives, apartment owners and tenants.
Intrexx offered both the ability to design a convenient and attractive extranet to stay in touch with customers and some elegant and integrated intranet-features. In the freshly designed intranet task lists, schedules and news are available to the users together with some CRM-components like purchase orders and invoices, tenders and offers. Employees as well as subcontractors are now able to get all the relevant info very quickly. Thanks to the various adapters, employees are able to open files, emails and working processes directly from the intranet user interface. The Exchange Adapter brings the user‘s own calendar from MS Exchange directly into the portal interface. The extranet provides all the relevant facilities to bring end users into contact with Fira. Customers can ask questions or give feedback and Fira’s employees can answer them directly through the browser interface. Thus they have considerably reduced the amount of email correspondence and can react to customer needs much faster.
Everything in one place - eliminates need to open several separate applications for reading and processing emails and documents Simplification of processes Modern look & feel of the new Extranet Simplified communication with customers, subcontractors and tenants
Construction industry
Intrexx Professional
Intrexx Share
Microsoft Exchange Adapter
Fira Oy & Fira Palvelut Oy
"We are pleased with the development of Fira group's internal communication with Intrexx. Intrexx supports our growth strategy very well with its versatile tools and features.Thanks to Verkkoasema for the support and the cooperation."

Annabella Haavisto,
Head of Administration, Fira Oy

Meeting employee needs with social intranet platform

The Council of Oulu Region is a regional political authority, responsible for the development of, and representation of interests in the county. It is responsible for regional planning and general coordination of regional development programs related to national and EU structural funds. The Council oversees the interests of the people, municipalities, organizations and enterprises and speaks on their behalf regarding both national and international issues.
Communication plays a central role in the Oulu region – not for nothing is the regional development plan entitled “Oulu Region – The region of co-operative partnerships”! So it was the regional council’s wish to strengthen internal communication. In the past, there were too many different communication channels within the administration, and information such as documents and forms were sometimes hard to find. Also the old intranet tool was extremely difficult to use.
A web-based employee portal was created using the Intrexx-software by United Planet. The portal contains different portlets which provide straightforward access to news, events and also common documents in the Windows network. With the new social intranet platform Intrexx Share, employees, can maintain an open discussion, create notes, answer colleagues’ questions and thus develop knowledge that is of benefit to the whole regional council. This shared wisdom enables the regional council to bring the county forward. Not only was internal communication made easier with Intrexx but also coordination with partners and corporations. A custom built project application which is included in the extranet-portal – also realized with Intrexx – enables the interchange of news, documents and project tasks between the administration and their partners. The council made a significant step for further regional development by choosing a modern and easy way to improve communication.
One platform that contains all the information for employees Simplification of processes Direct access to document templates via the DMS Social intranet enables unrestricted content creation and creates rapport between employees Project application for communication with partners in various projects
Public administration
Intrexx Professional; Intrexx Share; Intrexx DMS; Intrexx CMS; Microsoft-Office-Adapter; Verkkoasema consulting services
Council of Oulu Region
"With Intrexx, our internal communication has substantially improved. Forms, documents and other files distributed previously in multiple locations can now be found, accessed and jointly used with ease. ... The internal social media, Intrexx Share, enables us to share ideas and information over projects and matters in general while reducing the need for less important email correspondence."

Markku Lipponen,
CIO, Council of Oulu Region

Intrexx knocks out Web Dynpro

As a manufacturer of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food, SIG Combibloc makes sure that its customers have reliable machines running. Downtime costs money. To ensure the global supply of spare parts at all times, a multilingual spare parts shop was introduced. Here, Intrexx serves as a front end to SAP data.
With the new shop software customers and SIG subsidiaries are connected to the global SIG ERP system worldwide without a separate SAP ERP. The demands for the shop are varied: in addition to the simple ordering of spare parts for filling machines, the solution always determines the current material master data, individual prices and availability locally and globally from the SAP system. Furthermore, the shop offers access to a spare parts catalog with 2D and 3D models of spare parts and equipment for ease of ordering, enables the upload of Excel lists and passes the items contained to the shopping cart. Frequently ordered combinations can also be saved. Further functionalities include the tracking of orders and shopping carts and approval workflows, including mobile approvals. It was also important that the design met the global CI guidelines and that SIG should also be perceived as „State of the Art“ in the spare parts shop. Because the software is used worldwide, multilingualism was a mandatory requirement.
Intrexx became the focal point because of its flexibility, the mobile user-friendliness and the almost complete design adaptability offered by the SAP-certified OData interface. This design had already been adapted to the global CI requirements. Compared with Web Dynpro, Intrexx was not only much cheaper, but it also looked much better. Therefore, the choice for Intrexx was made. With the new web shop, it is now possible to customize the ordering of spare parts individually. If the customer is located in a country in which the regional company has its own SAP ERP system with Materials Management and Distribution module, then the order is recognized directly after optional release in the SAP system as a sales order. If the customer is located in a country without its own SAP ERP, then a multi-level systematic release is used. In several steps, the most logical order process will be determined - locally, regionally or even in the corporate office. The customer will not notice. The system behind it merely serves to optimize the SIG-internal processes. Along with the spare parts shop, a so-called „Consignment solution“ has been setup in Intrexx. Using the OData interface, spare part stocks can be managed at the customer site. Inventory control, goods movement and master data management are part of the new Intrexx solution that optimizes the SAP system. Intrexx checks whether there are parts locally or in the region or whether they must be ordered from the factory in Germany. Thus, it is often possible to store the most frequently required spare parts, even at the customer site, and still monitor the global stock. Thus, the customer has the ability to track the order and to post the receipt of goods directly in Intrexx. The solution developed with Intrexx is a complex application. It is used worldwide, simultaneously speaks many languages. Ultimately, more than 30 different languages will be available. Together with Intrexx and the OData interface other applications are already being planned. Soon to be implemented is a new CRM system as well as a ticketing-system.
Very fast implementation, both for the launch as well as for both small and large changes Massive reduction of work in all departments Very high level of acceptance among employees and customers Through direct access to SAP data, the data is always up to date and there is no redundant data storage necessary
Manufacturer carton packaging and filling machines
Intrexx Professional;
Intrexx Business Adapter SAP NetWeaver;
SIG Combibloc
"Thanks to the flexible and quickly adaptable software and with the very well-regulated access to SAP data via OData, we are able to make the best of the situation with our existing developers. All future customer solutions will therefore be Intrexx-based. The attractive design is very important for us. The Intrexx standard looked better than anything that Web Dynpro could ever achieve."

Torsten Hesener,
SIG Combibloc Group AG

Enhanced communication and reporting with an enterprise portal

For over 25 years, Principle has been an international brand implementation compa-ny that brings global brands to life in any environment, anywhere in the world. They operate in over 60 countries around the world, working with clients who are looking to achieve consistency of brand standards worldwide. Additionally, they manage every stage of brand implementation from concept to completion - planning, con-sultancy, audit and project management, fit-out, signs and wayfinding, graphics, interiors, financing, and regular maintenance of branded environments.
Before using a portal, Principle Group was managing extremely large projects across multiple spreadsheets. It usually took several weeks to combine sheets in order to produce reports for their clients. Back then, email was the main communication tool, but unfortunately, not everyone was receiving the same set of requirements and directions. Because of this inefficiency at that time, the company was continual-ly losing time to locate crucial project documentation. Indeed, documentation was being stored in multiple places including email, multiple directories on the server, and in a slow moving software tool. Typically, Principle’s clients do not have a list of branding assets that exist at each of their locations. Some programs can have over 2,000 locations in varying stages of branding. Therefore, someone had to survey each location to determine what existed there.
After considering several alternatives including SharePoint and Intrexx, they decided to work with the latter. Thanks to Intrexx, Principle Group is now able to generate a web portal to resolve all of their issues with one tool. Multiple spreadsheets were combined into a relational SQL database within Intrexx and pages were created to allow project management of milestones, notes, and assets. The reports, which used to take weeks to generate are now immediately available online. To enable clients to have access to the information 24/7, a communication application was created to allow collaboration on a particular location or on the program as a whole. Email traffic and phone calls have been significantly reduced as communication can be tracked within the project. Moreover, as each project can have from 10– 500 documents and images, a document routing and management application was created to store and manage all documents within the project, thus, finding crucial documents becomes instantaneous. Furthermore, by creating the asset tracking application, the web portal is also able to show what branding exists at each loca-tion, what types of branding were recommended for each location, and what brand-ing was actually installed at each site. This saves Principle’s client’s money in survey costs when branding is needed again.
Decrease in the email traffic and phone calls Simplification of processes Enhanced communication between project managers and clients One repository of all site related information, accessible 24/7 New ability to track trends, forecasts, and assets
Brand implementation
United Planet Consulting
Principle Group
"Intrexx has a short learning curve from an application development perspective and makes creating pages easy and in-tuitive for our user community. With its quick implementation and flexibility, we are able to meet customer demands in a timely manner."

Coren Jack, Web Portal Services Manager

Replacement of mySAP CRM with a web-based sales portal

SAG GmbH is one the leading service and system suppliers of energy related infrastructure for utilities and industrial companies in Germany. In order to ensure the best possible customer proximity, SAG is represented by about 80 locations in Germany. SAG’s core business, with help from around 5,400 employees, generates a turnover of approx. 800 million Euros.
After separating from the RWE Group in 2006, SAG found that their previous customer management system (mySAP CRM) was too complex and inflexible to suit the needs of their company alone. They began searching for an alternative that could provide a clear overview of all customer information and map the entire life cycle of a quotation within their system. In addition, the solution had to be able to interface with the SAP ERP system, allowing customer data to be exchanged between the two systems and avoiding duplicate management of data.
As no conventional CRM system was able to fulfil all of SAG’s requirements, the decision was reached to create the SAG-Vertriebs-Portal (SVP) using Intrexx portal software. SAG turned to QuinScape GmbH, as one of the Intrexx business partner companies, to implement the project. After the kick-off, all relevant data (customers, contact persons, business opportunities, sales organisation) from mySAP CRM was integrated into the new system. Now each sales and distribution employee at every location has access to the same customer database. This company-wide integration allows for the standardisation of important business processes, such as the creation of quotations, thereby closing any gaps in the internal process chain. The Intrexx Business Adapter for SAP ensures that access to customer data is possible without having to switch from one medium to another. All data is now much easier to find than before and is very clearly displayed. In addition to general customer data, the business opportunities, activities, and planned marketing activities of the company are stored in the SVP and linked with workflows. Additionally, the SVP provides comprehensive information on how particular quotations were generated as well as why and to whom these deals were lost. Creating evaluations is simple, as all of the SVP’s overview pages can be saved in PDF format or exported to Excel. Additionally, the flexibility of the software allows for a quick reaction to new requirements and suggestions for improvement from employees.
Comprehensive customer management solution Quick location of information Flexibly adaptable and expandable Cost-conscious solution Detailed evaluation options Almost no training required
Energy services
Business Adapter for SAP
Reports for Intrexx
United Planet reference books
"I am convinced that the future of customer management lies with portals. Simply because, with a portal solution like Intrexx, there are many more possibilities. Given the chance to start over, we wouldn’t change a thing!"

Michael Drönner, Manager of the ebusiness department

SAP integration for optimal material data management

Brenntag Schweizerhall AG is Switzerland's leading chemical trade and distribution company. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services to a broad clientele from a wide range of industries.
In 2007, the company wanted to simplify and accelerate the process of entering material master data. This process had previously been complicated and time-consuming as everything had to be filled in on paper. Brenntag Schweizerhall AG was looking for a software solution that could map this whole workflow electronically.
The company opted for the portal software Intrexx from the Freiburg-based software provider United Planet, which very quickly won over the company's IT managers with its comprehensive data management functions and favourable cost/performance ratio. In addition to that, the Intrexx Connector for SAP enables connection between the enterprise portal and the SAP system. Within a very short time, Intrexx had helped to establish an Enterprise Portal which, in interacting with the SAP system, enabled employees to create and maintain material master data in a clearly structured way. Previously, each department had to enter data on individual materials in a paper form and fuse this data manually later; now, employees can create the material master directly on the Intrexx portal. The software's authorization system enables administrators to define precisely who is allowed to create what data. In addition to general material data, employees can also enter warehouse-specific data, inspection procedures and deadlines or hazardous substances information. At the end of the workflow, the data is exported to the company's SAP system. An SAP job that runs every evening writes the released data into the appropriate material master. A status display shows which data has already been entered and which has not. This guarantees the greatest possible transparency at all times and also ensures that all material master data is definitely recorded. The complete workflow was significantly accelerated and simplified in this way.
Clearly structured data entry and management Link between Enterprise Portal and SAP Faster and simpler workflows No disruption between media Portal system can be enhanced as needed
Intrexx Professional
Business Adapter for SAP
United Planet technical literature
United Planet Consulting
Brenntag Schweizerhall AG
"On this level of specialization and at this price, there is hardly a comparable solution that could rival Intrexx."

Christian Messmer, Head of IT, Brenntag Schweizerhall AG

Intrexx supports sustainable quality development

The “Gewerbliche Schule für Holztechnik”, an industrial school for wood engineering located in Stuttgart, Germany, is divided into a vocational school and a technical school. It offers a wide variety of training options, from the foundation year and entry-level year, to vocational training instruction for prospective carpenters, glaziers, master craftsmen, and designers of woodwork, to the technical school for engineering. From 2003 to 2006, the school participated in a pilot project of the Ministry of Culture and Education Baden-Württemberg, Germany, called “Operativ Eigenständige Schule” (OES) [operationally independent school]. This project focuses on the development of a sustainable quality management plan for vocational schools in the state of Baden-Württemberg.
As a model school for the quality development project, the objective was to further develop the quality of vocational education and to optimise it by systematically professionalising academic processes. The school sought to increase efficiency in the areas of organisation and communication by introducing an information management system.
Using Intrexx Professional standard software from United Planet, the school implemented a web-based intranet portal in 2007. This software stood out because of its simple and user-friendly user interface and flexible customisation possibilities. Managing all important information centrally on the portal quickly led to visible success. An improved internal communication base simplifies the exchange of technical information and material, which, in turn, allows for an appealing education structure with comprehensive course preparation and follow-up discussions. A “School-Wiki” was created, which allows anyone to add content, making it possible for the teaching staff to actively participate in further development. Now, valuable knowledge will not be lost, but remains available for all to access. Furthermore, the wiki also acts as an organisational aid. It stores process descriptions, such as those for enrolment, and other procedures, including all of the important instructions and forms, and can be viewed by teachers seeking advice. Implementing the information portal saved costs and reduced the workloads. In the future, it will also be possible to reserve resources and process substitutions directly in the portal. The consistently positive experience users have had with the software shows that using the web-based portal systematically optimises work processes, and that it helps to meet the increasing administrative requirements.
Systematic professionalisation of academic work processes Efficient information management Centralised data management Knowledge and experiences can be viewed by all participants Optimisation of internal organisation and communication Costs are saved, workloads reduced
Intrexx Professional
United Planet Consulting
Commercial School for Wood Technology, Stuttgart

Optimal information management with an enterprise portal

For 23 years, T+H Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, an ISO TS 16949-certified metal goods manufacturer located in Gerstetten, Germany, has been fabricating high quality metal parts for various business sectors. Clients come mainly from the aerospace sector and the automotive industry, for which T+H produces vendor parts such as components for seat belts and airbags.
T+H Metallwarenfabrik wanted to provide employees with clear access to the various quality management documents in the company and, in 2002, sought out a software solution that would allow these documents to be centrally collected and organized. The objective was to make it possible for employees to find all the information needed for their work in just a few clicks.
After closely examining the Intrexx Professional platform-independent portal solution, T+H knew for certain that this solution would fulfil all of their requirements. Most convincing were the user friendliness and the price/performance ratio. After initially using the portal to merely manage documents, the company realized that, with Intrexx, much more was possible. T+H began to merge the information from the various systems of the company in their Enterprise Portal. Data from the ERP system are integrated into the employee portal as well as information from the production planning and control system, employee timekeeping system, or inventory management is integrated. In the past, employees had to spend much time searching several different systems to find all the information they needed. Now, all of that information is available with just once simple mouse click. For example, if an employee enters the number of a certain component, all information on this component is displayed immediately on a portal page. The employee sees an overview of how this product is selling, what revenue the company achieves with this component, whether there have been any complaints, how much time has been estimated for producing this part, and how much time is actually needed to manufacture this product. The employee also sees an image of that component. The data for this comprehensive information page is compiled from different systems. For the future, it is also planned to incorporate various isolated applications, along with the quality management area into the portal.
Optimal information management Clear document management Central interface for various systems in the company No more isolated applications IT-supported quality management Quick creation of applications Portal system can be enhanced as needed
Manufacturing company
Intrexx Professional
United Planet Consulting
United Planet Academy
United Planet technical literature
T+H Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
"Intrexx has made it possible for us to bring together all information in one place. This saves each of our employees a lot of time, because they no longer need to search for and compile information located in differing systems."

Oliver Zeller, IT Director and QM Representative

Managing teaching materials clearly

DEKRA Akademie GmbH is a subsidiary of DEKRA AG. Along with its sister company, DEKRA Qualification, DEKRA Akademie is one of the largest training organisations in Germany, looking back on almost 30 years of experience. At over 100 permanent and 50 project-related locations, DEKRA Akademie offers its clients a comprehensive, up-to-date, and flexible range of services. These services go from one-day seminars to multi-year company-specific training plans.
At the beginning of the new century, DEKRA Akademie wanted to make it simpler for trainers to prepare for courses. In pursuit of this goal, DEKRA Akademie sought out a software solution that would make it easy to upload and download teaching materials and curricula. Furthermore, the solution had to be web-based, so that the DEKRA Akademie trainers could access the various documents from any location.
DEKRA Akademie decided to develop an Enterprise Portal using Intrexx Professional, the platform-independent portal software from the German software company United Planet. Intrexx was chosen because the software is easy to use and allows creating applications quickly without a great amount of programming. Since 2002, authors at DEKRA Akademie have been able to put course documents — such as PowerPoint slides and Word documents — on the Intrexx portal, where they are available to all trainers. This allows providing the most up-to-date course materials on the portal at all times and prevents duplication of work. Because the various materials are clearly organized in categories, trainers see straight away whether material about a specific topic already exists. As a web-based solution, Intrexx Professional allows trainers use external access points to add documents to the system and to download them. This way trainers have the option of preparing their lessons also from home. The trainers enjoy using the system because it makes their work considerably easier. The numerous documents, amounting to many gigabytes of data on the portal, and thereby forming a large knowledge data base, provide just one example of the positive reaction this software has received. In addition, the user interface of the application is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand, which is why the trainers required no special training before using the software.
Access to teaching materials and curricula from any location Clear collection and management of documents Avoids duplication of work Easy to use Flexible application possibilities
Intrexx Professional
DEKRA Akademie GmbH
It is very important for us to have a system that is reliable. Since we have been using Intrexx, the system has been extremely stable and has not crashed once."

Michael Fischer, IT Director

The employee portal for the city of Brandenburg is well received

The city of Brandenburg, Germany after which the federal state is named, has about 74,000 inhabitants. The special historical role that the historic health resort and capital of the district played in the development of the region is beyond all question. Over the past centuries important economic and social impulses have come from there time and again. For example, Brandenburg’s city law was transferred to many places in the region and – what most people don’t know – even to Berlin.
The municipality of Brandenburg was originally looking for a content management system to manage internal information. However, the IT department quickly recognised that municipal administration is not just about managing information. Functions, applications and processes had also to be mapped in a meaningful way. Therefore, they began looking for a portal solution to replace other existing applications and also to serve as an internal information portal.
The municipality chose Intrexx, which had already proven itself in more than 400 municipalities, government agencies and administrations in Germany. The determining factor was the software’s flexible expandability and many ready-to-use templates, which allow to set up a portal within a relatively short period of time. The portal was eventually started in October of 2006, and 800 employees now are using it every day. They especially value the basic applications that are found in many administrations: information is distributed, seminars are managed, and resources are booked via the portal. In cooperation with the consulting firm City & Bits, special applications were also developed, such as subsidies management and contract controlling. This way it is possible to manage the term, time limits for appeal, check periods, etc. for each contract. Using automatic notice functions (reminders), all contracts can be continuously controlled, such as an upcoming check that services were rendered properly or on contracts for which the term of notice has expired. The two main goals of the municipality of Brandenburg were thereby achieved: existing individual applications were to be replaced and consolidated in one platform. Another goal they had was to provide all employees the information and functions they needed to perform their daily work.
Increased simplification of processes User-friendly interface Centralised data access Automation of processes Personalised access One system replaces numerous individual applications
Public administration
Intrexx Professional
CMS Studio
Project Management Studio
City of Brandenburg
"This powerful portal represents a meaningful addition to the administrative procedures that we use. Over time we want to expand it into an executive information system in order to more efficiently organize the daily work in our city administration."

Gert Walter, Chief Officer of Automated
Data Processing for the city of Brandenburg

Linking data with the enterprise portal

As a larger mid-sized company, Zahoransky AG has 6 locations around the world. The company is dealing in special equipment construction (for tooth brushes, household brushes, technical brushes, etc.) and packaging machines (blister packaging) for over 100 years now. The Zahoransky Group’s mould construction is among the leading manufacturers of injection moulds which are used in homes, medical technology, writing utensils, etc.
Until a few years ago, communication was mainly handled via e-mail and telephone, so they desperately needed a modern IT solution to meet the high demands of the constantly growing company. The IT department therefore pushed for a portal that could be accessed from all locations to simplify the collaboration. The company wanted to be able to integrate existing data in the portal and to use it internationally.
To create the portal the Zahoransky AG used the platform-independent Intrexx Xtreme software, which has a process manager and options for integrating external data, in addition to numerous ready-to-use templates. For one thing, the portal is used for internal administration, such as appointments, resource planning, newsletters, announcements, quality management, and document management of patents. For another, it is used to merge important financial and company data from various departments, locations, and software systems. Data from the ERP system from logistics, stock and purchasing is as well integrated as CAD, bookkeeping and CRM data. The different software systems are thereby consolidated with a standard interface. The sales and distribution department can see exact stock figures from all locations when it makes quotations. Access to the external databases runs in the background and there is no need to manually import or export data. In addition, production orders are placed over the portal in a sort of production pool, where they can be dispatched to the production lines of the individual plants, depending on the workload.
Increased simplification of processes One Web interface for all data Eliminates data redundancy Worldwide access Faster cycle time for quotations and production orders Capacity-based production planning can be done quickly and simply Portal system can be enhanced as needed
Production business
Intrexx Professional
United Planet consulting
United Planet Academy
Zahoransky AG
"Whereas our employees used to have to make several phone calls to get information from various locations, now the portal provides this at the press of a button."

Jürgen Buschau, IT Manager

Internal portal connects 24 locations

The Public Administration for Property and Building Construction (VBV) is the center of competence and service center for all services regarding the state’s properties and construction projects in Baden-Württemberg. Their tasks in-clude providing locations for state facilities, property politics, managing and supporting all building construction policies of the state, maintaining the building culture and sustaining the cultural inheritances, marketing and pre-senting the state’s manor houses and gardens as well as building manage-ment for the association. Under the roof of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Finance, the VBV consists of the State Office for Federal Construction in Baden-Württemberg with the Karlsruhe Regional Finance Office, and the State Office for Property and Construction in Baden- Württemberg.
There are numerous guidelines and regulations to be followed in the field of public administration. To do so, the employees of the VBV must first know about these regulations. Until 2006, this task was performed by a static HTML page in the form of a bulletin board. However, as requirements increased, the VBV began to look for a dynamic solution. Above all, it had to allow for the different capacities and information requirements of the various hierarchies. In addition, the solution had to simply the provision and maintenance of organizational charts, which previously had to be edited in Word and Excel, laboriously formatted and distributed in paper form. The VBV therefore was looking for a software solution which could be introduced quickly, connected to other systems, individually enhanced, and with which time and costs could be clearly managed.
VBV Baden-Württemberg chose the portal software Intrexx. In the VBV portal, every employee can find the information that is relevant for his or her depart-ment, as well as specific locational information. Among others, this includes current messages to employees and information on the tasks of the property, building and construction management. The portal is also an information plat-form with which standards, regulations, laws and guidelines are administrated and researched. The dynamic knowledge portal is constantly kept up-to-date and provides all employees with the information they need to work.Project Leader, Wolfgang Weisbrod, considers the powerful search function, which provides full-text searching, to be the biggest advantage: “The employees experience that it’s very easy to find what they’re looking for in the knowledge portal. The portal is a great support in our daily working. This leads to a high level of acceptance.”The provision and maintenance of organizational charts is also web-based, which saves a lot of time and paper. The defined input formats in Intrexx also allow changes to be made in a short period of time. The various hierarchies were accommodated by dividing the employee portal into a part that can be accessed by all VBV employees and a section that is limited to individual organizational units, which requires a separate logon. Thus, the work of the approximately 2,500 users at 24 different locations has been made much easier.It’s very important to Mr. Weisbrod that the employee portal doesn’t just serve the purpose of providing information. In fact, the opposite is true: many busi-ness processes can be performed here directly. “This makes the portal the central place to go for many employees. We can speak about a Digital Work-place – an important step towards modernizing our administration.”The VBV and its employees are very pleased with their portal – even though it meant readjusting. Before the knowledge portal was introduced, most of the documents and standards weren’t centrally available but printed out and stored in files. Ultimately however, the employees gladly made the step to-wards a modern administration; this is proven by the following statistic: every year the portal tallies up almost three million clicks.
System allows for clear calculation of time and finances Problem-free connection to other systems Can be individually enhanced One portal replaces numerous Excel, Access and Word documents Simplifies cooperation between the different locations
Public administration
Intrexx Professional
Reports for Intrexx Professional
United Planet consulting
Public Administration for Property and Building Construction (VBV) in Baden-Württemberg

Interface between SAP and the enterprise portal

With over 7.6 million maintained securities accounts, the Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank) is the clear market leader in the securities service. The first transaction bank active in multiple sectors, which launched from a merger in mid-2003, employs approximately 1,350 people at seven locations. The clients of the specialist for process and system services associated with securities processing include the cooperative financial network, large parts of the savings bank financial group, and numerous institutes from the private and commercial bank area, such as the Dresdner Bank or the Postbank.
The merger of the Bank für Wertpapierservice und -systeme AG and the WPS WertpapierService Bank AG in 2003 created the largest securities processor in Germany, the Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG, or dwpbank, for short. Its goal was to improve the communication between the bank’s locations and to establish a central platform where employees can find all information related to their position.
Today, newsletters, appointments and publications, as well as press screenings, works council information and internal job offers, are published in the intranet portal. The flagship of the portal is “PaX”: this project management application covers all operations from project proposal to status reports, change requests, and the final project report. The posted expenses and costs (actual data) of the projects are transferred from the SAP system to the PaX application. Planning information for the costs and expenses of the projects flows from PaX to the SAP system by another route. The external data from SAP can thereby be enriched with new information and used and further processed for diverse evaluations, process handling or updates in the portal. The “promotion catalogue” is an additional application that presents all customer and promotional gifts to the sales and marketing department and makes them available for order. In addition, some Lotus Notes applications were made Webcapable and integrated into the intranet portal.
Fast project results with a comparatively frugal budget Interactive applications for employees, resulting in a high degree of acceptance Attractive and clear user interface Presentation of selected information for customers via an extranet Central access point to all information Integration of the most varied of systems
Intrexx Professional
CMS Studio
eProcurement Studio
United Planet consulting
United Planet Academy
"Intrexx has the necessary features, such as security and the latest technology and functions, just as with IBM or SAP. The decisive factor for me was the fact that we only need 10% of the otherwise normal creation time for an application."

Michael Rech, Manager of the ITTAM Department

Medical council brings life to internal employee portal

The Ärztekammer für Oberösterreich (Medical Council for Upper Austria) as a service company represents the interests of Upper Austrian doctors. The 50 employees of the medical council serve about 5,000 members.
Things must run smoothly on the inside to be able to provide high-quality consulting to the outside. Reinhard Hechenberger, the Assistant Manager of the Department of Statutory Health Physicians & IT, and his team therefore decided to set up a Web-based platform which would manage all internal data and processes. A standard professional appearance in the CI of the medical council was also a basic requirement. “Our goal was to set up an internal employee portal specially tailored to meet the needs of the medical council within a short period of time. Intrexx is especially suited for this because you can create individual applications, in addition to the numerous ready-to-use templates, and it is comparatively inexpensive and easy to use”, said Erik Pillinger, Manager of Information Engineering GmbH. People used to handle room reservations using Outlook. Video projectors and other accessories were not even managed. The kitchen handled food planning by calling each individual department and writing down lists of orders by hand.
Now all of this is booked using the portal. Each employee enters his or her own food orders, which greatly reduces the workload for kitchen personnel. The bookings are passed on internally to billing, which also reduces the error ratio. The portal is also used to book all rooms with the necessary equipment, such as video projectors, catering, etc., which results in much less stress. Even here, the system passes on the information to billing: the invoice recipient is entered for each session – be it their own employees, the medical council, or external associations – so that drinks, food and other expenses can be charged. All transactions are intertwined and run automatically, which saves a lot of time and money. All documents in the portal are also internally categorised and can then be centrally accessed. Forms, templates, user manuals and even more are now systematically managed, and soon the documents will be assigned version numbers. This simplifies searching and storing documents very much, and nothing is lost in the process. The most important applications in the portal are seminar management, project management, document management, and an inventory module.
Significant savings as a result of session management One platform for all documents, projects and transactions Organisation of daily processes is more efficient Clear presentation of projects and work schedules Reduced error rate and simplified search for information
Health care
Intrexx Professional
Project Management
Medical Council for upper Austria
"The portal greatly reduced our internal workload. Many organizational tasks are now handled automatically – and therefore with fewer errors, too. We recommend that everyone uses this type of solution."

Reinhard Hechenberger, Assistant Manager of the
Department of Statutory Health Physicians & IT

Employee portal coordinates information flood

Sparkasse Kraichgau covers a business area of about 884 km², where 256,000 people live in 30 cities and communities. This area stretches across three rural districts and two administrative districts. Besides offering a wide variety of finan-cial and bank services, Sparkasse Kraichgau is characterised by their dedication to business development and support of social, cultural and sports facilities and projects.
In 2005, Sparkasse Kraichgau decided to partially replace existing Lotus Notes applications with an internal portal. The reason for doing so was to avoid high licence costs and laborious development for a new system. In addition to a good cost/performance ratio, the system had to simplify the creation of applications and be flexible with respect to new requirements.
They eventually chose the Intrexx Professional standard software, with which intranet and employee portals can be created in a short period of time, thanks to the graphical user interface. The main application inside the portal is an information system, which replaces the previous application that was based on Lotus Notes, and is therefore much more flexible and cost-efficient. The “pin board” applica-tion enables you to provide department-specific documents. Specific groups of persons receive the information that is relevant for them. Departments such as marketing and investment counselling upload the new documents to the tree structure and then inform selected recipients using “pin news”. In this fashion, they receive information about interest statements, upcoming special offers and projects, sales promotions, job descriptions, etc. Other applications in the portal include a cafeteria schedule, a telephone directory, a bulletin board and a picture gallery. A help desk application is used project-oriented and collects all queries from employees as tickets. The processors then access individual orders and record the status and what percentage of the task has been accomplished. For the near future also a forum is planned, which the employees can use to impart tips and tricks for sales promotion or to exchange experiences. The portal saves Sparkasse Kraichgau a lot of work and considerably simplifies information man-agement: while they used to send various documents by e-mail in the past, now everything is centrally available in the portal. Each department receives only the information that is relevant to its work and uses the efficient search and archiving functions. Compared to the previous application that was based on Lotus Notes, Sparkasse Kraichgau profits from great cost savings and the option of quickly and easily creating their own applications.
One platform for all documents, sales aids and information Low costs for licences and service Always current information reduces error ratio Simplified search and data access from all locations
Intrexx Professional
United Planet Academy
United Planet reference books
Sparkasse Kraichgau
"Compared to the previous Lotus Notes application, the Intrexx portal provides us many advantages: affordable licence costs save us a lot of money, and easy creation of applications makes us independent of service providers and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, we can now distribute information to specific target groups."

Sascha Glatz, System Administrator, Sparkasse Kraichgau

Connecting external franchisees and real estate platforms

STREIF Haus GmbH is the market leader in prefabricated homes. Over 75,000 single-family homes and duplexes have been constructed in Germany since the company was founded. Since the purchase of a house is a long-term decision, the challenge for STREIF is to support interested parties and customers from the start and by so doing, develop trust. For the most part, sales are handled by a country-wide franchise organisation.
STREIF decided to set up an Internal portal. This portal would be used in the future to manage all information, data and processes in order to provide optimal service to interested parties and customers. The approximately 40 franchisees would be connected to the portal in order to provide customer support at a very high level.
The product they selected was the Intrexx Professional portal software, because this solution already contains many ready-to-use modules and can be customised to STREIF business processes. The addresses of interested parties from various sources are imported into the portal. These addresses are automatically assigned to the corresponding franchisees and the responsible consultant. Each processor is then guided through the individual support steps. From the first contact, to the quotation and signing of the contract, to the construction approval and follow-up support, all steps are prescribed in the portal with plenty of background information. Each franchisee sees only the filtered data for his or her customers. The franchisee has authorisation to change and maintain this data. By contrast, the respective supervisor at STREIF has an overview of all data. This allows him or her to display which franchisee is currently processing how many contacts with which status, or to evaluate the number of contract signings in comparison to the previous year and to other franchisees. Thanks to the portal, there is no more need to waste paper or to have to send e-mail messages between the main office and the franchisees. For a short time the STREIF portal also provides data for the four main real estate web platforms - ImmobilienScout 24, ImmoWelt, Immonet and Immopool. Now any information on different properties has to be entered only once in their centralized portal. After this the data is available on all of the previously mentioned web platforms at the same time. The real estate requests are collated and structured within the company’s portal. These requests are coming in from the internet and will be automatically transferred in to the internal CRM system. Statistics also allow valuable reporting on the page views per property.
Increased simplification of processes Address qualification, quotation handling and controlling via portal Access to data is independent of time and location Marketing material and product information always up-to-date and centrally accessible Great customer benefits
Construction industry
Intrexx Professional
CMS Studio
United Planet reference books
United Planet consulting

Potsdam-Mittelmark hooks up employees, citizens and partners

Since 1994, the German administrative districts of Belzig, Brandenburg-Land and Potsdam-Land, as well as the local authorities of the administrative office of Treuenbrietzen, are now consolidated in the new administrative district of Pots-dam-Mittelmark. The headquarters of the district office are in the town Belzig.
In order to keep administrative district employees up-to-date on new develop-ments, the administrative district created an intranet, in addition to its external website, early on. Until a few years ago, as is the case with many administrative bodies, this intranet consisted of purely static HTML pages, which were centrally maintained. However, the IT department quickly determined that they could achieve much more by using an “Enterprise Portal”.
After intensive research, the administrative district of Potsdam-Mittelmark de-cided to use the Intrexx Professional solution from the Freiburg software producer, United Planet in 2004. The portal enables approximately 900 employees at differ-ent locations to access more than 100 different applications, which simplifies it working together very much. For example, the administrative district employees can get information about internal training courses on the portal and register right away. Electronic time recording is also coupled with the portal. Holidays and business trips are entered on the portal and then adjusted in accordance with time records. Due to the fact that all geographic plans and data (e.g. on land utilisation, abandoned or polluted areas, or tourism) are centrally recorded on the portal and can be accessed there from the individual municipalities, inter-municipal cooperation was also made much easier. Intrexx also helped to further improve services for citizens. Ideas and complaints from citizens no longer end up in written form on the desks of employees, but instead are immediately for-warded to the respective department via the portal. This saves time and provides the responsible administrative leadership with a good overview of all received cases. In the future, the data from the intranet that is also of interest to citizens of the administrative district (e.g. data on natural and historical monuments, or day-care centres) will also be immediately accessible in the Internet via Intrexx. The new employee portal provides good services for both internal and external use: for employees it makes it easier to work together. Citizens, municipalities and external partners benefit from up-to-date information and prompt processing of their requests. Without a doubt, the administrative district of Potsdam-Mittelmark serves as a role model in the field of municipal eGovernment.
Increased simplification of processes Information is distributed to all locations Efficient data management with less paper waste User-friendly interface Portal system can be enhanced as needed
Public administration
Intrexx Professional
United Planet consulting
United Planet Academy
United Planet reference books
Administrative district of Potsdam-Mittelmark
"Back then, we decided on Intrexx because the software is comparatively inexpensive, and it enabled us to adjust and expand the portal on our own, without requiring extensive resources or great expense."

Beatrix Ebert, in charge of the intranet for
the administrative district of Potsdam Mittelmark

ITIL and Basel II – implemented at the Santander Consumer Bank

The Santander Consumer Bank AG, former CC-Bank AG, is part of the Grupo Santander. According to it’s market capitalisation the Santander Comsumer Bank is the number one in the euro zone and one of the leading banks worldwide. The Grupo Santander has 131,000 employees in more than 40 countries.
The Santander Consumer Bank was searching for software to implement the rules of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) for processes in the IT service management. The idea was to keep the specifications of Basel II which include all internal procedures and systems to calculate the risk of loss.
To achieve this aim the bank decided to built up an Enterprise Portal with the help of Intrexx Professional – a Portal Software from the German provider United Planet. At this moment all the infrastructure components of the bank are managed in this Portal. Now it is easily possible to display which hardware component is part of a certain IT process. The program calculates automatically the default risk of the component and checks if there is an adequate backup available to minimise the risk. Further information about the IT service (support-, service-, rent- and leasing contracts etc.) can be shown at the same time. An infrastructure with 45 IT services and approx. 1000 server side hardware components from different companies, such as I-series, Z-series, HP-UX, Novell, Windows and Citrix are now being managed with Intrexx Professional. The created automatisms help also to meet the SOX requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) efficiently.
Simplification of workflows Compliance with given laws Simplification of company reports Efficient administration of processes, risks and responsibilities Worldwide implementation of multilingual documentation
Intrexx Professional
Project Management Studio
United Planet Consulting
Santander Consumer Bank

Internet product configurator with SAP link

The internationally active company offers future-orientated problem solutions with chain systems and components for a wide range of applications: for lifting, pulling or conveying, the hoisting gear chains, fittings and conveyor systems from RUD guarantee quality, innovation and safety. On snow and ice and in harsh off-road conditions the non-slip chains enable safe driving in connection with innovative assembly systems and long life.
Most manufacturers of technical systems can no longer do without standardised but configurable products. But the process of creating a bid is often very complicated. Excel files are created with VBA or an independent configuration software for configuration of the products. The process requires a lot of paper, manual entry of the data and expensive updates when products are developed further. In order to tackle this problem innovatively, RUD introduced a Web-based portal solution which should also enable a link to SAP. The solution had to be simple and implementable without programming effort if possible and offer versatile design possibilities.
The portal software Intrexx Professional and the available SAP Business Adapter were ultimately chosen. This solution enables data to be called live from SAP and written back into SAP from the portal application. In addition to the read and write access to SAP, Intrexx also features fast, simple application creation and flexibility to meet any requirements. The most important application with extensive processes and SAP link was put into operation after 2 months. RUD created a configurator for a conveyor system consisting of standard RUD components. Customers can call this calculation tool on the Internet and enter their data (such as axle distances, gradient angles, conveyor width) there. The system accesses the SAP material master data via an adapter. These are interdependent and are checked automatically for permissible performance and limit values of the design. The configurator calculates the chain dimensions with these data and within a few seconds the customer receives an informative offer. This is a great relief for both customers and RUD.
Greatly simplified procedures Web-based solution with read and write access to SAP Data access between various locations High customer benefit already in the important inquiry and offer phase No media breaks Infinitely expandable portal system
Producing companies in the metal processing industry
Intrexx Professional
Business Adapter for SAP
United Planet Consulting
RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG
"The Connector for SAP has extremely simplified many of our procedures. Intrexx offers us the possibility of not only read access but also write access to the SAP system and of creating any applications with the data."

Anita Valentin, Head of IT

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