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Intrexx Case Study: Brand implementation

Principle Group

"Intrexx has a short learning curve from an application development perspective and makes creating pages easy and in-tuitive for our user community. With its quick implementation and flexibility, we are able to meet customer demands in a timely manner."

Coren Jack, Web Portal Services Manager

Enhanced communication and reporting with an enterprise portal

Industries: Publishing & media
Partner: PortalConsult GmbH

For over 25 years, Principle has been an international brand implementation compa-ny that brings global brands to life in any environment, anywhere in the world. They operate in over 60 countries around the world, working with clients who are looking to achieve consistency of brand standards worldwide. Additionally, they manage every stage of brand implementation from concept to completion - planning, con-sultancy, audit and project management, fit-out, signs and wayfinding, graphics, interiors, financing, and regular maintenance of branded environments.

Before using a portal, Principle Group was managing extremely large projects across multiple spreadsheets. It usually took several weeks to combine sheets in order to produce reports for their clients. Back then, email was the main communication tool, but unfortunately, not everyone was receiving the same set of requirements and directions. Because of this inefficiency at that time, the company was continual-ly losing time to locate crucial project documentation. Indeed, documentation was being stored in multiple places including email, multiple directories on the server, and in a slow moving software tool. Typically, Principle’s clients do not have a list of branding assets that exist at each of their locations. Some programs can have over 2,000 locations in varying stages of branding. Therefore, someone had to survey each location to determine what existed there.

After considering several alternatives including SharePoint and Intrexx, they decided to work with the latter. Thanks to Intrexx, Principle Group is now able to generate a web portal to resolve all of their issues with one tool. Multiple spreadsheets were combined into a relational SQL database within Intrexx and pages were created to allow project management of milestones, notes, and assets. The reports, which used to take weeks to generate are now immediately available online. To enable clients to have access to the information 24/7, a communication application was created to allow collaboration on a particular location or on the program as a whole. Email traffic and phone calls have been significantly reduced as communication can be tracked within the project. Moreover, as each project can have from 10– 500 documents and images, a document routing and management application was created to store and manage all documents within the project, thus, finding crucial documents becomes instantaneous. Furthermore, by creating the asset tracking application, the web portal is also able to show what branding exists at each loca-tion, what types of branding were recommended for each location, and what brand-ing was actually installed at each site. This saves Principle’s client’s money in survey costs when branding is needed again.

  • Decrease in the email traffic and phone calls
  • Simplification of processes
  • Enhanced communication between project managers and clients
  • One repository of all site related information, accessible 24/7
  • New ability to track trends, forecasts, and assets
Tags: Collaboration, Intranet, Data integration

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