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abConsultants GmbH

“As consulting engineers, we want to design our processes in such a way that we provide our customers and employees with meaningful benefits at all times and in all places. The link between Intrexx and M-Files thanks to PortalConsult provides us with an optimal DMS, CMS, project management system, sales management system and controlling tool. It not only serves as a repository but thanks to its workflow, permissions and audit tracking functions, it plays an important role in our quality enhancement and assurance.”

Sabina Siefert, Managing Director, abConsultants GmbH

The best of both worlds: Optimal link between Intrexx and M-Files

Use case: Data integration
Products: Connector for M-Files, Connector for Microsoft Exchange, Project Management for Intrexx, Sales Management System, Connector for OData
Partner: PortalConsult GmbH

abConsultants surveys noise situations and provides appropriate noise protection during the planning of real estate, residential areas or industrial and leisure facilities. With the assistance of high-end technology, abConsultants identifies sound sources in next to no time. Acoustic situations are simulated using effective software. Based on the measured and calculated results, the company develops strategies for active and passive noise protection and for creating suitable acoustic comfort.

abConsultants was looking for software that could be used to manage all information relevant to the company and handle projects as automatically as possible.  They wanted to replace the existing, various software solutions with a new, coherent and effective system. As well as general areas like managing employees and leave requests, they focused primarily on customer management, project handling as well as creating and tracking requests, tenders, commissions and orders with suppliers. It soon became clear that they would be able to meet all of these requirements with one software, Intrexx. Especially Intrexx’s flexibility and wide range of integration options convinced abConsultants from the very start. It only took about three months to initially create an individual and powerful portal. After the portal was rolled out, it has been continuously expanded with additional functions.

Above all, the dovetailing of the customer management and order management systems with the project management system means it is much easier to handle projects. In addition, thanks to a detailed reporting function, executives and project managers can view the current status of orders and projects at all times. All communications, which are part of any project, are saved as a memo, email or document in the portal. Metadata about the customer, contact person and project is automatically assigned to incoming project emails via the Connector for Microsoft Exchange and then saved as a document via the Connector for M-Files, thnaks to low-code. At the same time, all documents created as part of the project are saved in M-Files via Intrexx. All metadata about customers, contact persons, projects, employees and document categories is managed only in Intrexx and then synchronized with M-Files. The M-Files workflows are used to edit the documents but all M-Files tasks for employees, such as checking documents, are also shown in Intrexx and can be retrieved directly from there.

The latest version of all documents is shown in Intrexx. It can be opened directly in M-Files. Thus, the benefits of both systems are utilized in an ideal manner. M-Files provides a modern, professional document management system that offers automatic versioning, perfect integration in MS Office and access to files in network directories. Thanks to the Connector for M-Files, these functions can be transferred to all documents in Intrexx. For example, if a project document is created in Word and then saved in M-Files, this document is automatically available in Intrexx for the respective project and customer. If the document’s metadata is changed in Intrexx, this is synchronized in M-Files when the user clicks on Save. When a user searches for a document in the low-code platform Intrexx, the M-Files search is utilized automatically. The documents found there are shown in Intrexx. When a project report is added to M-Files for review, the employee receives a corresponding notification and can complete the review via the task displayed in Intrexx.

Thanks to our low-code development platform Intrexx, the company was able to make decisive digitalization progress. No wonder that the management and staff at abConsultants are proud of their portal.

  • Processes and forms were digitalized quickly and easily, thanks to low-code
  • Great support by dovetailing customers, projects and order processing
  • Data and documents are processed centrally and digitally
  • Benefits of a professional DMS made available in Intrexx

PortalConsult GmbH

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