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Intrexx Case Study: Health care

Medical Council for upper Austria

"The portal greatly reduced our internal workload. Many organizational tasks are now handled automatically – and therefore with fewer errors, too. We recommend that everyone uses this type of solution."

Reinhard Hechenberger, Assistant Manager of the
Department of Statutory Health Physicians & IT

Medical council brings life to internal employee portal

Industries: Health services
Products: Project Management for Intrexx

The Ärztekammer für Oberösterreich (Medical Council for Upper Austria) as a service company represents the interests of Upper Austrian doctors. The 50 employees of the medical council serve about 5,000 members.

Things must run smoothly on the inside to be able to provide high-quality consulting to the outside. Reinhard Hechenberger, the Assistant Manager of the Department of Statutory Health Physicians & IT, and his team therefore decided to set up a Web-based platform which would manage all internal data and processes. A standard professional appearance in the CI of the medical council was also a basic requirement. “Our goal was to set up an internal employee portal specially tailored to meet the needs of the medical council within a short period of time. Intrexx is especially suited for this because you can create individual applications, in addition to the numerous ready-to-use templates, and it is comparatively inexpensive and easy to use”, said Erik Pillinger, Manager of Information Engineering GmbH. People used to handle room reservations using Outlook. Video projectors and other accessories were not even managed. The kitchen handled food planning by calling each individual department and writing down lists of orders by hand.

Now all of this is booked using the portal. Each employee enters his or her own food orders, which greatly reduces the workload for kitchen personnel. The bookings are passed on internally to billing, which also reduces the error ratio. The portal is also used to book all rooms with the necessary equipment, such as video projectors, catering, etc., which results in much less stress. Even here, the system passes on the information to billing: the invoice recipient is entered for each session – be it their own employees, the medical council, or external associations – so that drinks, food and other expenses can be charged. All transactions are intertwined and run automatically, which saves a lot of time and money. All documents in the portal are also internally categorised and can then be centrally accessed. Forms, templates, user manuals and even more are now systematically managed, and soon the documents will be assigned version numbers. This simplifies searching and storing documents very much, and nothing is lost in the process. The most important applications in the portal are seminar management, project management, document management, and an inventory module.

  • Significant savings as a result of session management
  • One platform for all documents, projects and transactions
  • Organisation of daily processes is more efficient
  • Clear presentation of projects and work schedules
  • Reduced error rate and simplified search for information

Approx. 5,000

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