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A&I Consulting S.R.L.

“Intrexx helps us to decisively improve our work processes. All important information is gathered together centrally in our digital workplace. All pending tasks are planned and tracked here.”

Ramona Bucsa, Special Project Coordinator

Digital workplace in the Silicon Valley of Romania

Use case: Data integration
Products: Individual applications
Partner: Target E Nearshoring S.R.L.

Transylvania – the first thing people usually associate with it are mythical creatures and thick forests. Today, Transylvania is an economically strong region with numerous technology companies. A&I Consulting supports its customer in investing in this region. To improve their processes, they searched for a solution for CRM, task management and time tracking.

The business consultants A&I Consulting S.R.L. has its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania and second largest city in Romania. In the university city with more than 100,000 students, it’s not uncommon to hear a mixture of Romanian, English, French, Spanish and German. The cosmopolitan city is part of Romania’s fastest growing economic region and attracts investors from across the world.

A&I Consulting supports companies who want to invest in this hotspot for technological development. The experts for accounting and tax consultancy promise their customers a fast start and competent advice for all questions about the Romanian tax law.

Wanted: Task management and transparent processes

For the young consultancy team, this comes with numerous tasks for different customers every day. Due to the continually growing number of customers, keeping track became more and more difficult. Therefore A&I Consulting looked for a software for their task management, time tracking and customer relationship management (CRM). They wanted an application that could gather all of their information together centrally.

All arising tasks should be managed clearly. And the management wanted to gain transparency: Who is working on what and how is the timeframe? Previously it wasn’t possible to track the status of tasks. Furthermore, the consultants didn’t have an ideal overview of their customers. Contact data and tax information were stored in different databases. And if a consultant was absent once due to sickness, their colleagues didn’t have enough information to be able to replace them effectively.

It soon became clear: Finding one single solution that could fulfil all of these requirements would be difficult. That’s why the young Romanian company first played with the thought of having a complete, bespoke web application developed. However, this would have been an effortful and expensive option. They wanted to greatly reduce the development time by implementing a Low-Code Development platform.

Found: A Low-Code Development platform for the Digital Workplace

In their searching, A&I Consulting came across Intrexx. This software offers a wide-range of Low-Code application templates as well as a graphical application and process designer. With these, Intrexx enables the speedy and straightforward creation of applications and portals in particular. A&I Consulting found a competent contact in their home city of Cluj-Napoca with the Romanian Intrexx Partner Target-E. Within just four months, A&I Consulting were able to introduce a Digital Workplace that greatly exceeded their initial expectations. The employees can now find all of the required functions and information at any time and place in the clear web portal.

All of the benefits of a bespoke solution – in a fifth of the time

Adrian Mot, Managing Director at Target-E, adjusted the required applications to the requirements of the business consultants exactly. In particular, the CRM system was designed with Intrexx exactly to the wishes of A&I Consulting. This guarantees that the work processes are supported as best as possible and that employees enjoy working with it. And they are really excited about their Digital Workplace: Because of the integration of emails and data from other software system, they can really find everything they need. And all of this in a visually appealing and modern working environment.

Today, A&I Consulting can visualize all of their customer information. The account managers are constantly in the loop and can provide the best support for their customers. Pending tasks can be seen at a glance. And the time recording for each task not only creates transparency but also enables precise planning and pricing for future offers.

The highlights

  • Tasks are easily planned and tracked
  • A good overview of customers improves processes
  • A strong basis for creating and pricing offers
  • All information and processes at the Digital Workplace, thanks to low-code


Target E Nearshoring S.R.L.

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