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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

Austria Pet Food GmbH

“Intrexx combines the benefits of user-friendliness with straightforward adaptability and customizability to our circumstances. The implemented loading control simplifies the documentation and our transparency towards our customers.”

Roland Raffer, Production Manager

Austria Pet Food GmbH: Truck loading control with Intrexx

Use case: Industry 4.0
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Individual applications
Partner: Xinger Solutions GmbH

Austria Pet Food produces high-quality dog and cat food for brands of international chains and specialist retailers across Europe. With its production facility in Europe, the company is an exclusive private label producer and focuses on sustainable product quality “Made in Austria”. An IFS certificate (International Food Standard) confirmed the high standard of quality.

The shipped products not only correspond to this high standard of quality in their content but also visually. To guarantee that these goods are undamaged when they arrive at the customer, Austria Pet Food needed a tool that documents the loading and unloading of their trucks in accordance with regulations.

Previously, the loading and unloading was documented arduously via slips of paper and separate photos, and then saved onto the server later on. This entailed a great deal of administration work. Additionally, this process didn’t provide the desired goal of having rapid and central access to data

Information at a glance in the portal

To be able to view information quickly, simply and clearly, Austria Pet Food decided to implement Intrexx as a central low-code software.

Together with the production management, Xinger Solutions e.U. developed a mobile-compatible application “Verladekontrolle” (Loading control). The following functions were important here:

  • Import delivery slips from SAP
  • Store photos from trucks
  • Digital driver signature
  • Control and confirm each order item
Another important part of the realization was a simple mobile interface that the warehouse personnel could operate easily with a tablet.

With Intrexx and Xinger Solutions – the Austrian distribution and solution partner of United Planet – every single one of these conditions could be met and the requests could be realized very quickly.

The functions:

  • Entering of driver and vehicle data
  • Processing of delivery slip items
  • Recording of loading and unloading pallets
  • Instructions for the driver who confirms with a signature
  • Photo documentation of the loading and the truck layout

Perfect documentation – with minimal effort

With the implemented solution, previous manually created and stored documentation could be made available centrally. Thus, loadings and unloadings are easy to find and can be searched through based on different criteria. The work required for the documentation could be reduced greatly because the recording can be completed directly at the truck and is then immediately available centrally in the portal.
Thanks to the responsive design, the application can be accessed and operated on any and every end device.

The highlights

  • Large savings and simplifications in the administration
  • Good overview of open and completed loadings and unloadings
  • Automatic import of each order item from SAP, thanks to low-code
  • Digital driver signature

The imported shipments from the xml files, which are retrieved from the server and imported into Intrexx, are shown in the clear shipment overview. Editing a shipment. Processing order items.

Screenshot #1: The imported shipments from the xml files, which are retrieved from the server and imported into Intrexx, are shown in the clear shipment overview.
Screenshot #2: Editing a shipment.
Screenshot #3: Processing order items.

Xinger Solutions e.U.

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