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Intrexx Case Study: Public administration

Bureau for economics and employment services of the canton of Solothurn

Extranet portal handles the application process rapidly and transparently

The Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (AWA) is the canton of Solothurn’s service bureau for population, employment services and economics. It contributes to strengthening the regional competitive edge and to socially safeguarding the structural policy shift. The ASA implements the duties from the federation and canton in a customer and need-oriented manner.

Promoting renewable energy and using energy economically is the cornerstone of the energy politics of the canton of Solothurn. For this reason, the government began a new grant program for energy efficiency and renewable energies at the end of 2009. So that the grant applications are organized both efficiently and transparently, the application process should be handled online. To accomplish this, the canton’s existing extranet portal (www.awaso.ch), which was already created with the portal software Intrexx in 2002, was expanded by another component.

In no more than eight working days a portal application was created with the support of the consulting department at United Planet. Since then, the entire application process is handled electronically using this application. The first grant application could already be submitted using the portal after just a few hours. The procedure for applicants is now extremely easy: They fill out their application for a grant in the AWA’s extranet portal and promptly receive a PDF document of this application with the projected grant sum via email. This sum is calculated automatically using the portal’s process manager. After the signed application is received by the AWA it is checked by the clerk. If the application is accepted, then an approval letter is automatically created that is sent to the applicant with an acceptance protocol. After the remediation measures are completed, the applicant sends the filled-in protocol back to the energy office. They examine the data and record it in the Intrexx portal. From here, the data is exported and read by the canton’s SAP system to set the process for transferring the grant sum in motion. Statistical analysis guarantees that the department leader always has an up-to-date overview of the applications and the total amount of grants within a chosen period of time. Overall, the processing time could be clearly shortened and the procedure’s transparency could be greatly increased. And with that, the solution is extremely economical: Outgoings of 40,000 Euros represent savings of 500,000 Euros and counting. This makes the canton of Solothurn a good example for modern and cost-effective E-government.

  • Rapid and transparent application process
  • Savings in the region of six figures
  • Automated and simplified processes
  • Diverse evaluation options

Tags: Process Automation

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