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Intrexx Case Study: Church

Diocese of Trier, Ordinariate

"As a priest it’s very important to me to give my colleagues a tool that creates transparency between them, raises work satisfaction, optimizes administration procedures, is flexibly adjustable and furthermore, is very cost-effective."

Father Peter Leick
Parish community of Wadgassen

Optimizing workflows in parishes

Industries: Non-profit organizations
Products: Intrexx Share, Connector for SAP, Connector for OData

The Bistum (Diocese) of Trier may claim the title of “oldest diocese in Germany”; since 300AD there has been a Christian parish – and with that its first bishops – in Trier. Since that time Christians have lived in the city and in the area around it. Driven by the constant endeavor to live out the discipleship of Christ and to share and pass on their faith in his good news. That’s why the diocese began searching for new ways to share this faith in a way that is interesting and believable to modern people and today’s society.

So that the priests and parishes have more time for pastoral care they began searching for a portal solution that would fulfil all of the requirements, independent of the current hardware, of the parish office and unburden their daily workload. Among other tasks, the solution should allow them to centrally administrate addresses, appointments and service orders and to implement an automated creation of pastoral letters. The aim here was to not only optimize work procedures but also to create a diocese-wide standardization.

During an intensive pre-project phase, various products were analyzed together with the parish community of Wadgassen and Father Peter Leick who operated as third-party experts. They decided to use Intrexx and InGenius-Office which is built on Intrexx. The software from the United Planet partner Compelec was specially designed for churches. InGenius-Office has been made the standard across the diocese of Trier. The portal was ready and available after just 5 weeks. Father Leick paid close attention to the structure and functionality that they conformed to the church laws. The service orders of each individual parish (including the liturgical calendar), managing the mass intentions, the official and pastoral appointments for the counselors, the duties for officiating priests, organists and sextons, managing addresses and the pastoral letters are all handled and administrated with the new system. The letters can be edited and then automatically sent in print format to the appropriate print shops. Church resources (churches, parish community centers) are also planned using InGenius-Office. This creates transparency. Because the new system is browser-based, priests and full-time colleagues have access to data, which has been made accessible to their user group, at any time. The system is ready for future expansions, such as a link to SAP data, and can be adjusted flexibly to new needs as they arise. The social business platform Intrexx Share is also integrated into InGenius-Office. InGenius-Share gives the dioceses’ employees the ability to exchange diocese-internal expertise using a new, internally-hosted and therefore secure infrastructure. A sustainable knowledge management was created using the software and this developed into a culture of constructive communication. Similar to Facebook and the like but just internal.

  • Optimum connection between parish offices
  • Reduction in workload for the parish secretaries
  • One-time data creation makes content available to all of the applications
  • Service orders, appointments and addresses are standardized across the diocese
  • Pastoral letters are generated automatically from the created data

Tags: Process Automation

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