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Intrexx success story: Machine engineering


“I was surprised at how user-friendly the Intrexx Portal Manager is. You can take care of a lot of things quickly yourself, without having a lot of programming knowledge.”

Frank Liesenfeld, Project Manager BOMAG Parts Webshop

The hunt for the right service part

Use case: Extranet
Industries: Machine engineering
Products: Connector for OData

The operating hours counter has long suggested that maintenance is overdue. But how do you get hold of the right service part quickly and easily? The solution: an innovative digital service was needed. To make it easier for customers to order service parts, BOMAG implements a multilingual B2B online shop.

Modern customer service thanks to e-commerce

The company BOMAG, which is based in Boppard and has been a member of the FAYAT Group since 2005, produces machines for compacting earth, asphalt and waste as well as stabilizers/recyclers, planers and pavers. The world market leader in the sector for compaction technology has six branches in Germany and twelve independent subsidiaries.

More than 500 distributors in more than 120 countries guarantee the worldwide sales of BOMAG machines and their service. This service is also provided online: in the “BOMAG Parts Webshop” customers can order service parts for their machines quickly and without complications – regardless of what time it is and where they are.

B2B shop perfectly tailored to their own needs - thanks to low-code

With the web shop, BOMAG is adapting to the current trend towards e-commerce. In doing so, the company emphasizes that the internet represents an important source of supply for purchasing service parts.

To create the web shop, BOMAG uses the Low-Code Development platform, Intrexx. The software makes it easy to create business applications, intranets and B2B portals (as is the case with the “BOMAG Parts Webshop”). By using Intrexx as a basis, BOMAG benefited from the big advantage that they can tailor the web shop precisely to their own needs.

That employees from outside the IT Department can easily get to grips with the software, speaks for Intrexx’s ease of use. Customers can now place orders at any time of day. Thanks to the responsive design, this can even be done conveniently via smartphone or tablet at the building site.


  • Improved customer service: orders can be placed at all hours
  • Electronic service parts catalog with up-to-date availability
  • Answer to the question of e-commerce, thanks to low-code

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