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Intrexx Case Study: Public administration

City of Brandenburg

"This powerful portal represents a meaningful addition to the administrative procedures that we use. Over time we want to expand it into an executive information system in order to more efficiently organize the daily work in our city administration."

Gert Walter, Chief Officer of Automated
Data Processing for the city of Brandenburg

The employee portal for the city of Brandenburg is well received

Industries: Public Administration, Public Administration
Products: Project Management for Intrexx

The city of Brandenburg, Germany after which the federal state is named, has about 74,000 inhabitants. The special historical role that the historic health resort and capital of the district played in the development of the region is beyond all question. Over the past centuries important economic and social impulses have come from there time and again. For example, Brandenburg’s city law was transferred to many places in the region and – what most people don’t know – even to Berlin.

The municipality of Brandenburg was originally looking for a content management system to manage internal information. However, the IT department quickly recognised that municipal administration is not just about managing information. Functions, applications and processes had also to be mapped in a meaningful way. Therefore, they began looking for a portal solution to replace other existing applications and also to serve as an internal information portal.

The municipality chose Intrexx, which had already proven itself in more than 400 municipalities, government agencies and administrations in Germany. The determining factor was the software’s flexible expandability and many ready-to-use templates, which allow to set up a portal within a relatively short period of time. The portal was eventually started in October of 2006, and 800 employees now are using it every day. They especially value the basic applications that are found in many administrations: information is distributed, seminars are managed, and resources are booked via the portal. In cooperation with the consulting firm City & Bits, special applications were also developed, such as subsidies management and contract controlling. This way it is possible to manage the term, time limits for appeal, check periods, etc. for each contract. Using automatic notice functions (reminders), all contracts can be continuously controlled, such as an upcoming check that services were rendered properly or on contracts for which the term of notice has expired. The two main goals of the municipality of Brandenburg were thereby achieved: existing individual applications were to be replaced and consolidated in one platform. Another goal they had was to provide all employees the information and functions they needed to perform their daily work.

  • Increased simplification of processes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Centralised data access
  • Automation of processes
  • Personalised access
  • One system replaces numerous individual applications

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