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Intrexx success story: Construction

Brenner Base Tunnel BBT SE

"That multilingualism can be implemented so easily into a demanding project like this really convinced and excited us!"

Gebhard Schweiger
Personnel and Project Manager

Intrexx ensures light at the end of the Brenner Basistunnel

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Construction
Products: Individual applications

The project association Galleria di Base del Brennero - Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE, located in Bozen and Innsbruck, supervises what is potentially the most ambitious construction project of this time. One of the most demanding technical construction operations with a total length of more than 200km is being carried out in the middle of the Alps: the Brenner Basistunnel (base tunnel); this will become the longest underground train connection in the world when it’s completed in 2025.

Every tunnel construction is full of risks that need to be analyzed and weighed up by one or more highly-qualified specialists in order to avoid additional costs. A system was to be installed here that allows the dependencies between risks, their possible reduction and the probability of an occurrence to flow into the risk analysis. An additional requirement was the desired multilingualism in English, German and Italian, thus providing all employees with the appropriate content in their own language.

An application that more than fulfilled the requested demands was developed with the Frankfurt-based consulting agency EasyTransfer. The portal software Intrexx, which BBT SE had already been using for a long time in its personnel department, came into play here. Because the low-code development platform Intrexx is already setup as multilingual the user’s login or the manual language selection in the portal ensures that information is displayed correctly. This means that not only the portal’s interfaces are displayed in the chosen language but also the contents of the drop-down lists and the most important database fields.

The crucial demands from the project Risk Management were developed thoroughly, step-by-step and in close cooperation with the participating specialists and project leaders. The risk analysis took place either with an individual assessment, which then represented the overall assessment of this risk, or multiple specialists, who worked independently from one another, assessed the risk. Afterwards, either any one of these individual assessments is used as the overall assessment or an algorithm is used to create an overall assessment from all of the individual ones. Furthermore, additional functions such as a history of the comments added when making a change, an automatic reminder to those responsible for monitoring a risk and the ability to attach relevant documents and notes to emails were integrated. The projected construction costs can be monitored easily and adjusted punctually, if necessary, with this comprehensive risk management system.

  • Risk management with assessment from specialists
  • Multilingualism: Language automatically selected at login
  • Change history, thanks to low-code
  • The ability to integrate documents and notes into emails

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