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Intrexx success story: Non-profit organizations

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna

"Clear data presentation and corresponding monitoring, in a timely and concise manner, facilitate evidence-based decision making for crisis management. Up-to-date data records are essential here, and for this, we have the right platform with Intrexx to be able to implement our requirements in next to no time."
Matthias Drexel, Head of Crisis Management, Caritas Wien

COVID handling implemented smartly and speedily

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Non-profit organizations
Products: Individual applications
Partner: Xinger Solutions GmbH

As the provider of several care and nursing facilities and in the course of its activities in the field of mobile care, it is particularly important for Caritas to collect relevant information related to COVID from its employees to be able to make decisions quickly. The low-code platform Intrexx is the optimal tool to always have a high-performance answer ready in next to no time, even for the unpredictable challenges of the pandemic.

With the lockdown in March 2020, the Austrian federal government issued directives, regulations and recommendations that directly affected and strongly changed essential areas of Caritas' activities. Caritas reacted very quickly to this and commissioned a collection of all relevant data on testing and sicknesses. 

COVID Status: Just two weeks between the first meeting and the finished app

Thanks to the speed of low-code development, an application for recording the COVID status could be implemented with Intrexx with just two weeks between the first meeting and completion. The new application records a wide variety of data - from determining risk status to statutory exemptions for operational testing. 

The data is partly transferred automatically, for example via a REST API to the laboratory, which evaluates the tests. Interfaces to the mail server and an SMS web service enable automatic further processing and therefore a rapid response to positive tests. The rapid collection of data and sharing of information with managers made it possible to quickly implement the necessary measures to stop infection hotspots.

Digitalizing the in-house mail for the home office in no time at all

Normally, the Caritas buildings are bustling with activity but the internal crisis management already initiated a complete transfer of all office staff to the home office right from the start. Seemingly trivial things, such as the in-house mail, became a major obstacle in the daily work. With Intrexx, a simple and fast solution could be implemented in just three weeks; here, the in-house mail can simply be scanned and assigned to a person for approval.

Simple cross-site coordination of tests and vaccinations

The requirements for occupational medicine have also changed sharply with the pandemic. In addition to the daily work, appointments for testing and vaccinations were added. These appointments could be easily coordinated across all facilities in a custom-developed application to allow Caritas employees to book appointments quickly and easily through the employee portal.

The Highlights

  • Fast implementation of all COVID management requirements just in time
  • Quick adjustments after federal government measures relating to the pandemic
  • Central availability and traceability of all relevant COVID data
  • Recording of PCR tests via a barcode scanner
  • Easy-to-use document workflow
  • Appointment booking application to minimize administrative effort

Overview Acquisition Overview: document approval
Detail: document approval Overview: appointment administration Detail: appointment administration

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Xinger Solutions

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