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Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna

“The portal improves the cross-departmental communication within the organization. Relevant information is available centrally. The employee portal provides us with the ability to make the various working realities experiential for all employees – regardless of which department they are in.”

Corinna Sharma, Internal Communication, Caritas Vienna

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna promotes information exchange with Intrexx

Use case: Collaboration
Partner: Xinger Solutions GmbH

The Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna covers the region of the state of Vienna and the eastern part of Lower Austria. Alongside the 4,400 full-time employees, approximately 2,100 voluntary employees provide person-to-person help in the Caritas facilities. More than 7,300 additional men and women are active as volunteers in Caritas projects (Status: 2013).

The Caritas considers itself to be a community of full-time and voluntary employees who help people in emotional, physical and material need.

Due to the increasing number of helpers, it became necessary to improve how well they’re connected as much as possible. That’s the only way to provide aid quickly, efficiently and without bureaucracy.

Because there hadn’t been a central system for internal communication up until this point, all required features, that the employee portal should include, were evaluated in advance in a project group.

After detailed testing, Intrexx – the Low-Code Platform from the software developer United Planet – was selected as the most flexible and practical solution.

In more detail, the following features were important:

  • Flexibility when integrating external systems
  • Facility for in-house development
  • High performance while conserving resources at the same time
  • Ability to flexibly adjust the design
  • Suitable for mobile end devices

A service provider, which could guarantee rapid and straightforward communication and if necessary, quickly provide on-site support, was important for the implementation and the continual running operation of the employee portal.

With Xinger Solutions – an Austrian sales and solutions partner of United Planet –, these criteria were met in their entirety.

Tailored applications and high acceptance thanks to Low-Code

A quick win during the implementation was the fact that functions could to some extent already be used on the live platform even before the actual go live date. In this way, a quickly developed application was used to vote on the name of the new platform. Low-Code Development made it possible to respond flexibly and accurately to the suggestions of the employees. The fact that one third of all users already made use of this first contact with the new platform, bears witness to the high acceptance and excitement about the new technology.

Presenting functions and information centrally should increase the productivity of the employees. The following applications were therefore selected for the launch of the platform:

  • the central telephone book based on the Caritas’s own identity management including images of the users and all service points where an employee is engaged
  • the document management system where the entire organizational manual is presented
  • a CMS that provides an ability to inform employees about updates within the organization. Additionally, contemporary functions were developed allowing, for example, users to very easily denote an article as “interesting” via a button
  • an event calendar that both imports the appointments from the homepage via RSS while also leaving the option to publish additional internal appointments open
  • a clear, modular appearance, on desktop PCs as well as on mobile end devices
  • an innovation platform where ideas regarding specific topics are gathered and categorized

The high social and organizational complexity in this project demanded a high level of quality and flexibility from the side of the technology and the project management. With Intrexx and Xinger Solutions, the goals were completed in their entirety after a project throughput time of 10 months.
The telephone book alone is accessed approximately 50,000 times per month. This demonstrates that the system is also accepted by the users.

For the Caritas Vienna, it was especially important to create a platform where the employees could interact with one another, they should be able to comment on and like information at central points. From this time on, the employees can get the information themselves meaning the flow of information is improved considerably.

The project management is receiving numerous ideas for expanding the offer of applications – a great step in the direction of a “Digital Workplace.


Xinger Solutions

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