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Intrexx success story: Non-profit organizations

Christophoruswerk Erfurt nonprofit LLC

"What previously took a long time when releasing documents now only takes two days. In comparison to the old system, we save a considerable amount of time and our work is simplified in the area of quality management."

Lars Meininger,
Quality Management Representative,
Christophoruswerk Erfurt

The Christophoruswerk Erfurt facilitates quality development and knowledge exchange

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Non-profit organizations, Non-profit organizations
Products: Quality Management Suite for Intrexx, Connector for OData, Intrexx Share, Content Management System for Intrexx
Partner: ipro consulting GmbH

The Christophoruswerk Erfurt is a nonprofit organization operated by the caritas association for the diocese of Erfurt and by the protestant parish of Erfurt. The nonprofit LLC is a regionally acting social services provider and offers support to people with mental disabilities and illnesses in the areas of housing, daily planning, education and work.

Because the facilities are positioned in a decentralized manner, good coordination has an especially high value for the Christophoruswerk. By using a new software solution, they wanted to ensure that particularly QM documents could be exchanged effortlessly between locations and published rapidly. Furthermore, they wanted to replace existing stand-alone solutions and set up a central portal for the longer term.

The Christophoruswerk searched with foresight for a solution that provided additional perspectives beyond the area of quality management. Lars Meininger from the responsible department commented on the decision made as follows: “We chose Intrexx because it is much more than just a QM system. With it, we don’t only have a special software for implementing ISO 9000 but also a widely positioned solution.”

First of all, ipro Consulting transferred the approximately 1,200 documents present in the old system to the “Quality Management Suite 2.0”, which is based on Intrexx. Thus, the documents are all conveniently available in the intranet portal. At the same time, they evaluated which additional processes could be mapped and simplified using Intrexx. Thanks to the portal, diverse applications are being increasingly unified on a central platform.

The quality management representative for the Christophoruswerk is certain that the process speed could be increased, even in the early phases, and furthermore, is excited about how work has been simplified: “Intrexx enables us to do things that previously weren’t possible with our earlier HTML solution: We work interactively with the system. Releases are no longer handled on paper and can therefore take place very promptly. Additionally, we have a user-specific document assignment system.”

  • Time saved thanks to process optimization
  • Knowledge exchange and cooperation beyond locational boundaries
  • Replacement of stand-alone solutions, thanks to low-code
  • Independent design and adjustment to specific requirements

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