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Curaden AG

“Intrexx is the ideal framework for implementing our process digitalization projects quickly and agilely. Our administrative workload was reduced by 50%.”

Mathias Riechsteiner, Head of IT, Curaden AG

Provider of holistic health concepts

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Health services
Products: CRM for Intrexx
Partner: bitExpert AG

Curaden AG, with its headquarters in Switzerland, has been developing exceptional products for the dental industry for more than 50 years. Furthermore, the company has been a worldwide leading provider of holistic health concepts for 40 years.

Curaden AG plays an active role in shaping the dental industry. Their diverse products, training concepts – such as iTOP –, and dental clinic marketing open up new business models and perspectives for dentists. In collaboration with its customers, Curaden AG provides life-long oral health as a profitable business model, true to the company motto: Better health for you. The company has been relying on Intrexx since 2014.

For the iTOP field, where dental professionals are trained, the company started searching for a new CRM solution a few years ago. They wanted to make the cross-border administration of this field even more efficient with this solution.

The goal was to develop an application that could be used to integrate all relevant processes, interfaces and information in a convenient and user-friendly manner. Data both from different sources as well as from the existing intranet was to be conflated in the new portal. The ability to develop digital business processes and model role and permission concepts were also important requirements for the company. The new software solution should furthermore simplify event management, team management, sales planning, and communication within the sales organization.

Before development began, the iTOP business field was organized transnationally using built-in, standard Microsoft solutions. More than three employees had to take care of maintaining and administrating all worldwide events, iTOP teams and their tasks. Therefore, those involved were constantly sending emails and lists. This resulted in a high rate of error, huge workloads and redundant data storage. Furthermore, important business processes could not be modelled efficiently. For example, trainers from the respective countries had to enter their events into an existing platform. Afterwards, the data had to be written manually in Excel lists to manage and document the events.

Thanks to the new ITOP Education CRM system, the administrative workload could be reduced by 50%. The web-based application could be easily integrated into the existing intranet of Curaden AG that serves as a collaboration platform for employees and suppliers.
Thanks to the new CRM, the virtual and global teams can access the portal at any time and from any location. The data availability and quality has improved significantly. Roles and permissions can be defined individually. This ensures that every individual involved has access to the data relevant to them. With the help of the new application, tasks can be assigned and distributed automatically via email. Moreover, the iTOP Education CRM has a management dashboard that is based on defined KPIs. This enables them to generate analyses and applicable graphics quickly and easily.

  • Digitalized processes, thanks to low-code
  • Full replacement of Excel as a data and tasks management tool
  • Automated communication via email
  • Establishment of controlling mechanisms
  • Worldwide teams work together more efficiently

All events tracked thanks to the dashboard Statistics of the key figures

Screenshot #1: All events tracked thanks to the dashboard
Screenshot #2: Statistics of the key figures

bitExpert AG

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