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“Thanks to Intrexx at the backend, we can offer our customers a software that noticeably accelerates processes, is affordable and provides our end customers with enormous convenience benefits.”

Ingo Lenzing, Managing Director of datacapo IT sports services GmbH

Satisfied pupils and happy parents thanks to the Intrexx Canteen Portal

Use case: Extranet
Industries: Education & research
Products: Individual applications

Due to the growth of all-day schools, the canteen is increasingly playing a central role in educational facilities in Germany. With its Canteen Portal, datacapo is making sure that school canteens can be managed efficiently and that their customers are provided with a good service.

Monday morning, after double Math, PE is next on the lesson plan. There wasn’t a lot of time for breakfast meaning the stomach will definitely start to rumble by now. It’s a good job there’s a school canteen! Even better when it doesn’t provide mass production food but offers a selection of healthy foods instead.

Plannability for the kitchen, service for the pupils

For a subject that is so directly connected to the well-being of our children like their daily nutrition, “one size fits all” hasn’t been an option for some time. With the Canteen Portal from the South-German IT service provider datacapo, school canteens can be managed efficiently and their customers are provided with a convenient service.

Week for week, pupils can choose from various meals together with their parents and put together their own menu plan. This helps the caterers or canteen kitchen to make precise plans. And parents can rest assured that their children will get something good to eat.

The Canteen Portal created by datacapo is based on Intrexx. This is a Low-Code Development platform for web applications, intranets and digital working environments. The company from Emmendingen has been a solution partner from the very beginning. Ingo Lenzing, Managing Director of datacapo underlines the benefits of Intrexx: “Especially when it comes to managing large volumes of data via a web-based interface, we harness the benefits of Intrexx.” When you consider that a canteen portal customer in Baden-Württemberg manages over 40 schools and 10,000 pupils, it becomes clear why the handling of large volumes of data is so important.

More security with cashless payments

The pupils – or more accurately their parents – each have their own user access to the Canteen Portal. They can add money to the connected user account online here. This is a modern version of break money so to speak – just with the benefit that the money isn’t spent on sweets before lunchtime! In the school canteen itself the pupils pay conveniently with an RFID chip and without cash.

Each year approximately 25,000 food orders and 400,000 item purchases at 40 locations with almost 12,000 users are processed in total across the various canteen portals.

Modifications as quick as stirring a saucepan - Low-Code makes it possible

Intrexx especially plays a role as the administration backend in this solution. The administrators of the system on the customer side – typically those responsible for the IT at the school or caterer – maintain all of the solution’s master data here. This includes menus, point of sale configurations and items, including their pricing.

The respective products and processes naturally vary from canteen to canteen. This is where a great benefit of Intrexx comes into play: Custom modifications can be implemented quickly and even with minimal programming knowledge. The graphical user interface allows the user to create applications by drag-and-drop. These applications can easily be adapted and extended at any time. This means that users benefits from a solutions that meets their requirements exactly and is affordable nonetheless.

If a school and its canteen are added to the system, the requirements are discussed in advance and then checked as to whether they can be implemented into the existing system. If they discover that new requirements are necessary, a calculation for the implementation is created and its execution is requested.

In doing so, many bespoke requests could be implemented within the system e.g. account balance retrieval at customer touchscreens, two separate canteens within a school with separate billing and statistics or even the ability to use the serving counter more than once – once for the main course and once for dessert, for example.

The highlights

  • Efficient canteen administration relieves caterers
  • Cashless payments create convenience benefits for pupils and parents
  • Clear savings in comparison to solutions from the competition

Central administration of master data Übersicht aller Einkäufe Checkout view: Lunch

Screenshot #1: Central administration of master data
Screenshot #2: Overview of all purchases
Screenshot #3: Checkout view: Lunch

datacapo IT sports services GmbH

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