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Intrexx Case Study: Wholesale electrical supply company

DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

“Intrexx puts us in a position to be able to respond to the majority of requirements ourselves and to provide good solutions quickly. Our staff is excited about how quickly their ideas are realized and the reductions in workload the solutions result in.”

Torsten Schulz, Project leader IT, DEHA Group

Finally! Flexible, rapid and autonomous modifications

Industries: Trade
Products: Connector for OData, Individual applications, Intrexx Share, Quality Management Suite for Intrexx

The DEHA Group is a merging of five regionally leading, concern-independent electrical wholesalers. Their strategic focus lies on building and industrial technology, whereby they provide their customers in the electrical trade and industry with pioneering products and solutions as well as logistical and acquisitional concepts.

The goal: Digitally model complex workflows

Alongside its duties in marketing and data management, DEHA’s head office is first and foremost responsible for concluding joint supplier contracts. For this purpose, they use a relatively complex workflow that was originally to be modelled with SharePoint. However, they came no further because everything needed to be developed off-site and the contractors didn’t have enough capacity. The decision was therefore made to abandon the project and search for alternatives.

The perfect solution with in-house development thanks to Low-Code

One of the DEHA partners fulfilled similar requirements with the software Intrexx. Based on the positive experience there, it was examined in a live environment and was evaluated as very suitable for the planned project.

The responsible person for the project, Torsten Schulz, is very pleased with the new solution: “Intrexx provides that which SharePoint was lacking: The adapt-ability and the wide range of facilities for developing applications in-house in the Intrexx Portal Manager were definitely pivotal factors. We can model and depict a lot with little effort.” Intrexx as a Low-Code platform offers the advantage that applications can be created with little programming effort on a graphical development interface. In this way, multiple applications could be creat-ed autonomously. Among these was an application that allows them to coor-dinate cross-company work groups. Another application is used to reduce the amount of work needed for creating protocols.

For the “agreement workflow”, which regulates the conclusion and management of joint contracts, they referred to the consulting department at the producing company United Planet.  The project was to be completed quickly so that they could benefit from the anticipated ease in workload as soon as possible. In particular, Schulz perceived this collaboration as especially positive: “With Intrexx, we found it compelling that we spoke to the actual producer. If we have any problems, we can simply and directly consult the person with the most expertise.” Tongue-in-cheek he added: “That would of course be a little bit difficult with Microsoft.” Thanks to the Intrexx applications created with Low-Code, the DEHA Group could simplify their processes and collaboration and facilitate the flow of information.

  • Collaboration and secure data exchange with partners
  • Rapid implementation of requirements
  • In-house developments are possible
  • Data from SharePoint can be transferred via the Connector
  • Reduction in manual workload thanks to workflows
Tags: Collaboration

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